The lies

Love is a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically strongly and positively experienced, that ranges from deepest interpersonal affection to simple pleasure. Most commonly, love refers to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment. *This is a Narry fanfiction about love and about to hide* *Made just for Narry fandom and them only*


4. 04 meeting

"Please, can't you just do it for my sake and for Denise?" my brother Greg asked by the phone. I leaned back in the chair and I swallowed. No, I couldn't help him or others. I had enough with myself.
"So you want me to buy lingerie for your wife?"
He laughed.
"Is there a problem?" he asked at the other end. "Just walk into town and buy something sexy to her. I'll give you money when you come with the clothes. There must be something as a guy think is neat, because she'll have them in my presence."
I frowned.
"And what do you think is sexy on a woman?"
Greg was amused.
"Please, Niall. Use your imagination. You're my brother and I trust you."
I just wanted to scream no. I had no idea what a women wore under her clothes, and I didn't care.
"Okay, but don't blame me if things going wrong!"
He knew how insecure I was. Greg had no idea that I just lied when I said I met women all the time. I said it just to quiet him down and get him to stop nagging at me. The day after he had married Denise, he had begun to talk about that I should walk the same way.
"Niall, I trust you."


I didn't know how I would do this but I knew Greg would be angry if I didn't even try. I chose to park close to the center and I tried to pick out a store with care. Lingerie for a woman? Why was I inexperienced at that part? Yes, I know why, yet. It was as if an strange world opened up before me and when I went into one store, I felt like an alien. I had no idea what a modern woman was wearing under her clothes, and I didn't either care. Sexy? The only common sense as was sexy was a naked man, but I didn't dare even to think about that. I slid up to the region of panties and bras. I frowned when I discovered that it was impossible to choose the right. Did Greg wanted her to have white underwear and black? Would it be floral or solid color? I felt this was a total strange place for me, and I sensed that others saw how much I suffered over this mission as I now had.
"Can I help you?"
The clerk came up to me and I spun around. It was then time almost stood still. Behind me was a man with green eyes. He had a wonderful smile and his eyes almost sparkled from the light from the lamps. He had short dark hair and he was a little taller than me. I noted that he was tattooed. This was like I went from uncertainty to chaos.
"Uh huh?"
He laughed a little and I noticed that he hesitated.
"Will you buy lingerie for your girlfriend?"
His lips were red, his cheeks flushed a little. I liked what I saw. Quickly I noticed that this man's name was Harry, because he had a name tag.
He put his head askew.
"Yes, or is it underwear for you?"
I swallowed and realized that I should stick to the reality.
"Girlfriend? Me?" I cleared my throat and I was trying to land in what was normal. "No, or I mean... My brother sent me to buy lingerie for his wife."
I don't know why, but Harry seemed relieved. The smile grew and somehow it was as if he wanted me to not have a girlfriend. Quickly I stopped thinking about it.
"Yes, his wife will go to a party and she needs something stylish and sexy." I continued quickly just to hide that I was ashamed over my own feelings and thoughts. "And if you want you can help me. I have no idea what women want."
Harry slipped past me and he touched my arm. It was as a shock through my body and I realized that he really influenced me. Was he gay? Was he like me or like Niall as I hide from others?
"Sure!" he whispered dark and almost seductive. "And your brother like sexy clothes?"
I swallowed and I felt my cheeks heated up.
"Uh, I have no idea." My voice was trembled and I had to pinch myself in the arm. What was I doing? I should be normal and not behave like a fucking fagot. "I guess he likes black?"
Harry gave me a quick glance and held up two bra. One red and one black.
"This is what men consider to be sexy, if I start from the customers as are here."
I didn't look at them, I stared straight at Harry's face and he looked straight at me. It was as if the air ran out and I almost fainted. Was I about to die? Did I have to drink water? I swallowed.
"Uh oh well?"
Harry grinned and he leaned a little toward me, so that the distance between our faces fell.
"Niall, it's up to you."
"You know my name?"

He nodded silently.
"You work in the bank? I was there and saw you."
I almost stopped breathing. He was flirting with me? No, why would such a handsome guy flirting with such as me?
"Oh yes?" I was shaking all over. "How do you like the bank?"
He seemed to think, and I saw at him that he was amused. Maybe he was looking right through me? No, you didn't see at a guy if he was gay or not? And Harry was probably already with a good-looking girl, a model, or Miss Universe?
"You're good at service and I am satisfied." I heard him say, as if his words echoed right into my soul.
He nodded.
"Therefore I want you to buy the best for your brother and his girlfriend." He held up both elections again. "So red or black?"
I swallowed.
"What had you bought for your girlfriend?"
He responded to my question and I quickly realized my mistake. No, it was wrong to ask if he had a girlfriend. Still, I was relieved when he answered.
"Niall, I'm single."
Should I be relieved? Shouldn't I ask why such a beautiful man are standing alone like this?
Harry laughed a little.
"Yes, and you? Is there a little wife waiting for you?"
I swallowed.
"No!" hell, he was flirting with me? "I am alone."
He moved closer to me. It was as if he realized I was such a guy who wanted to do the wrong things with men.
"So we both are alone?"
I swallowed.
"That's probably right."
He cleared his throat a little and it was as if even he wasn't sure what happened between us.
"So we can do something together when I closed the shop? There's a pub nearby?"
I knew I should say no. I should go back to the bank and work all night. I shouldn't be lured into the temptation to go with this wonderful man, and drink beer with him.
I was angry at myself. What was I doing? But at the same time I was happy. He wanted to meet with me and drink a beer? Maybe I should dare more?
"Great!" he whispered quickly. "We close in half an hour. How about that...?"
I felt I was about to scream straight out, just to get myself to wake up.
"I'll wait for you?"
He laughed a little bit.
"If you want?"
I nodded.
"I can stand outside and wait?"
Harry looked around.
"Well, it's cold out there and I'm still alone." He looked straight at me again. "How about waiting indoors and I promise to be quick."
I nodded in panic. I felt how he affected me as no one had before.
"I'll just stand here?"
My question was silly. I was in a situation as I didn't know anything about and I had no idea what he wanted me to do. Wait, over here, where I was? Maybe he wanted me to stand at the entrance? Harry looked quickly at me and then went back to the checkout.
"We live in a free country, Niall." he replied, mockingly, almost as if he wanted to test me. I smiled uncertainly and I chose to put myself by the doors out. I looked like a fool, but at the same time I had a reason to be there. I watched at Harry closely, as he made everything as it would be when he closed this store. He was handsome, he was tall and he was so smooth. He was such a guy who could be a model, actor or an artist. He had the look of it.

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