The lies

Love is a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically strongly and positively experienced, that ranges from deepest interpersonal affection to simple pleasure. Most commonly, love refers to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment. *This is a Narry fanfiction about love and about to hide* *Made just for Narry fandom and them only*


7. 07 first time for everything

I could no longer go back to the old life, to the old Harry. When I opened the front door all the doubt disappeared. Niall was so beautiful, so sexy and so perfect. I had chosen a simple shirt, I had let it be wide open, because I wanted Niall to see my naked torso. I also had a pair of black tights and I had nothing on my feet. I immediately saw that Niall responded. He just stared at my naked chest and I liked it.
"Come in!"

When Niall took off his jacket, I saw that he had left much open for me. The top buttons on his shirt was unbuttoned and I noted that he had chest hair. So sexy, so perfect. I couldn't stop smiling and I felt I immediately got horny. Yes, it was as if he got my body to want to do dirty things with him. Such things I had never done before, and actually it attracted me to let loose.
"So I'm here now!"
He sounded unsure. He sounded as if he regretted all this. I panicked. No, the plan was that Niall would stay and realize that he really wanted me. I swallowed.
"Are you hungry?"
It was a relief when Niall chose to look down at my bare chest, as if he was hungry for me. He smiled awry.
"Depends on what!"
It was a victory. Yes, he was still interested. I swallowed.
"You don't get the dessert first." I whispered dark. His eyes looked up at mine. I felt the tension between us. I felt my cock pounded after him and I realized one thing. This was dangerous. We were like two bombs that could explode at any second.
"Harry?" Niall stared straight at me. "I've never done this before!"
I was relieved. He was as new as I was. It felt like a victory we could talk about it. Maybe Niall and I had more in common with what I had imagined?

"Niall, I've never been with a man before."
A smile appeared on his lips.
"First time for everything?"
I nodded and I returned his smile. I looked down at his chest and I groaned.
"And it feels so damn right you're here."
Niall nodded. Yes, I saw at him that he felt the same thing.
"It's only you who know about..." His cheeks were red, and he lowered his eyes. "I never dared to look at another man, not until you showed up, and now I don't really care anymore about what others think. It is as if...."
Niall was as me and I was as him. It took me only seconds to realize that his life reminded of my life. I went up to him, took my hands around his face and forced him to look up at me.
"Niall, it's the same for me. It's just, you know, I like this and I love it. I've never felt like this before for another person before, and in fact, that made me change my mind."
Niall seemed to relax. I felt his hands slid up and landed around my waist. He smiled a little bit.
"I like..."
I didn't want to know more. I already knew that we were both included in a new way and we couldn't turn back. Niall didn't resist when our faces tentative came closer together. I closed my eyes and I felt our lips met. I kissed him softly and he answered the kiss. I heard he groaned, and that made me want more. Niall was like me, we tested the way and we had no idea what we were doing, but it was the right thing to do, for us. This couldn't be wrong, not when you felt this much for the other person.
Nialls voice made me finish the kiss, but we continued to stand close together in the middle of the hall.
His cheeks were red and his lips swollen.
"Promise not to use me."
What? I frowned.
"What do you mean?"
He swallowed.
"Is it serious, I mean, is it a we?"
I got up a big smile.
"Yes, it's definitely a we."
He seemed to understand that I hadn't played a game with him. This was serious for both of us.
"Great!" he muttered hoarsely, and he smiled at me. "Continue kiss me then."


I have no idea about time and space. The only thing I remembered was that we, the right as it was, was lying on the floor and spun around. We were like madmen and none of us wanted to stop. Niall pulled off his shoes and then he tore off his shirt. I stroked my hands over his hair on his chest and I realized that he really was perfect in every way. I really loved hairy guys and I knew he was the man I had been waiting for. I pulled off my shirt and immediately began Niall to caressing my naked torso. I wasn't sure if we would go further. I mean, it was the second time we met. But somehow, no one of us wanted to stop this. We had waited far too long to meet a person and now when we had found each other, then there was no reason to say no. I still chose to test him and myself. I undid Nialls pants and he didn't resist. I pulled them down and when I had got them down to his knees, he helped me to get them totally off. He was wearing black boxers and I saw how horny he was. He had a smaller hard part against me, but I loved it. Niall groaned and he smiled at me.
"And you?"
I smiled back. I undid my pants and pulled them totally off. Our boxers were pressed together and our hard parts played with each other. I groaned louder and louder and I heard that he was as crazy as me. Our kisses became desperate attempts to get more. I brought my hip hard and fast back and forth. Niall took his legs around my waist and he didn't mind. When I felt that I was approaching the end, I did it. I tore off our boxers, so we were naked. I pressed our bodies together and I felt our hard parts quickly moved between us, up and down between our stomachs. We both had stopped to doubt and this was what we needed, what we wanted, what both had hoped would happen.
"Harry!" Niall mumbled almost absent. I sensed that he was there. I took down my hand between us and took my fingers around his hard part. Niall took his arms tightly around my neck and our lips rested against each other. I felt how he reacted with the whole body, and when he came, it was as if he had lost his mind. He whined, moaned and pressed me against him. I wasn't there yet, so when he had calmed down, I crawled over him again and continued. I brought my part up and down between us. Niall seemed to allow it and he smiled at me. Yes, he smiled all the way through my orgasm. I felt I came between us, and I pressed her face against his cheek.


"Do you believe in fate?"
Nialls question made me open my eyes. We were still on the floor and we were sweaty. I had my lips against his cheek, and I felt every breath he took.
"Why not?"
Niall laughed.
"Harry, I believe in destiny. This was mean to happen, everything as happens between us. I've been waiting for you for so long time, but I have known you were out there, waiting for me. I only doubted myself."
I lifted my head and I looked straight at him. He was tired and he was satisfied and he was happy. I felt the same thing.
"And I've been waiting for you." I whispered hoarsely, smiling. "Yes, I believe in destiny and I have thought about the same thing. I sensed that there was someone there for me and it was you."

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