Melancholy Hope (Shadowhunters) (S1)

What if Clary wasn't the only one who had the sight? What if there was another shadowhunter with Jace, Alec, and Isabelle? Meet Serena and Scarlett. Serena is a badass shadowhunter just like her friends. Scarlett is like Clary, except she's also a shadowhunter. What happens when these two worlds collide? Read and find out. I don't own anything except my OCs.


4. Raising Hell

I bolted up in my bed and tried to calm my breathing. I decided to see if anyone else is awake because I knew that I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. I roamed the halls, found Jace's room, and knocked on the door.

"Come in." Jace called from the other side.

I went in, closed the door, and went to sit on his couch.

"You alright?" Jace asked.

"Nope." I replied.

I went on and explained to Jace about my nightmare. I can't tell you why I had it, but I know that I'll feel better after I tell someone. Jace seemed to stop working out and that's when I noticed that he was shirtless.

"Don't stop on my account." I told Jace since he was going to stop working out.

Jace just gave me a smirk before continuing his work out. After a few minutes of watching Jace, Clary bursts into the room.

"Jace, I need to talk to you about something, it's really... Oh... Sorry, I... I really should've knocked first." Clary said while turning around in embarrassment.

"Let me just grab a shirt." Jace said.

"Yeah. Good idea." Clary said.

Jace and I shared a look because we thought it was funny that Clary was embarrassed.

"So, what's up? You wanted to see me?" Jace asked after he slipped his shirt on.

I'm a little upset because he did that but I'll get over it. I got to enjoy Jace shirtless for a little while anyway, so I can't really be upset, now can I.

"Yeah, um... I need you to tell me everything you know about Magnus Bane." Clary said as she turned back to look at us.

"Magnus Bane is the High Warlock of Brooklyn, why?" Jace inquired.

"Because that vampire, Camille, practically accused him of stealing my memories." Clary replied.

I turned my head because I knew that Camille was right, but I don't want the others to know that I know.

"Where did you hear that?" I asked as I stood next to Jace.

"When Simon told Camille someone took my memories back at the Hotel DuMort, she blamed Magnus Bane." Clary replied.

"Right, and you believe your little mundane friend?" Jace scoffed.

"I believe Simon. Besides, I keep having these dreams where this Magnus guy is with my mom and she tells him to protect me." Clary said.

"You mean, like, memory fragments?" I asked confused.

"Yeah, but... They're not making sense." Clary sighed.

"Why didn't you tell me about that?" Jace asked.

"Because, Jace, practically a week ago I didn't even know this world existed. Let alone that Magnus was real." Clary replied.

"Magnus' magic is so powerful, he can evade even the Silent Brothers. If he's the warlock that took your memories... he could be the key to everything." Jace said.

"People are risking their lives to help me get my memories back. But there might not be anything there. I might not remember anything that will lead to the Mortal Cup... or our mom." Clary said.

"Clary... Believe me when I tell you that finding your memories is our only shot at getting the Mortal Cup back. But... look at me... I'm willing to take that chance on you." Jace told Clary.

I don't know what to feel right now. Jace seems to care about Clary more than he's letting on. I wonder if this is what jealousy feels like.

"Jace, I need you. The mundie is leaving." Izzy said as she came into the room.

"Simon? He can't leave." Clary said.

"He can and he is. Unless you want to tie him down and restrain him?" Izzy inquired.

"I have to stop him." Clary scoffed before going to stop Simon.

I hung back and both Izzy and Jace were confused.

"He drove me crazy when we were at the Hotel DuMort, and if it wasn't for Taylor and Raphael, I probably would've killed him. So, I think it's best that we stay away from each other for awhile." I explained.

Jace and Izzy nodded their heads and I was glad that they understood.

"Izzy, go wake Alec, Serena, and Hodge. We might have a lead on the Mortal Cup. How can one mundane be such a pain in my ass?" Jace sighed as he went out of his room and naturally, I followed after him.

"In fact, this is the safest place both girls could possibly be." Jace said as both of us appeared in front of the front door.

"You don't get to talk to me, Captain America." Simon said.

"Considering I'm the guy with the weapons, I get to say what I want." Jace said.

"Okay, come at me, bro!" Simon hollered at Jace.

"Oh, yeah?" Jace asked.

"Yeah!" Simon hollered.

Clary and I stepped between the two guys and kept them apart.

I tuned out the conversation between Simon and Clary until Simon brushed past Jace and I.

"I'm not saving his ass a second time..." Jace told Clary.

"Really, Jace?" Clary questioned as she went after Simon.

I just gave Jace a look and he just looked back at me. Simon and Clary continued to talk until Simon left after Clary refused to leave with him. He knew that I wasn't leaving because I am a Shadowhunter myself, so he knew he couldn't get through to me. I felt bad for Clary though because she's closer to Simon than I am, but he'll realize his mistake and come back. All of us then went to sit down to figure out what we were going to do about Clary's memories and Magnus Bane.

"Magnus Bane. He's over 300 years old. And, as you can see, he's not exactly shied away from the pleasures of every century. His tastes are both exquisite... and quite excessive." Hodge explained as he showed us pics of Magnus.

I took notice that when I sat down, Jace stood behind me. I felt his hands on the back of my chair when I leaned back.

"He looks like the Downworld's David Guetta." Clary said.

"Guetta's already a Downworlder. Vampire? Ever seen him in the daylight?" Izzy questioned.

"Can you two focus? This is not a joke." Alec said.

"Someone needs to get slayed." Izzy said.

"Alec's right. Now, Magnus is one of the most powerful warlocks I've ever known. He has a deep mistrust of Shadowhunters." Hodge said.

"Well, then why did he help my mom remove my memories? Isn't she a Shadowhunter?" Clary asked.

"Yes, one of the best. But "help" might not be the most accurate word. Now, did Magnus provide a service for Jocelyn? Perhaps. But more than likely, your mother paid Magnus handsomely for his magic." Hodge explained.

"Warlocks usually require payment before they help anyone with anything." Jace said before sitting down next to me.

I felt something brush my hand and I took notice that it was Jace that did it. Serena and I shared a look because both of us are shocked that he did it. I must've missed the rest of the conversation because the next thing I know, Hodge is leading us to the training room to show us something.

"Is that real?" I asked when Hodge showed us a necklace.

"A four-karat, unheated Burmese ruby. And this necklace has special meaning to Magnus Bane as it was a gift from him to his then lover, Camille Belcourt." Hodge replied.

"What, Camille and Magnus were lovers?" Clary asked and I was wondering the same thing.

"Warlock gets around." Jace said.

"Magnus bought it in 1857 for the price of his London townhouse. Now, the jewel is enchanted by a spell that alerts the wearer to the presence of demons." Hodge said.

"It's so beautiful." Izzy sighed.

"Offer it to him. He might just take the bait." Hodge said.

"I'll send Magnus a fire message to arrange the meeting." Jace said while walking out of the room.

"We have to get to Magnus before Valentine does." I said and everyone agreed.

"Jace said that you wanted to see me and Scarlett?" Clary said as both of us entered into Izzy's room.

"That's right. What are either of you wearing to the Downworlder party tonight?" Izzy asked.

"I don't know. I was thinking about wearing this." Clary replied as she pointed at her outfit.

I didn't reply because Serena was helping me pick out my outfit. Izzy and Clary continued to talk and Izzy picked out an outfit for Clary. Clary and Izzy continued to talk and I walked off with Serena. After Clary and I changed, I can honestly say that we look hot.

"Someone's looking bad ass." Jace said as he walked in.

"Oh, thanks." Clary said in embarrassed.

I just winked and gave Jace a smile. Jace gave me a smile back and Serena gave me a nudge.

"They both clean up well. We're going to go see Alec. He never knows what to wear to these parties either." Izzy said before dragging Serena out of the room.

"At least both of you look the part of a Shadowhunter." Jace said after he cleared his throat.

"Yeah, well, um..." Clary said.

I can't believe that Clary is embarrassed but I think that Clary should feel good about her body because she looks amazing.

"I guess it's pointless for me to ask either of you to stay behind, while I go meet Magnus by myself. Things could get sticky. Magnus is being hunted. You're going to need a weapon." Jace said before handing Clary a dagger.

Jace should know by now that I'm not staying behind for anything.

"That's a seraph dagger. The blade knows you and you know how to handle yourself." Jace explained as Clary looked at the dagger confused.

Clary then looked over at me and I decided to explain why Jace didn't hand me one.

"I have my own seraph dagger, Clary. I'm always ready to take down any demons that cross my path. If you paid close attention, I always carried it with me and you thought it was a keepsake." I told Clary.

Clary thought about it and then it hit her that she had seen my dagger before but never knew what it was.

*Serena's POV*

When Izzy and I found Alec, he was looking over his arrows and I could tell that something was off.

"Pick a weapon. I suggest your whip." Alec said to Izzy.

"What's wrong with you?" I questioned.

"Nothing." Alec replied.

Both Izzy and I scoffed.

"We're going to a Downworlder's rave." I started.

"You should be a little more excited." Izzy finished.

"It's a mission, not a party." Alec said.

"Yeah, whatever." I scoffed.

"Before Clary and Scarlett got here, every day was the same. Go on a mission, kill demons. Go on a mission, kill demons. At least now things are interesting." Izzy added.

"Interesting? Valentine is alive and actively seeking the Cup. He threatens our entire world. And we're helping his daughter or daughters. Who, by the way, we have no reason to trust. And who showed up out of nowhere. On top of that, we're gonna end up overpaying some warlock who may or may not have information we need. So, no, Izzy, Serena... I don't find it interesting." Alec said.

"Whoa!" I exclaimed in shock.

"Feel better now?" Izzy asked.

"No, I don't. Okay, maybe a little." Alec replied with a grin.

"You can't keep bottling things up, Alec." I started.

"It's only a matter of time before they explode and not the fun kind of explode." Izzy finished.

"All right, let's go. And we're not going for the music." Alec said before all of us headed outside of the Institute.

*End of POV*

"Are you sure this is a good idea? Last time we were here, this place was crawling with vampires." Clary asked Jace.

"Relax, all Downworlders hand out here. We just came on vampire night." Jace replied.

I can't believe that Clary came here on vampire night. I'm glad that she's in one piece because I would've killed Jace if she got hurt.

"Right. And when is all this gonna sound normal to me?" Clary asked.

"It'll sound normal once everything settles down and our mom is safe." I replied.

Clary gave me a smile and I gave her one back.

"All clear." Alec said as he, Izzy, and Serena walked up.

"Do you think red's my color?" Izzy asked us as she admired the necklace.

"Iz, with a body like yours, everything's your color." Clary and I replied.

"Good point. Damn, I make this necklace look so good." Izzy sighed.

"Will you take it off? I'm certain Magnus Bane doesn't want drool on his ruby when we make the exchange." Alec growled.

I rolled my eyes. Alec needs to lighten up and let Izzy have her fun.

"You know, I wouldn't be so sure. Most men like it when I admire their jewels." Izzy said.

I couldn't help but giggle at that. Izzy is now my favorite person.

"Can you just give it to Jace?" Alec questioned.

"You're such a buzzkill." Izzy giggled before taking the necklace off and handing it to Jace.

"Blend in. Keep your weapons ready." Jace told everyone before he guided me and Clary over to Magnus.

"Magnus." Jace called to get Magnus' attention.

"Clary Fairchild. Scarlett Sageman. Both of you have grown into beautiful young women." Magnus said as he looked over me and Clary.

"Magnus Bane." I started.

"So, you're the one who stole my memories." Clary finished.

"At your mother's request. She knew the risk. Show me the jewelry, Shadowhunter." Magnus said.

Magnus gave me a glance and I just turned my head before turning to Jace. I'm glad that he isn't outing me because I really don't need to fight with Clary and the others.

"Ooh... Give Clary back her memories, and you get the jewelry." Jace said while pulling the necklace away from Magnus.

"I have to confirm its authenticity." Magnus said while reaching his hand back out.

Jace looked at me and I gave him a nod. Jace sighed before handing over the necklace.

" 'Amor verus numquam moritur.' 'True love cannot die.' Oh, how I've missed this jewelry." Magnus said before sighing and looking over the necklace.

"Now, it's your turn to pay up." I said.

"I wish I could retrieve your memories, but I no longer have them." Magnus said while looking at Clary.

"What? Where are they?" Clary asked.

"I fed them to a memory demon for safekeeping." Magnus replied.

"And why the hell would you do that?" Jace growled.

"To protect Clary and the Cup. If Valentine ever captured me, he could torture Clary's memories out of me. Just like he tortured Dot." Magnus replied.

"Tortured?" I questioned.

"Wait, is Dot okay?" Clary added.

"Neither of you know? Dot is dead." Magnus replied.

"What?" I asked.

"How do you know?" Clary asked.

"I can't feel her magic anymore. Valentine killed her because she wouldn't betray your mother." Magnus replied.

"Oh, my God." Clary and I both said.

"Come with me, Clary. Scarlett. My lair can offer you protection no Shadowhunter ever could." Magnus said as he extended his hand to both Clary and I.

Both Jace and I scoffed because both of us knew that we were safer with Jace and the others.

"No! No, we're not going anywhere with you." Clary exclaimed.

"Don't be a fool. Your mother would want both of you to live." Magnus said.

"Then help me get my memories back from whatever demon you gave them to." Clary started.

"Valentine is hunting you, too." I finished.

"And every moment we're outside my lair's protection is a moment Valentine gets closer to finding us." Magnus said.

Magnus then moved his hands and a portal appeared.

"Come with me. I won't offer again." Magnus said as he offered his hand to us.

"No." I growled.

"No, we won't hide from our problems and neither should you." Clary added.

"Look out!" someone yelled.

All of a sudden, an arrow came whizzing by and killed a circle member, who was sneaking up on us. Thank you, Alec!

"Who are you?" Magnus asked as Alec walked by him, picked up the seraph blade, and headed back our way.

"Magnus, wait! You're my only hope." Clary pleaded.

"Valentine found us. I warned your mother this would happen." Magnus said before turning around.

"Wait..." Clary said before Magnus disappeared into his portal.

I took notice that Clay had what looked like a button in her hand and I couldn't figure out what the hell we could do with it.

"The area's secure. Looks like he was the only assassin." Izzy said as she and Serena joined us.

"He has a circle rune on the base of his neck." Alec said.

"They found us. It's not safe here. Clary, Scarlett, we have to go." Jace said.

I nodded and started following Izzy and Serena but stopped when I realized that Clary wasn't with me.

"Clary..." I called to her.

Clary then started following us but I could tell as we got outside that Clary was lagging behind.

"Jace." Izzy called before I could.

"Clary, we have to move." Jace said.

"I'm catching my breath." Clary growled.

I understand that she's upset but she has got to get it together because we need to figure out what the hell to do now.

"You know what? This is great. And not only did Magnus not get the girl her memories back, he took the necklace. This is fantastic." Alec said.

"Alec, the girl... her name is Clary and I highly suggest you keep your voice down." Jace growled.

"Why? What, you afraid that I'm gonna upset her? We have risked our lives again and again for this girl, and where has it gotten us?" Alec growled back.

"All right." Serena said as she tried to defuse the situation.

"Nowhere. We're no closer to getting the Mortal Cup. And we've lost the Institute's necklace." Alec said while ignoring Serena.

"Hey, I am right here. I don't care about your damn jewelry." Clary started.

"We're sorry you're gonna look bad in front of your bosses, okay?" I added.

"But our mother is still missing and my last chance at finding her just disappeared into thin air." Clary finished.

"Clary, Scarlett, it's gonna be fine." Jace said while trying to calm us down.

"No, it's not! People are dying because of me. And Magnus? Magnus will never come out of hiding again while Valentine is still after him. We're never gonna find him. And I will... I will never get my memories back." Clary said while voicing some of my thoughts as well.

"You give up too easy." Jace said while grabbing the button out of Clary's hand.

"What is he doing?" I asked Izzy and Serena as we watched Jace hold the button and concentrate.

"He's tracking Magnus. Be quiet and keep your distance." Izzy started.

"The button belonged to Magnus. Jace can pinpoint the location using that." Serena finished.

"No. The signal's not strong enough. Magnus must be blocking the track. Let's do this, Alec." Jace said before turning to Alec.

Alec walked over to Jace, locked hands, and stared at each other.

"Do what?" I questioned.

"Parabatai tracking." Izzy replied.

"Of course they are." Clary said.

"When parabatais track, their power grows stronger." Serena started.

"Jace and Alec are gonna track Magnus together." Izzy finished.

"Yeah, this whole parabatai thing seems oddly intimate, if you ask me." Clary said.

"You don't know the half of it." Izzy sighed.

I can't help but be amazed by what Jace and Alec are doing.

"Got him." Jace said as he broke the tracking and pulled away from Alec.

We headed into this warehouse and boy do I have a feeling that something is very wrong.

"Magnus' lair is right behind that fence." Jace said as all of us got our seraph blades ready.

"Magnus lives in a warehouse?" Clary asked.

"Not exactly." I replied.

"Warlock glamour." Jace continued.

"Something's wrong. It's far too easy to get this close." Izzy noticed.

"His protective wards must be down." Serena said.

"You... Don't get in the way." Alec said while pointing at Clary.

It's a good thing he didn't point at me because I would've broken that finger and not felt bad about it. We then saw this demon kill this warlock and ended up separating.

"Watch out!" I screamed as both Clary and I attacked this demon before he could hurt the warlock child.

The warlock child clung to me and I made sure that she stayed between me and Clary.

"Clary Fairchild. Scarlett Sageman. Valentine will be so pleased to meet you." the demon said as he got ready to attack us.

Before he could attack us, knives embedded into his back.

"Thanks for that." I called up to Jace when we realized that he was the one who threw the knives.

"Anytime." Jace replied with a wink.

"Stick close. It's safest if we stay together." Izzy said as she and Serena joined us.

"It's okay." Clary told the warlock girl, who had yet to let me go.

"We won't leave you alone, I promise." I told her.

The girl gave me a weak smile before we continued to the lair. When we entered the lair, the warlock child ran over to Magnus and hugged him.

"Go join the others, my dear. This is no place for a little girl. Go." Magnus told the girl.

The little girl ran off but not before giving me a hug. I hugged her back with a smile. After the little girl ran off, Magnus turned to me and Clary.

"I heard what you both did for Zoe. You guys risked your lives without hesitation to save a young warlock child." Magnus told us.

"She was just a girl and she was in trouble." I started.

"We had no choice." Clary finished.

"You always have a choice. You're not like the others, Clary Fairchild. Scarlett Sageman. Most Shadowhunters protect Downworlders out of sense of duty, but both of you saved young Zoe because of what was inside your hearts. Both of you are more like your mothers than you will ever know." Magnus told us.

"Magnus, please... you can't hide from this battle. Look, Valentine, he found you once, he will find you again. We need to work together. Help me." Clary begged.

"I can summon the demon, but you must make the demand. Now, I warn you... retrieving your memories will not be easy." Magnus said to Clary.

"I will do what I have to do." Clary said.

"All right. But we're not safe here. The lair's location has been compromised. Hold tight, everyone, we're about to move." Magnus said before the lair was moved.

"Ah, much better. Ugh, it's inevitable. After each move, I get the itch to redecorate. Normally, I love a dirty lair, but this one is just sloppy." Magnus said and I couldn't help but giggle.

Magnus is making it quite obvious that he likes Alec. I can't wait to watch this play out.

"I believe in payment for services rendered. Thank you for defending the warlocks." Magnus said as he went to put the necklace back on Izzy.

"I couldn't." Izzy said.

"Oh, but you could and you should. The Lightwoods have been wearing this for years. Besides, this would look silly on your brother." Magnus said with a chuckle.

Izzy, Serena, and I couldn't help but chuckle with him.

"About Alec, is he more of a flower or cologne man?" Magnus asked.

"Okay, so how do we summon the memory demon?" Clary asked.

"Are you certain? Summoning such a powerful demon could be lethal." Magnus questioned.

"I'll do anything to save my mother. Where is the demon?" Clary fired back.

"Okay. Pretty boy, get your team ready." Magnus said.

"Don't tell me what to do." Jace growled.

"I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to... you." Magnus said before stopping Jace and pointing at Alec.

None of us heard what Magnus and Clary talked about but I know that Clary has this and I'm going to stand by her no matter what.

"Come with me." Magnus said as he moved to talk to Clary in another room.

"You're still a pretty boy." I giggled at Jace.

"Shut up." Jace chuckled before lightly shoving me.

"Shadowhunter... prepare Clary as best you can." Magnus said as he motioned to Jace.

I followed Jace into the room and stood by as he talked to Clary. Jace nodded at me and I moved next to Clary. I gripped Clary's arm as Jace drew a rune on her. It hurt like hell because Clary screamed as soon as Jace started the rune. We then let Clary draw what she needed to and came in not too long later. Magnus complimented Clary's artistry and I was very pleased to see someone besides us complimenting Clary. Everyone gathered in their spots on the pentagram and Magnus started the chant.

"I will lead the ceremony, and you all must do exactly as I say. The demon's name is Valak. And at some point, he will ask for payment in exchange for Clary's memories." Magnus said.

"What do you mean? What kind of payment?" I questioned.

"We will see. Let us begin." Magnus replied before he started chanting in some other language.

"Guys. The necklace. It's pulsing." Izzy said as she glanced at the necklace.

All of a sudden, this wind type thing appeared and I could only think that this was the memory demon. Serena moved closer to me and that told me what I needed to know.

"Valak is among us. Do not break the bond." Magnus said to the group.

"Hold on!" Jace called to Clary.

"I'm trying." Clary called back.

"It is time, the demon demands payment." Magnus told the group.

"What does it want?" Serena called.

"We must each relinquish a beloved memory of the one we love the most." Magnus called back.

Clary paid with a memory of her mother. Izzy paid with a memory of Alec. Alec paid with a memory of Jace, and that threw me off.

"No, it's not true! The demon deceived me!" Alec exclaimed.

"Do not break the bond!" Magnus called.

"Alec, it's okay!" Serena and Izzy yelled out.

"No!" Alec yelled.

"Alec!" Jace hollered.

No!" Alec yelled again before breaking the bond.

Everyone was then pushed back and Magnus was trying his best to keep the demon at bay.

"I cannot contain the demon much longer!" Magnus hollered.

"No!" Jace called before shoving Alec out of the way and getting grabbed by the demon.

"Jace!" Serena, Alec, Izzy, and I yelled.

"Grab him!" Serena, Alec, Izzy, and I said at the same time.

"Hold on!" Alec yelled.

All three of us were trying to save Jace and Clary was just hanging back, trying to figure out what to do.

"The demon is growing stronger!" Magnus told us.

"He's slipping!" Alec yelled.

"Clary!" I yelled.

"Help us!" Serena and Izzy yelled.

"Clary, if you kill the demon, your memories will be lost forever!" Magnus called to Clary.

"Help us!" Izzy and I called out.

Clary then stepped up and slayed the demon, making Jace land on top of me. Serena and Izzy helped move Jace off of me and all of us tried to get Jace to move.

"Jace... Oh, my God, Jace." Clary said.

"Jace, get up." I said.

"Is he gonna be all right?" Clary asked.

"I don't know. Does he normally just lay like that without moving?" Magnus replied.

"Get up. Jace." Clary said.

"Jace." I said.

Jace then bolted up, gasped, and started coughing. All of us are relieved that Jace is okay and I hope this never happens again.

"I'm all right. I'm all right. I'm all right. I'm just getting my second wind." Jace gasped.

Clary and I are both coddling Jace and I could tell that Jace wasn't used to it.

"Thank God, you're okay. For a second there, I thought we lost you." Clary said.

"Remind me again, what's the, uh... What's the count on how many times I saved your life?" Jace chuckled.

"I... I think we're even." Clary replied.

"I don't think so." Jace chuckled.

I decided to take a risk and I hugged Jace. Jace seemed taken back but slowly hugged me back. We all went back to the Institute and Jace came to talk to me.

"How are you holding up?" Jace asked me as he knocked on my door.

"I'm doing alright. What about you?" I questioned.

"I'm fine, Scar." Jace replied.

Jace joined me on my bed and we talked for quite a while before Jace left so we could get some sleep. I like talking to Jace and I hope that I get to talk to him more because I really like Jace. I haven't known Jace for very long, but I feel like I've known him my whole life. I wonder what Taylor and Raphael are up to? Even though they kidnapped me, I don't see them as bad people. I hope that they're doing well and that I get to see them soon.


Scarlett's lounging outfit:

Scarlett's outfit:

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