The lies

Love is a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically strongly and positively experienced, that ranges from deepest interpersonal affection to simple pleasure. Most commonly, love refers to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment. *This is a Narry fanfiction about love and about to hide* *Made just for Narry fandom and them only*


5. 05 The pub

My stomach tingled. It was as if I was in a dream. Niall did completely out from nowhere, come into my store and somehow that led to the fact that we could hang out. I planned everything. We would talk about him, I'd get his phone number and we would be friends. Yes, even that he hadn't a girlfriend, it was perhaps not the right to think he was odd, like me? What was exciting was that Niall reacted as if he understood that I was flirting with him, as if he wasn't aware of how much I pined for him. It would be wrong to say that I loved him, but the person who was in front of me was everything I wanted, in my dreams. He stood by the doors out and he was nervous, perhaps as nervous as I was? I looked at him in the shy and it wasn't long before I realized that he was following every step I took. It felt somehow so good, as if that was the right thing to do. All those lies were like gone and there was just this, that we had, or what I thought we had.


I asked the question after all was clear and everything was ready for the night. I just needed to lock the door behind us. Niall nodded and he looked at me with a doubtful eye.
I laughed a little amused and I made him walks out before me into the street. I locked the doors and then I looked at him again.
"You're nervous?"
He nodded a little bit and came up with an uncertain laugh.
"Yes, I'm not exactly used to this, drinking beer with a total stranger."
I pushed down the keys into my pocket.
"Neither do I..."
Our eyes met and it was as if time stood still. I could drown in those two blue eyes, I could stand here forever and just enjoying what I was staring at. It was as if something happened and we had no control over it.
"So where's that pub?"
Niall whispered the question as if he didn't want to ruin the spell. I chose to point to the right direction.
"That way!"
Niall swallowed.
"So are we going to walk over there?"
I nodded and slowly we began to walk to the pub. I quickly acknowledged to myself that this was the first time for everything. A nice guy who wanted to come with me.
"You like the clothes?"
Nialls question made me smile at him.
"Yes!" I whispered hoarsely. "Does that notice?"
He got up a crooked smile and nodded shyly.
"Yes, I guess it shows. But there's nothing wrong with that. It's nice."
My heart pounded faster.
"You also care about how you look?"
He become surprised and looked at me again. His eyes sparkled in the dim light.
"Well, I'm rather he who drives it safe."
Oh, he got all the things that a man wanted. I quickly realized how easily I slipped into the wrong path. I didn't mind that, not this time.
"Niall, I like men in suits."
I wasn't even aware that I said it. Niall almost stopped and his face turned red.
"You do?"
I swallowed and tried to think of a good excuse.
"Yes?" was still my answer. He looked down at the ground and I saw the smile grew on his lips. Slowly I realized that maybe he was like me? Perhaps he, too, had dreams of being with a man, perhaps not with me, but there was still a chance?


There weren't many people in the pub and that made me relieved. We slipped quickly up to the bar, ordered two beers and then we went and sat down at a table. Niall took off the coat and I could see his working clothes. Yes, he was really great in a costume. The shirt and the tie made him look big, as if he was the manager and I liked to feel that he had the upper hand. I took off my jacket and I drank my beer.
"So, do you live nearby?"
He smiled at me and nodded. He told me about where he lived, and immediately there was something to talk about.
"I live a few blocks away from you." I was hoarse and I saw that he also liked that fact.
"Really?" he got up. "So maybe this is the start of something good?"
Damn, I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to feel those red lips against mine and I wanted to caress his body. There were so many things I wanted to do, but I had to wait. Maybe he was just nice for me to like him, as a friend?
"It would be nice!" I whispered, and I noted that he also seemed to stop himself. I could have asked if he liked guys, but I had too often let my imagination take over and this time I didn't want to spoil anything.

"Yes!" he said hoarsely. "So we'll exchange phone numbers or something? Before we forget it?"
He was faster than I was. I nodded quickly, picked up my phone and went into the message.
"Tell me your number and I will send you mine."
Under one minute we had each other's phone numbers. I felt that this was the first step toward something new, something that for once suited me. I looked shyly up at him.
"And promise to respond, if I call?"
He laughed a little.
"I can't promise, I have many meetings at the bank, but if you send a message, I promise to respond."
Better than nothing.
"I promise the same thing."
He laughed a little uncertainly, and looked up at me. Our eyes met and we found ourselves directly into that dangerous condition. I swallowed and I tried to think of something to say. I was sure that Niall felt the same thing. I was sure he noticed my feeble attempts to flirt. Still, I wasn't used about this, about how to go on to do it with him in this way, and he made no sign to withdraw from me. I moved the chair closer to him and I tried to remain calm.
Niall drank more beer and he responded that I came closer. It made me almost be a little more daring. He put the glass down on the table.
"I play golf sometimes, but honestly I put all my time at work."
Ah, a man who sacrificed everything for his career?
Yes, I wanted to know everything. He laughed, a little embarrassed.
"So I'll answer all the questions and you'll get all the answers?" he smiled at me. "I want to know your interests first."
I blushed. He had understood?
"I go to the gym, if you can call that an interest."
I saw that he was curious. His eyes shone.
"Okay?" he said. "And my parents live in Ireland. I am alone here, you could say. I have a brother who's married to the woman who needs underwear."
I laughed.
"Yes exactly." I realized one thing. "You must come back so that we get the matter out of the world?"
Niall nodded with satisfaction to me.
"I promise you." he whispered hoarsely. "I will turn up."
It tingled all over. He gave me that look that no one could hide. He understood that I was flirting with him, he understood that I was interested. I felt all my old life just disappeared away, all that as was the old Harry, and I only had him before me.
"That sounds promising?"
He nodded.
"Yes, that's promising."
We didn't say the words straight out, but both were stuck in this. I was stuck in the idea that there could be an us and I hoped he felt the same.


I was dizzy when I got home. Yes, I was dizzy and I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. There was a euphoria, yet I was still insecure. It was one thing to flirt, but did I wanted something more? Was I ready to go into unknown territory and explore it? I stood before the mirror in the bathroom and I looked a long time at myself. Couldn't miss the change. My lips were swollen and they longed for Nialls lips. My body wanted more, and my mind was spinning around the most wonderful man I've ever met. Yes, I was in love. That was my conclusion. I couldn't deny to myself that I was ready, I wanted that, I needed love from that man. I wanted to test the boundaries and see where it could take me. I was ready to get my heart broken if I was wrong, but I knew I was right. Niall had seen that there was something special between us, and he had felt the same thing. He almost hadn't wanted to go home, but I sensed that he needed sleep to cope with the work at the bank. Yes, it was me who ended the evening, but it was because I didn't want him to get hurt.

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