The lies

Love is a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically strongly and positively experienced, that ranges from deepest interpersonal affection to simple pleasure. Most commonly, love refers to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment. *This is a Narry fanfiction about love and about to hide* *Made just for Narry fandom and them only*


6. 06 His place

One thing I was sure about. I had never felt this way for another person ever before, neither when I was younger or later. It was as if the world spun around me and I was standing still. The only thing I could think about was Harry's voice, his gorgeous eyes, his smile, and everything that had happened in just one evening. Yes, I was sure that he was flirting with me. I had tried to show my interest, but I was still uncertain about how. I was no longer afraid, but unsure over how to proceed. Would I send a message to him? Was it too early  the day after to thank him for a wonderful evening?
"You daydreaming again!"
Louis peeked through the door and I was surprised that he wasn't angry this time. I blushed a little and quickly I tried to gather what I had left in front of me. He laughed and came into the room.
"Okay Nialler, who's she?"
It was like a knife in my chest. I looked up at him and maybe he noticed my reaction?
"What do you mean?"
Louis  slid into the chair in front of me, as the customers sat on and he smiled big.
"It's all over you, you're in love!"
First time for everything. I wondered what I would say.
"I've just taken a beer with a person, that's all."
Louis snorted and he was curious.
"Come on, that was more than a beer?"
I shook my head quickly. No, I didn't want to lie, but I couldn't tell him the whole truth.
"No, it was a beer and we talked."
Liam didn't give up.
"And are you going to meet again?"
I became uncertain. Yes, this was after all the first time for everything. I hesitated, and that made him frown.
"Did you get her phone number then?"
I swallow.
Immediately he became totally involved. Liam leaned forward and he looked straight at me.
"So what are you waiting for? Send over a message and tell that girl that you miss her, or something like you want to see her again."
This was totally beyond my limits.
"And you want to help me?"
He laughed.
"Niall, you've been working here for a long time and I've seen you miss someone when you get home." he was honest. "It's about time you get yourself a life. The job is held till the morning, but she might not stay?"

I put the phone in front of me and I stared at it. Okay, I had to send something to Harry if he would continue to be interested at all? I swallow. What was it I wanted to tell him? I could ask him if he remembered me? I laughed at my own stupidity, no, I wouldn't ask such a thing. He had my number on his phone and it was obvious that he remembered me. Or did he? Stupid thoughts appeared and quickly I chose to remove them.
// Hey, it's Niall // immediately I removed that message. No, I wouldn't write that. I tried to think through this logically, but there was no logic. No, it was chaos.
// Thank you for yesterday and maybe we can meet again? //
I stared at the text, and I tried to exclude what was silly. Could I then write anything to Harry? I swallowed and took it away. No, I wanted to seem spontaneous.
// What happens after work? //
No! I was an idiot. I just couldn't push myself over at him like that, forcing him to meet me. In the end, I did as I did to normal friends. I wrote something simple.
// Would be nice to see you again. Hope everything is fine. Niall //


"And the numbers for November are okay if we revert to the previous year's figures."
Louis was talking on and I knew that this wasn't a novelty. I looked down at the papers, and then I happened to pick up my cell phone. It was a message from above, from him, from Harry to me....
// Niall, I also want to meet you and you know that everything's okay. Your H //
I swallowed and I felt how my whole body changed. "Your H" only those words made me react and I got up a big smile. Good news. Harry was interested, or maybe he just wanted to be nice? I didn't had time to reply. There came a new message.
// My apartment at eight o'clock tonight//
My heart pounded. I didn't hear what Liam was talking about. I just stared at the phone and I stared at all that as Harry had sent to me. It was like I landed in a fog. Okay, I realized that this really happened. If Harry had just been a friend he might have waited until the weekend, but he didn't. Instead, he invited me over now, this day, this evening. At I first got panic, but I quickly calmed down. Harry was such a person I didn't need to be nervous about or around. He seemed down to earth and normal, although he was like me.
//Looking forward to it. N //


This was the longest day in my life. It felt as if time chose to go slowly forward and the closer the evening it showed, the more I changed my mind. Maybe I shouldn't go over to him? But something told me that this was a chance I couldn't miss. I couldn't care about that stuff, not to be gay. Harry was everything I wanted and was it wrong if I happened to feel something for him? That didn't hurt no one, and after all, we were just friends, so far. Even though I had the need to kiss him, caress his naked body and make him feel good, we were friends....


I went home and showered. Because Liam thought it was about a girl, he let me have the free time. I put on a shirt and let the top buttons being undone. I had a hairy chest, but I suspected that Harry wouldn't have anything against it. I put on a pair of black pants and I made my hair to become perfect. I sprayed everything at myself so that I really smelled good, aftershave and Perfume. It felt like I, for the first time in my life, would go on a date. Okay, when I was young, I had tried to go to a movie with a girl, but that was nothing I called a date. She had been dull and I hadn't understood the notion that girls were special. She had been angry when I didn't want to kiss her, and after that, I stayed away from such things, but not this evening.


I chose to take a taxi. I felt it would just be silly to take the car and if Harry gave me wine, it would look better if I hadn't a car to consider about. When the taxi stopped in front of Harry's apartment it was chaos inside me. I didn't know if I dared to go up to him and spend a whole evening alone with this wonderful man. I still paid the taxi and I step out on the street. I pulled the jacket around my body and I realized it was cold outside. I looked up to the second floor, yes it was there somewhere as Harry lived. In a way, this was wrong. One guy didn't yearned for another guy, not in my parents' world or any world. But it felt so right. This was something I chose and was it that wrong if I happened to love another man? I swallowed and I heard that the taxi drove away. I tried to gather myself together and I slowly went up to the door to the stairwell. It tingling in my stomach, my legs were weak and I couldn't think normally. I was sure that my clothes didn't matter, only I didn't say something stupid that made Harry angry or that caused him to lose interest in me. It was the only thing I thought about for the moment. "Don't let him lose interest in me."

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