Melancholy Hope (Shadowhunters) (S1)

What if Clary wasn't the only one who had the sight? What if there was another shadowhunter with Jace, Alec, and Isabelle? Meet Serena and Scarlett. Serena is a badass shadowhunter just like her friends. Scarlett is like Clary, except she's also a shadowhunter. What happens when these two worlds collide? Read and find out. I don't own anything except my OCs.


1. The Mortal Cup

Simon and I are waiting for Clary because she went to get into the Brooklyn Academy of Arts. I know that she'll get in because she's an amazing artist. Clary walked in and had a sad look on her face.


“Give me the professors' name and I... I will end them. You know, with... with a scathing e-mail to the dean.” Simon said when Clary gave him a look.


“Don't bother.” Clary said as she handed Simon the letter.


“What?” Simon and I questioned before Simon opened the letter.


“Sad face? Really?” Simon asked as all of us sat down and decided to celebrate Clary getting in and her birthday.


Clary laughed and we just enjoyed each others' company. We finally went our separate ways and I ended up going with Clary, since I live with her, Jocelyn, her mother, and Luke, a family friend, who I believe is in love with Jocelyn. Dot gave Clary a birthday present, since she's turning 18, and both of us loved the shirt.


Jocelyn hugged Clary the moment we entered the room and both Clary and I laughed because we knew that the only reason she knew was because she follows Simon's twitter. Jocelyn then hugged me and I just hugged her back. Jocelyn took me in when my parents were killed and she raised me like I was her own.


Jocelyn released me and I watched as she handed Clary her birthday present. When Clary opened the box, Jocelyn and I shared a look because we both knew what was in the box. Clary was confused, so Jocelyn explained that the object was called a stele and that it was very ancient. I rolled my eyes as Clary kept asking stupid questions but I knew that when she learns the truth, everything is going to change.


Jocelyn and I shared a look and I gave her a nod to let her know that I would always be looking out for Clary, no matter what. After a failed attempt to keep us at the house, Jocelyn let us leave and Clary, Simon, Maureen, and I sat on top of the van and talked about, well, anything.


*3rd POV*


Serena and Isabelle are getting ready to go kill a demon when Alec called for them.


“Isabelle, Serena, let's go.” Alec called.


Isabelle and Serena looked over their outfits before glancing at each other and walking out of Isabelle's room.


“Hey, there, big brother.” “Hey, Alec.” Isabelle and Serena said at the same time.


“Really?” Alec questioned.


“What can I say? Demons dig blondes.” Isabelle replied.


“Of course they do, but that's white.” Alec said.


“Actually, it's platinum.” Serena started.


“And they don't exactly like Shakespeare, okay, Alec?” Isabelle finished.


“You guys are plenty distracting on your own.” Alec told both girls.


“So, be yourself. Is that what you're trying to say?” Isabelle asked for both girls.


“Never mind. Looking good, let's go.” Alec replied as all three of them headed to Jace.


*End of POV*


Clary and I cheered on Simon and Maureen as they finished their set. All of us then set out to Pandemonium and I laughed as Clary, Simon, and Maureen tagged the side of the van. Clary and I were standing by the van, when this cute guy bumped into Clary and I.


“Hey, can you watch where you're going?” Clary and I asked at the same time.


“You can see me?” the guy asked as he looked between Clary and I.


“Yeah, that's kind of the point, but you obviously didn't see us.” I replied.


“You have the sight.” the guy said while looking between Clary and myself.


“Wait, what?” Clary asked completely confused.


“How can I not know who both of you are?” the guy asked.


“Has that line seriously ever worked for you?” Clary started.


“Even once?” I finished.


“Jace!” someone hollered in the distance.


The guy, I believe is called Jace, ran off and I couldn't help but watch him run off. I didn't hear anything that was said between the others, but I was pulled from my thoughts when Clary went to walk by me into the club.


“Where the hell do you think you're going?” I asked.


“I'm going to get answers. You coming with me?” Clary replied.


I nodded my head and followed her inside with Simon and Maureen behind us. Simon and Maureen went to get us birthday drinks, and Clary and I followed after the blonde guy. When we finally reached everyone, I noticed two beautiful girls dancing and a bunch of guys surrounding them with eyes full of lust.


Clary then did something that I thought she would never do, she stopped the blonde guy from attacking the only other girl in the room that wasn't myself, Clary, or the two beautiful girls that were dancing. The blonde guy pushed Clary out of the way as a fight broke out. I chose that moment to finally reveal everything to Clary, and helped the others fight the demons.


Clary ended up running out after all the demons were killed, and I just stood there because I didn't really know what to do. I finally decided to run after her and had to run all the way back home because Clary made the cab drive off before I could get in. Clary was explaining everything to her mom and Jocelyn glanced over at me and I gave her a nod.


Jocelyn then had to explain what she could but told Clary that the only policeman she could trust was Luke and that we needed to go. Clary kept refusing and asking questions, but Jocelyn told her that Luke and I would explain everything. Clary and I then ended up at the police station and I didn't know exactly where to start the conversation.


When I tried to talk to Clary, she just tuned me out, so I just followed her lead. Clary then started to leave the police station and I was confused, but I followed her anyway. The rain was so heavy that I thought I was going to fall flat on my ass, but I did pretty damn good and kept my balance plus kept up with Clary.


“Mom! Mom!” Clary yelled as we ran inside Dot's shop.


Clary and I glanced around and both of us grabbed a weapon because neither of us knew what was waiting for us. Clary and I headed into the house and we were shocked to see Dot standing there, so Clary dropped her weapon but I held onto mine just to be safe.


“Dot.” Clary said as she stepped closer to Dot.


“They took Jocelyn.” Dot told us.


“Who took her?” I asked.


“Rogue Shadowhunters searching for the Mortal Cup.” Dot replied.


I knew exactly what she was talking about and now I'm starting to wonder why Dot would be saying any of this because if these people came for Jocelyn then Dot would've been taken too.


“What the hell are you talking about?” Clary asked.


“Think, Clary. Did your mother ever talk to you about a cup? A very important cup. It's gold, almost like a chalice.” Dot said.


I knew right then that Dot wasn't really Dot. My guard is completely up and I'm ready for whatever is going to happen.


“No! No, I don't know anything about a cup, Dot. One of the antiquities downstairs?” Clary questioned.


“No, no, not those. Think, Clary. This could save Jocelyn.” Dot said.


“I can't think! Someone kidnapped my mother!” Clary yelled.


“You know more than you think you do, Clary Fray.” Dot said before screeching.


I shoved Dot away from Clary and that's when Dot turned into an ugly ass creature. The creature went to attack Clary but I stepped in and that didn't make the creature too happy, so it threw me across the room and went back to Clary. Before I knew it, the creature took a bite out of Clary and Jace ended up killing the demon.


“What, no “thank you” for saving your life? Careful. That demon got a piece of you.” Jace said as he inspected Clary.


“Demons?” Clary asked.


“Yeah. What do you think that miserable, disgusting thing was?” Jace questioned.


“I, uh... I thought it was Dot.” Clary replied.


I noticed that a hand was in front of me and glanced up to see one of the girls from the club standing there. I took her hand and she helped me off the floor, and I was grateful that they had showed up when they did.


“No, Ravener demon, shapeshifter.” Jace told us.


“You're just saying words now. Why... why is the room swirling?” Clary asked.


“Demon venom.” Jace replied.


“Is that bad?” Clary asked before she passed out.


“I got you.” Jace said as he picked Clary up.


“Are you alright?” Jace asked as he looked at me.


“I'm fine and thank you.” I replied.


“I'm Serena and that's Jace.” the girl said as we headed out of the house.


“Nice to meet you both. I'm Scarlett and that's Clary.” I said.


We headed inside this abandoned church, but once we stepped inside, it turned out to be some type of secret lair.


“What is this place?” I asked.


“It's called the Institute.” Serena replied.


I was in awe and Serena just laughed at my expression. Serena then introduced me to Alec and Isabelle Lightwood and I could tell that Isabelle and I were going to be the best of friends. Serena and Isabelle led me into Isabelle's room and they gave me some clothes to wear. Isabelle, well Izzy, since that's what she wants me to call her, grabbed some clothes and we headed back to the infirmary to wait on Clary. Jace also gave Clary a healing rune to help her heal.


“Ow.” Izzy said as Clary bolted up and smacked her forehead against Izzy's.


“Wait, I don't know you...” Clary said.


“I'm Isabelle. I've never seen Jace so curious about a mundane... or distracted. Like you saw earlier, distractions are dangerous in our line of work.” Izzy explained.


“I have no idea what you're talking about. Who's Jace? And where's Scarlett?” Clary asked.


“I'm right here Clary.” I said as I stepped up next to Izzy.


“You really don't know much, do you?” Izzy asked.


Clary relaxed as she saw me but I could see the wheels turning in her head, and I knew that she was going to fire question after question at me.


“All I know is some psychos took my mother, and now you people have taken me and Scarlett.” Clary said.


“And by “taken” I assume you mean “saved your lives”?” Izzy asked.


“Two mundanes shouldn't even be here.” Alec said as he and Jace walked into the room.


“Where is “here” exactly?” Clary asked.


“They're not mundanes, Alec.” Jace said.


“How do you know that?” Alec questioned.


“Because the seraph blade lit up when she (Clary) touched it. And you saw that she (me) had her own seraph blade. Look, Isabelle, can you... I'm Jace Wayland.” Jace replied before taking Izzy's spot.


“I'm, uh...” Clary tried to say but couldn't figure out the words t say.


“Clary Fray, we know who you are, and we know that she's Scarlett.” Jace said.


“Am I the only one who finds this unusual?” Alec asked.


“You find everything unusual, Alec.” Serena said.


“I have to report this to the Clave.” Alec said.


“You know what? Dial it down a notch.” Jace said.


“My brother doesn't have a dial. I love you, Alec, but you have a switch that's always on.” Izzy said.


“I love you, too. But this...” Alec started but was interrupted by Jace.


“Hey, you know what? Give me a minute.” Jace said.


When Alec didn't budge, Jace said, “Here's a word you never hear me say. Please?”


Alec still didn't budge, but Serena and Izzy pulled Alec from the room and I knew right then that this was going to be a problem.


“Your wound, it's healed.” Jace said.


“How is that even possible? So, what, I'm miraculously healed, and all of you... stunning people have magical powers?” Clary asked.


“No. No, don't confuse me with a warlock.” Jace chuckled.


“A what?” Clary questioned confused.


“A warlock. It's one of the Downworlders.” I replied.


“Okay, you're not making any sense.” Clary said as she looked at me.


“Warlocks, vampires, Seelies...” Jace said.


“Literally my brain is about to explode.” Clary said.


“Jeez, all right. Well, I'll keep it simple for you. All the legends are true. We're Shadowhunters. We protect the human world from the demon world. So those people you saw get murdered at the Pandemonium, they weren't people at all, they were shapeshifting demons.” Jace explained.


Clary glanced over at me and I gave her a nod to let her know that what Jace said was true. Clary then turned back to Jace and I just stood by and just let them talk.


“I'm not interested in being a part of your supernatural fight club and neither is Scarlett. I just wanna find my mom. The rest of it, whatever it is, all I care about is finding my mother. Please. Please help me find her.” Clary said.


I didn't know what to say because Clary doesn't want to be a part of this, but after tonight, she's not going to have a choice and neither do I.


“I'm the best chance you've got.” Jace said.


“I don't even know you.” Clary said.


Before anything else could be said, Clary's phone started ringing.


“Simon.” Clary said as she answered her phone.


“How come you haven't answered your phone in two days? And where the hell is Scarlett?” Simon asked.


“Things are... all ripped apart and Scar is with me.” Clary replied.


“Where are you guys? Find My Friends says your phone is in an abandoned church on Deighton. I'm outside.” Simon said.


“We see you.” Clary said as both of us looked out the window.


“I don't see you guys.” Simon said.


“Give us five minutes. I have to get dressed and Scar has to find her phone.” Clary said.


“Dressed? What are you doing undressed in an abandoned church? Clary, is there... is there a meth problem we have to talk about?” Simon asked.


“Simon, just give us five minutes, okay.” Clary said before hanging up.


Clary glanced at me but I just shrugged my shoulders because I was thinking about the guy that probably followed Simon to get to Clary. I think Jace saw him too because we shared a look and both of us knew what needed to be done.


“Um, what, uh... what happened to my clothes?” Clary asked after she finally realized that she wasn't in her clothes from the night we were attacked.


“Demon venom. Remember? Isabelle left you these.” Jace replied as he pointed to the clothes that Izzy had left for Clary.


“You're kidding, right?” Clary asked.


“She's very comfortable with her body.” Jace said.


I could agree with that and all of Izzy's clothes are flipping sexy as hell. Serena and Izzy lent me some of their clothes and I can honestly say that I look hot as hell.


“Okay. How did that get there?” Clary said as she noticed the rune that Jace drew to save her life.


“I drew that.” Jace replied.


“Okay, listen. I still don't get everything that's going on here, but you do not tattoo my neck. That's creepy. And why in the world would you let him do it?” Clary said as she looked between Jace and myself.


“Duly noted. I guess next time I'll just let you die. And it's not a tattoo. It's a rune. They have enormous power. Good for Shadowhunters. Lethal for humans. But you, you already know all about runes, don't you? Maybe you don't. Which is what makes you so interesting... Clary Fray.” Jace said.


Clary didn't know what to say but waited on me for my answer.


“I didn't have a choice, Clary. It was either let him rune you and save your life, or let you die.” I told her.


“I saw something... behind your friend.” Jace said.


“You're not gonna kill Simon, are you?” Clary asked.


I had to refrain from slapping my forehead because she just asked a stupid question.


“Protect the humans, kill the demons. You'll get it eventually.” Jace said as we headed outside.


“So, why can't Simon see you?” I asked.


“This is a glamour, a rune that makes me invisible to mundanes. It's a shame, really, 'cause... well, I'm denying them all this.” Jace replied as he showed us the rune on his stomach.


I giggled at that because Jace is being so conceited but he sure as hell being funny.


“What do you have on, Clary? Let me take you home.” Simon said as he wrapped his jacket around Clary.


I wish Clary wasn't so dense, so she would see that Simon is absolutely in love with her.


“I don't think that I have one anymore.” Clary said.


“Why? What do you mean?” Simon asked confused.


“Well...” Clary started to say but was cut off.


“Clary Fairchild!” the man that followed Simon yelled.


Clary and I turned to look at the guy before Jace attacked. Clary and I watched the fight between Jace and the guy before Jace finally landed the killing blow.


“Jace!” Clary and I hollered as we headed over to Jace and the dead man.


“Excuse me?” Simon asked.


“Is he dead?” Clary asked.


“Is who dead? What the...” Simon said before the dead guy appeared at our feet.


“Could you deglamourize, or whatever, so our best friend doesn't think we're losing our minds?” Clary asked Jace.


Jace then deglamourized and Simon finally got to see who the hell Clary and I were talking to.


“Um... what is happening?” Simon asked as he looked between the three of us.


“Yeah, we don't have the luxury right now, kid. Everyone back inside.” Jace said.


“Clary, Scarlett, who is this? Your meth dealer?” Simon questioned.


“I've seen him before. At the police station.” Clary said.


“He's a member of the Circle. Clary, he's here for you.” Jace said.


“He's with the people who took my mother.” Clary said.


“Right, your little best friend here led him right to you. He's here to capture or kill you.” Jace said.


“There's a dead body there, we have to call Luke.” Simon said.


“We can't trust Luke, Simon. We can't.” Clary said.


“Clary, I need to keep you and Scarlett safe. I promise you that I am gonna help you find your mother. But you're one of us. You're a Shadowhunter.” Jace said.


“What are you talking about? Clary... you don't know this guy, all right? Come with me. I can get us help.” Simon said.


“Clary, please.” Jace said.


“Clary, come on.” Simon said.


I just stood by and watched the scene unfold. I know what my choice is but this is Clary's decision. I hope Clary chooses the right path because I know that we need to save Jocelyn and Clary is the key. 


Scarlett's outfit:​

Scarlett's outfit to Pandemonium:​

Scarlett's outfit after meeting Izzy and seeing the Institute:​

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