The lies

Love is a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically strongly and positively experienced, that ranges from deepest interpersonal affection to simple pleasure. Most commonly, love refers to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment. *This is a Narry fanfiction about love and about to hide* *Made just for Narry fandom and them only*


3. 03 fantasies

"Harry, can you can go to the bank with yesterday's cash?" Liam stuck his head through the door and he looked straight at me. "I don*t have time. I have orders to do and you know how it is. You can borrow my car if it feels safer for you?"
I hesitated. Still, I knew there was no point to say no. Liam was determined. He came up with a big smile when he realized that I would do it for him.
"Well, go and put on your coats, and then came here!"
Yes, I felt like a puppet, a small one. I changed my shoes and I put on my scarf and my big black coat. Liam had already put the keys on the desk in front of him, and the bag with the money.
"You go straight to the bank and tell them I sent you. They'll put the money into our account and it's usually not a problem. They can call if there are anything as aren't as it should."
I nodded. I took the bag over my shoulder and I took his car keys.
"Anything more?"
Liam looked up at me.
"Try to relax."


There was heavy traffic and I had to fight to come forward. I had to drive several blocks to get to the bank. I chose to listen to the radio and regular pop music poured out from the speakers. I was always like a snail on the road. There was something about cars that made me unsure. It felt as if the car gave man far too much power, and it could easily be an accident. Maybe because of that as I loved to sit on a bus? The doors were locked in the car and the bag with money was lying beside me. Yes, I was a man who fantasized too much. Robbers were everywhere and who knew what might happen if I didn't looked the doors. I finally had to stop thinking about it and I tried to relax. Maybe Liam was right? I was thinking too much and I didn't try to seize the moment? I tried to lean back against the seat, but I still kept a tight hold around the steering wheel. I tried to see what was happening around the car, and not just in front of it. Slowly I realized that there was more to look at than the car in front of me. London was beautiful in December. The Christmas lights were hung everywhere and slowly I realized that it would be Christmas, whatever happened now.


There weren't many people inside the bank and to my great relief, I didn't had to wait. I went ahead to a vacant clerk, or whatever you call that at a bank? She smiled wide against me, and I placed myself on the chair, on my side of the glass. I picked up the bag and gave it to her.

"My boss sent me with yesterday's money." I got a horse forward. She continued to smile, and she looked straight at me. I thought for a few seconds if she was flirting with me, but that thought quickly vanished away.
"Sure, I'll just make sure it's correct and you have to sign some papers. Wait here!"
She disappeared with the bag and I was left alone. Slowly, I let my gaze drift around the room. I saw a woman with a stroller. Yes, I loved kids and actually I was one of the few who deep down wanted to have children, but that situation was, it would never happen. I looked in behind the glass and I looked at how people worked at the bank. That's when I saw him!


I don't know why my eyes got stuck on that particular guy. He stood at the back and he was holding a pair of papers in his hand. He was talking to another man. Something made as me get caught up in that state was his face. He had soft features, yet he was a man. He had a thin layer with a beard, short hair and a wonderful posture. Dark gray blazer with matching pants. White shirt and a tie that actually was nice to look at. His smile was crooked, sexy in a way. When he looked in my direction, it was as if time stood still. I had never been caught up in that way before and I didn't know how I should behave. It was something nice about him, something as I really liked. There was something about his face that made my whole body to want to make time to stand still and I really wanted to see more of him. I was therefore annoyed when that woman came back and almost sat down in the way of what I wanted to watch.
"Who's he?"
I don't know why I asked, and I didn't understand that I dared. She quickly turned her head and she saw the man.
"Oh, it's one of the big shots in the bank. Niall Horan." She then looked questioningly at me. "Do you know him?"
I blushed.
"No, I thought..." I cleared my throat when I couldn't get up a good lie. "So what papers do I sign?"
I didn't hear what she was talking about after that. I chose to look at Niall, yes, that man as for the moment really caught my whole attention. He seemed to talk about something fun with the other man. Niall pulled his hand through his hair and he laughed a bit. I could at that moment give anything just to stand next to him and hear him laugh. I saw how happy his eyes seemed to be and actually I noticed, despite the distance between us, his eyes were blue. They lit up the whole room and it was as if he was the center of the world.
"And sign that line!"
I had to look down at the paper. I took the pen and I wrote my name on the line. When I raised my head again, he was gone. I couldn't see Niall and I almost got panic, but as always, I managed to play with in the underground theater as I always did and I don't think the woman noticed my panic.
"And does Mr. Payne need a receipt?" she asked. I swallowed and tried to look at her again.
"Uh, yes, of course?"


The cold air made me feel good, when I came out on the street again. I had to lean against the cold wall and just breathe. I didn't understand what just had happened. It was as if that, as happen, was meant to happen. Maybe that Niall was that man I was waiting for? But at the same time I knew that wasn't the case. Niall wasn't gay and he wasn't as disgusting as I was. No, Niall was perfect in every way and he certainly had a girlfriend, maybe he was married to a wonderful, beautiful wife? Yes, I knew what his life was like in my head, it must be perfect. Such a man couldn't be more than lucky in life. With that appearance, he certainly got all the girls to run after him, and he certainly was charming to everyone. I closed my eyes and I tried to remember him, everything I just for a while had been staring at. His body was so perfect in any way. I had noticed that he was careful with what he took on, but that he should had remove his beard? Nevertheless, he was perfect. I was just stupid to put my own opinions over him. I loved that beard. No, Niall was totally perfect and he was aware of it in some way. He was certainly such a man who knew he attracted others to this state. Yes, he knew about it, because I myself didn't know that a man could make me feel like this. I didn't panic, but I realized that I needed to move my legs. Quickly, I went back to the car and quickly, I locked myself into the safe area behind the steering wheel. I started the engine and I just stared straight ahead. This wasn't normal? No, like this I hadn't planned my afternoon, to yearn for a man who didn't even know I existed. Yet my imagination slipped away. A naked Niall, in my bed, in the middle of the night. I could almost taste his lips. I tried to get rid of that image, that feeling, but it didn't work. I wasn't aware when I undid my fly and when I grabbed hold around my hard part down there. I wasn't aware that I groaned out loud, because I just saw the most wonderful man in front of me. Yes, this was how I treated emergencies. I vanished away, satisfied myself, and then I forgot all about it. But this time it was as if my mind wanted to make me aware. I looked down at my part down there and I saw how my hand quickly worked with the prepuce. I even saw a naked Niall front of me, as I thought he looked like. Liam always had wipes in the car. I was quick to pick up a few and I was getting ready to pick up the evidence after this. I closed my eyes and I continued, as if it couldn't stop it. It was a quickie and I knew why. I wasn't used to land in this, with this feeling that I had just seen the man I wanted to spend my life with.


Afterwards came the shame. I quickly wiped away all the evidence and quickly made sure that I concealed the clothes over all my my body. I swallowed and I tried to gather together the last of me. I looked out into the street and noted that no one had seen me doing this. I threw the papers out on the street, although I should've been looking up a trash can, but I suspected that Liam was waiting for me. I had spent far too much time daydreaming and doing sinful things. No, Niall just happened to be there at the wrong time and he wasn't the right man. No, it was I who was so desperate that I fantasized about him just because I could. I was quick to swing the car out from the parking lot and I got the radio to play music. I wanted to laugh at myself. I was filthy and I shouldn't let others be drawn into it. My hands were shaking and I just wanted to throw up. I was the most disgusting man in the world and I should know better. I shouldn't let myself ruin everyday life in that way, and I should focus on what was important. I didn't need a man and if I meet someone, then it would be a woman. Or perhaps a man who dressed as a woman? I shook my head, no, I wanted to be normal and this was abnormal.

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