Melancholy Hope (Shadowhunters) (S1)

What if Clary wasn't the only one who had the sight? What if there was another shadowhunter with Jace, Alec, and Isabelle? Meet Serena and Scarlett. Serena is a badass shadowhunter just like her friends. Scarlett is like Clary, except she's also a shadowhunter. What happens when these two worlds collide? Read and find out. I don't own anything except my OCs.


5. Moo Shu to Go

I decided to go check on Clary because I figured that she would want to talk to me. When I got there, I saw Clary throw her necklace on the bed.


“Everything alright?” I asked as I entered her room.


“He spoke to me.” Clary replied.


All I did was hug her because I knew that's exactly what she needed. Jace then entered her room and I knew that this was going to be interesting.


“And he spoke to you?” Jace asked as he looked at the necklace.


“He said my name. He said, 'Your mother for the Cup.'” Clary replied.


“Who said that?” Alec said as he entered the room.


“Valentine.” Jace, Clary, and I replied at the same time.


“He's with our mother.” Clary said.


“And he can speak to you through that necklace? Here, in the Institute?” Alec questioned.


“It's like when I saw Dot.” Clary replied.


“It's a portal shard. That's why your mother made sure you had it.” Jace added.


“All I know is what I saw... Our mother's alive. She's unconscious, but alive.” Clary said while giving me a weak smile.


I returned her smile because I'm just thankful that mom is alive. She may not be my biological mom, but she took me in and raised me as her own, so she's just as much my mom as my biological mom.


“Where are they?” Alec asked.


“I don't know.” Clary stammered.


“But you said you saw them. Were there any identifying characteristics? Equipment, weapons, photographs?” Alec asked.


“I don't remember. It was awful.” Clary replied.


“Alec, lighten up.” Jace said.


It's a good thing he did because I was trying not to blow up.


“I'm trying to get something we can use out of this. Clary, what did you see, exactly?” Alec said to Jace before turning to Clary.


“Valentine has our mother. That's what I saw.” Clary replied.


“Emotions are nothing but a distraction. You're ruled by them. We're taught to control them.” Alec said.


“And how is that working out for ya?” Clary growled.


She just made me proud right there.


“It is my job to protect the Institute. If Valentine can see in, that's a door I have to shut. Now... let me take a look at that thing.” Alec replied before looking over at Jace.


Jace hesitated before handing the necklace over to Alec.


“Now, it's in the proper hands.” Alec said before heading out the door.


“Hey!” Clary and I yelled before following after him.


“Alec... where are you going?” Jace asked as he followed us.


“To put this somewhere safe. Where no one could be tempted to use it.” Alec replied.


“We should use it.” Clary and I scoffed.


“Alec, we should use it to get to Valentine.” Jace tried to convince Alec.


“If I were Valentine, I'd make you think that you could rescue Jocelyn. And then I'd lure Clary to me and leverage her life for the Cup.” Alec said.


Alec then lit 2 runes with his stele and place the necklace in a safe before lighting one of the runes to close the safe.


“I like Jace's idea. We saved Simon and Scarlett from the vampires that way.” Clary said.


“Yeah... vampires. Bored, decadent, self-involved vampires. Valentine is a real threat. He can't be handled by five-and-a-half Shadowhunters.” Alec said.


Did I hear him right? Did he really include me in that count?


“Six.” Clary said.


“Whatever. Leave it there.” Alec said before walking off.


Clary, Jace, and I looked at each other before heading back to our rooms. I got what little sleep I could before getting up, doing my routine, and headed out to find Clary. When I found her, I saw that she was drawing, so I sat next to her and just watched her draw. Before either of us knew it, Serena and Izzy had joined us.


“There you are. Are you okay?” Izzy asked.


“I saw out mom. Then your brother...” Clary said before trailing off.


“I heard. Look, I know my brother can be a real pain in the ass... but he means well.” Izzy said.


“That necklace is very dangerous.” Serena said.


“I'll take the risk on my own.” Clary said.


“The problem is, you're not on your own, Clary. You're part of us now.” Izzy said.


“I just... I wish I knew what to do. All of this, it's so new to me. I just... I'll do anything to save her.” Clary said.


“I get it. You love her.” Serena said.


“More than anything.” Clary said.


“What's your mom like?” Izzy asked.


“She's kind.” Clary started.


“Fun. Uh... the kinda person you always want to be around.” I continued.


“We had friends who used to always want to hang out at our house, just to hang out with her.” Clary finished.


All four of us started laughing and I couldn't help but smile at the memories of Jocelyn.


“She sounds more like a friend than a mom.” Izzy said.


“She was both.” I said.


“She basically sacrificed her life for us, and I'm willing to do the same for her, and I know Scarlett will too.” Clary added.


“Just because you can't have that necklace, doesn't mean you won't see her again.” Serena told us.


“Walk with us. Tell us everything about her.” Izzy said as she extended her hand to Clary, who gladly accepted.


I accepted Serena's hand and I couldn't wait for both of us to tell them more about Jocelyn.


“So, Alec blew right by you and did what he wanted. I'd be angry, too.” Izzy said.


“He took the only way I had to see our mother. Plus, he kept asking what Valentine's room looked like.” Clary said.


“He was interested in Valentine's style?” Serena asked.


“Fascinating...” Izzy scoffed.


“No, he thought I might have seen something that could help us find him.” Clary said.


“And did you?” both Serena and Izzy asked.


“I didn't see anything there, but... I think I might know another way.” Clary said.


All of a sudden, a woman appeared at the door and both Clary and I were confused.


“Serena. Isabelle. Dressed to impress, I see. And you've been playing with the family heirlooms.” the woman spoke as she looked over both Izzy and Serena.


“Hi, I'm Clary Fray.” “I'm Scarlett Fray.” both Clary and I said at the same time.


I decided to us Fray as my last name since Jocelyn basically adopted me. Magnus said my last name was Sageman but I prefer Fray.


“Clary Fairchild. Scarlett Sageman. Both of you look just like your mothers. We know all about both of you in Idris.” the woman said as she looked over me and Clary.


“Idris?” Clary asked confused.


I remember Jocelyn saying something about Idris but I still have no clue on who this woman is.


“The Shadowhunter homeland. If you think the Institute is well-hidden, wait until you see that place.” Serena replied.


“How's Max? We all miss him. Little brother. Cute but clingy. Kinda Simon-ish.” Izzy said as she looked from Clary and I to the woman.


“Robert's picking him up at the Mumbai Institute. Where's Jace? We have a situation that has to be handled now.” the woman said as she passed all four of us.


“Well, that's my mom.” Izzy said.


“Is your mom always like that?” I asked.


“She didn't even hug you.” Clary said.


“Shadowhunters aren't big huggers.” Izzy said.


All five of us watched Jace practice and Serena nudged me because I couldn't help but smile. After Jace was done, Izzy's mom started walking towards him.


“Maryse. Hey. It's great to see you. How's everyone in Idris? Where's, uh... where's Max?” Jace asked as he hugged Izzy's mom.


“No Max. Just mom with her hair on fire.” Izzy answered as all of us joined them.


“I love how Shadowhunters share. A hidden brother, and a secret country, and a private portal.” Clary said as she looked at Jace.


“Mother. Welcome back. We didn't expect you.” Alec said as he walked up to his mother and hugged her.


Clary and I glanced at Izzy and I could tell that, that hurt Izzy.


“You should be prepared, whether you expect me or not.” Maryse said as her and Alec pulled apart.


“I am. We are.” Alec said.


“We'll talk about the Institute later. Right now, we have a bigger problem. The Seelies have stopped communicating with the Clave and won't explain why. My guess is they're still upset we asked them to send scouts to look for Valentine, but no one in their realm will talk.” Maryse told us as she walked around us.


“I have Seelie friends.” Izzy said.


“Yes, I know about your friends. Isabelle, we stay separate from the Downworld for good reasons. The wrong move, the wrong word... Do you think there is such a thing as harmless rebellion? Who knows what offends these creatures? Maybe you told him... them... something they shouldn't know. Maybe you trod on one of their ridiculous customs without knowing it.” Maryse said as she neared Izzy.


“Wait, wait. I don't understand. You're laying all this on Izzy for having a friend in the Downworld?” Jace questioned.


“When someone upsets the natural order, everything falls apart.” Maryse replied.


“Natural order? What are you saying?” Serena asked.


“I can help. I know how to talk to Seelies.” Izzy said.


“She's right. She can visit with Meliorn and see what he knows. I could go with her if you want.” Alec said.


“I'd rather Jace and Serena goes along this time. Alec, you stay with the Fairchild and Sageman girls. I want them under control. They've caused enough trouble already.” Maryse said.


“Maybe that's because I wasn't even a Shadowhunter until a few days ago and Scarlett was thrown into this as well!” Clary exclaimed while defending both of us.


“And what an exciting few days it has been. The Clave counts on us Lightwoods to maintain order here.” Maryse said.


“You don't need to tell me that. If the mission is important to the Clave, I would prefer to be the one who goes with Isabelle.” Alec said.


“You're all so eager to do what you would prefer. It's time to face the truth. Life is not about what you want to do, it's about what must be done. I have given you your assignments, now carry them out. You, you, and you, with me, now.” Maryse said before pointing at Jace, Serena, and Izzy and walking off.


Jace, Serena, and Izzy followed after Maryse and that left me and Clary with Alec.


“Well, that was a window into the weird.” I started.


“What did you do to piss off your mom?” Clary finished while looking at Alec.


“I'd guess, for a start... all the unsanctioned missions on your behalf didn't go over that big with the Clave.” Alec replied before walking away.


*Serena's POV*


I was looking for Jace when I came across him talking to Alec. I decided to eavesdrop on their conversation.


“If you want to follow Mom's orders tonight, that's great. But... please, just do me one favor... Swear to me that you won't take your eyes off of Scarlett. I... I can't believe I even asked you that. You won't let me down.” Jace said before chuckling at the end.


Damn it! I missed most of their conversation, but at least I caught this part. I couldn't help but smirk to myself because this just proves that Jace has feelings for Scarlett. I'm so going to work harder to get them together.


*End of POV*


I sat on a bench in the training room while Clary and I waited on Alec. I figured that Alec could train Clary because I couldn't stand it if I actually hurt her. Alec soon joined us and boy as it fun to watch them spar. I couldn't help the giggle that left my lips once Alec knocked Clary on her ass, but it was sweet of him to help her up. Alec's phone rung and when he walked off to answer it, Clary gave me a look. I got up and followed after her because I knew exactly where she was going. As Clary and I were standing outside the Brooklyn Art Institute, Clary's phone started to ring, and that's when Alec showed up.


“Why did both of you run out? And what's the point of an invisibility rune if you don't silence your phone? That was childish, sneaking out like that...” Alec started to lecture us, but Clary stopped him when she answered her phone.


I didn't pay attention to anything that Clary or Simon said to each other until Clary hung up her phone and Alec decided to say something.


“Mundanes. Look at them. Running around like ants. Let's go.” Alec said.


“Why do you always look so miserable?” Clary asked.


“I don't.” Alec replied.


“You do.” I said.


“It must be hard being in love with Jace and he's straight and everything.” Clary said.


What the hell?


“Excuse me? What?” Alec asked since she just took him off guard.


“What's the big deal? We were there when that memory came out. Busted, no?” Clary chuckled.


“We're parabatai.” Alec said as he emphasized parabatai.


“Alec, just say it, you'll feel better. You're in love with Jace.” Clary said.


“Forget it. You know what? You're in love with Jace.” Alec bit back but he glanced at me when he said the last part.


“Oh, okay? The middle school comeback? Nice.” I laughed.


Alec rolled his eyes but I could tell that he was trying not to give me a smile.


“Alec, we have a real problem to solve, okay? Come with me. Scarlett, you too.” Clary said before walking off.


“This better be quick.” Alec growled.


I just followed after them and wondered what the others were doing.


*Serena's POV*


“Isabelle. I see you brought friends.” Meliorn said as all three of us came to stand in front of him.


“More like a brother and a sister. Jace Wayland. Serena Ravengem.” Izzy said as she introduced us.


“Here to deliver a message?” Meliorn asked.


“Here to ask questions.” I replied.


“So you do want something. Nice to know that some things never change.” Meliorn said as he moved closer to Izzy.


“But the information we want will cost you nothing.” Izzy said.


“Sometimes knowledge is the most precious thing of all. Ask away. We can discuss the price later.” Meliorn said as he continued to flirt with Izzy.


*End of POV*


I kept checking my surroundings because I didn't trust the ally way that we were in. Clary and Simon talked and I only tuned back in when Alec started talking.


“All right, well, we have to be careful. There are eyes all over this place and everybody in the Shadow World's looking for you.” Alec said.


“I mean, I guarantee you, no one's gonna find this shortcut. I used to take it back in middle school to see Clary and Scarlett. You might know the Shadow World, but trust me... I know Brooklyn. Come on.” Simon said before going and climbing a wall, pretty freaking fast by the way.


After we caught up with Simon, Clary talked to him before we got to the door of the loft. I took notice that there were runes all over the place and I think Clary did too. Clary was shocked when she saw them and I couldn't blame her.


“Yo, Clary. Scarlett. What are all these tags?” Simon questioned.


“You can see the runes?” I asked before Alec could.


“Yeah, kind of hard to miss.” Simon replied.


“For a Shadowhunter. They should be invisible to most mundanes. When did you get the sight?” Alec fired back.


“I don't know. But whoever drew these should take some lessons from Clary. Their, uh, work is pretty sloppy.” Simon replied with a chuckle.


I tuned out the rest of the conversation, and only tuned back in when Clary tried to open the door, but couldn't.


“There's only one flaw in your plan here, Simon.” Clary said.


“Here, let me try.” Simon said before he opened the door with ease.


Clary, Alec, and I stared at him in shock, and now I'm wondering what hell happened while we were at the Hotel DuMort.


“After you.” Simon said to both Clary and I.


Both of us entered the loft and then I heard, “Ooh. After me.”


Simon followed after us and when we got to Clary's room, it was torched to a crisp.


“Holy crap, Clary. Who torched your loft?” Simon questioned as he entered Clary's room.


No body said a word because I don't think any of us knew what to say.


“Hey. You okay?” Simon asked as he talked to Clary.


“There's nothing left of me here.” Clary sighed.


“Of course, there isn't. Your mother was trying to erase any trace that you existed.” Alec started.


“So that you couldn't be tracked. She was protecting you.” I finished.


“Let's see how well that worked.” Clary said.


“You're alive, aren't you?” Alec bit back.


“These floorboards.... They sound different in these two spots. Can't you hear it? There's something under here. Another score for Brooklyn.” Simon said as he moved around on two different floorboards before pulling them apart.


“Hey, get out of the way.” Alec said as he moved past Simon.


“You're welcome.” Simon said.


“There's something down here. Is this the box you remember?” Alec asked as he reached into the empty hole in the floor and pulled out a box.


“Yeah. She used to wait till she thought I was asleep and then take it out.” Clary replied.


“Well, let's open it.” I said.


Clary opened the box and all of us were confused on the contents inside.


“I don't know what any of this is.” Clary said.


All of a sudden, something shattered and I was put on guard.


“There's someone here.” I told the others.


“Get what you need. Do not move until we get back. We've been here too long.” Alec said before I followed him out of the loft.


Alec and I split up to cover more ground. I knew that it was probably not a good idea, but I also knew that we could be more useful separated instead of together. As I was looking around, someone grabbed me from behind, dragged me to a car, and threw me in. What they didn't know was that Alec saw us and I gave him a scared look. I may act tough, but I have no idea what's going on and that scares me the most.


*Serena's POV*


“Is it true that your queen has broken off communications with the Clave?” Jace asked.


“You've heard that's the case?” Meliorn asked back.


“Yes. Does it have anything to do with the scouts you sent out after Valentine?” Izzy asked.


“Is there another reason you can think of?” Meliorn asked back.


“Butterflies can mean only one thing...” I started.


“Fair Folk are in mourning.” Jace finished.


“How do you know our customs?” Meliorn asked both of us.


“Apparently, I'm not the only Shadowhunter who enjoys the company of a Fair Folk.” Izzy replied as Jace and I joined her.


I hope Izzy doesn't mean what I think she means. I only know about the Fair Folk customs because I read about them. Now, with Jace, I'm sure he's exactly like Izzy.


“Maybe if more Shadowhunters exhibited such good taste things would be different today.” Meliorn said.


“The scouts are dead.” Jace started.


“That's who you're mourning. Valentine killed them, right?” I finished.


“If you know so much, maybe I should be asking you.” Meliorn replied.


“If that's true, Valentine needs to be stopped. Don't you agree? Why break the Accords now when there's a threat?” Izzy inquired.


“Perhaps the Accords don't provide equal protection for all Shadow Realms. Perhaps all threats don't affect all of us the same way.” Meliorn replied.


“Valentine threatens everyone.” I growled.


“Those who antagonize an enemy stand to lose more.” Meliorn said as he walked back to the butterflies.


“Which is another way of saying you'll side with whoever wins. I promise you, that will be us.” Jace growled.


“I'm sure you believe that.” Meliorn said before walking away.


Jace's phone rung and after he glanced at the screen, I knew he was pissed.


“Damn it, Alec.” Jace growled as he put his phone back in his pocket.


“What?” Izzy and I asked.


“Clary and Scarlett snuck out of the Institute.” Jace growled.


“And yet you're blaming our brother?” Izzy questioned.


“Fascinating.” I sighed.


Izzy and I followed after Jace and met Alec in Clary's room.


“Where are they? Where's Clary and Scarlett?” Izzy asked.


“They're gone.” Alec replied.


“What do mean, gone?” I asked.


“Clary and Simon got arrested when Scarlett and I were securing the fire place, and I guess someone was hidden and grabbed Scarlett.” Alec replied.


“The mundane was here?” Jace asked.


“Simon? He's gone, too?” Izzy asked.


“It was an unmarked car. I don't know where they took them.” Alec replied.


“What did you do, Alec?” Jace growled.


Jace grabbed a piece of Clary's art work and headed out of the room. Izzy grabbed Clary's backpack and followed him. I told Alec that it wasn't his fault before we followed after them.


*End of POV*


I have no idea where the hell we are. Alaric, who works with Luke at the station, and whoever the hell the other guy is aren't telling us anything. Clary keeps asking questions but neither guy is answering us. I hope Jace and the others find us because I have no idea what these guys want or I really don't want to find out.


*Serena's POV*


“Damn it. They're not showing up. We need to parabatai track.” Jace growled before walking over to Alec.


I knew that this could only get worse, but I think that both guys need to calm down before things get said that shouldn't.


“Alec, concentrate.” Jace said.


I could tell that both guys are concentrating, but I also could tell that Jace wasn't having any of it.


“Alec!” Jace growled.


“I'm doing it. They're not showing up.” Alec said before both guys broke apart.


“Just like I thought. They weren't arrested.” Izzy said as her phone chimed.


“It was your job to look after her.” Jace said.


“I did my best, Jace.” Alec said.


“Then maybe your mother was right, and your best just isn't good enough.” Jace growled.


“Jace!” “Hey!” Izzy and I yelled.


“Are you so blinded by your feelings for Scarlett, you've lost sight of us? Clary snuck out and Scarlett followed her. I went after them... to protect them. I did nothing you haven't done a thousand times before.” Alec said.


“Yes, you did. You lost them.” Jace said.


“Enough, both of you.” Izzy said as both of us stepped between the two guys.


I hope that we can figure out where Scarlett, Clary, and Simon are because I don't think Alec and Jace are going to behave until we do.


*End of POV*


Alaric and the other guy led us into this restaurant, and both Clary and Simon were shoved into chairs, while someone held me.


“Okay, what is going on?” I asked.


The guys looked at me before turning back to Clary when she spoke.


“Alaric, did you arrest us for trespassing or something, because, news flash, we were in our own apartment.” Clary said.


“We're just having a little conversation, that's all.” the other guy said.


“Do you handcuff people you wanna talk to? I bet this guy has one of the scariest online profiles ever.” Simon asked the other guy before talking to Clary.


“This guy's funny. I like funny.” the other guy said.


“Look, I know you're scared of Luke. He's trying to find you, I can keep you safe. You just need to tell us where the Mortal Cup is.” Alaric said.


“Everyone thinks that she can find this Cup, but she doesn't know where it is!” I growled before Clary could.


Clary agreed with me and that didn't seem to sit well with Alaric or the other guy.


“Think, Clary. I'm trying to give you a chance.” Alaric said as he looked back at Clary.


“I can't help you. I'm sorry. Now, will you please let us go?” Clary questioned.


“Playtime's over.” the other guy said as he stabbed a fork into the table.


“Theo, just let me talk some sense into them.” Alaric pleaded.


“No, we did it your way. Now, we're gonna try it my way.” Theo said before motioning for someone else to come to the table.


“What? Hey, hey...” Simon asked confused before getting pulled out of his chair.


“Hey, don't touch him!” Clary and I both growled.


“Don't move. Tell us where the Cup is or your funny friend dies and the other Shadowhunter will promptly follow.” Theo said.


“Please, please... Please, don't hurt them, okay? I promise you, I swear to you, I do not know where this Cup is.” Clary said.


“That's too bad. Get rid of them.” Theo said.


“What? Hey, let go of me!” Simon and I exclaimed.


“Simon! Scarlett!” Clary yelled.


“Get your hands of me! Clary!” “Clary!” Simon and I yelled.


“Please, wait, don't hurt them.” Clary begged.


“Clary!” Simon and I yelled.


“No! Please, wait! Simon... Scarlett... no!” Clary yelled as both Simon and I were taken elsewhere.


*Third Person POV*


“Please, tell me Simon and Scarlett are okay.” Clary inquired to Theo as he re-entered the room.


“They're alive... for now.” Theo responded.


“Thank God.” Clary sighed.


“You can thank whoever you want. But if you don't tell us where the Cup is... we're gonna introduce Gretel here to your friends.” Theo said before a wolf walked closer to Clary.


Clary looked absolutely terrified when the wolf walked closer to her, and she knew that she had to do something to protect both Simon and Scarlett.


“She's one of our fiercest warriors. She'll rip him to shreds.” Theo told Clary.


“You're werewolves.” Clary gasped.


“Obviously. And your friends are dog meat if you don't give us the Cup.” Theo said.


“Okay! Okay... You win. I'll tell you where the Cup is, just... Just please, let Simon and Scarlett go.” Clary said.


“I'm listening.” Theo said.


“It's uh... It's in the loft where you found me. There's a loose floorboard in the bedroom. My mom didn't know I knew, but she hid it there.” Clary said.


“Bring me the cup.” Theo told one of the other guys in the room.


He then walked over to Clary and said, “If you're lying... I'm not just gonna kill your friends... I'm gonna make you watch as Gretel rips them to shreds.”


*End of POV*


“Scar. Scar. Wake up.” I heard Simon say.


I fluttered my eyes open and looked around.


“Are you okay?” Simon asked as he helped me up.


“I guess so.” I replied.


Simon and I then started looking around before Simon found a phone.


“Who do we... Wait. Who do we call? Who do we call?” Simon asked.


“You call Jace and the others.” I told him.


“Right... Right...” Simon said before dialing Clary's phone.


*Serena's POV*


“Clary left her phone in her backpack.” Izzy said as she pulled out Clary's phone.


“Hello.” Jace said as he answered the phone.


Oh, I thought I'd never utter these words, but thank God it's you. It's me, Simon.” Simon told Jace.


“Where are you? Where's Scarlett and Clary?” Jace asked.


I don't know and Scarlett's right here with me. I think we're in some Chinese restaurant, I think? This cop Alaric arrested us, but it was a total fake- out. Him and his buddy, they took us...” Simon started.


They took us to their hangout and then they told Clary that they'll kill her if they don't find the Cup.” Scarlett finished.


I could see Jace relax just a bit after he heard Scarlett's voice, but none of us will fully relax until all three of them are safe.


“Tell us what you see.” Jace said.


Uh, we're definitely on pier. There's a ton of water. Uh... We see lockers and... Oh, my... we're in some sort of torture chamber. There's claw marks all over the wall.” Simon said.


“Werewolves.” Izzy and I said at the same time.


“That's possible.” Alec said.


“Okay, Simon, Scarlett, you need to get more specific. Tell us what you see. Help us find you.” Jace said.


There's nothing else that can help.... (I heard rustling in the background and figured that it was Scarlett showing Simon something) Wait, hold on! Hold on.” Simon started.


We're at the Jade Wolf Chinese Restaurant on the pier at Greene St.” Scarlett added.


And they have really inexpensive cocktails. Just hurry, just hurry.” Simon finished.


“You guys need to crate a diversion. Stall them.” Jace said.


How? All we have are clothes and a lighter.” Simon said.


I could just smack him. Does he not realize that he could start a fire?


“Start a fire, Simon.” Jace said.


That never works! Have you even seen an action movie?” Simon asked.


“We're on our way.” Jace said before hanging up.


At least we know where they are, so now it's time to go get our friends.


*End of POV*


Simon pulled the fire alarm and I prayed that the others would get here soon. The smoke was starting to get to me and Simon before someone took the bars off the window.


I'm getting seriously tired of saving your lives.” Izzy said but I could tell that she was joking.


“I am not!” Simon exclaimed.


Izzy helped us out and all of us went to find Clary and the others.


“Clary!” “Simon! Scarlett!” Simon, I, and Clary yelled all together.


Clary hugged both of us and after that, I hugged Serena. Serena hugged me back but then Jace interrupted us.


“I hate to break up this little reunion, but we got a bunch of werewolves trying to kill us so maybe we should get going...” Jace said.


“Wait, wait, the box. My backpack. I think I left it at the loft.” Clary said.


“No, we've got it. I didn't screw up everything. I also have your stele, Scarlett.” Alec said.


I gave Alec a smile which told him that I was happy that he grabbed my stele for me after I dropped it when I was grabbed.


“Let's get out of here, then.” Simon said.


“Wait, Simon! Whatever you do, do not make any fast moves.” Izzy said as she stopped us from moving.


“This can't be good.” I said.


“We're surrounded.” Alec said.


“Everyone. Stay together.” Jace told us.


“Believe me, I'm not going anywhere.” Simon said.


“Everyone, get back, that's the alpha leader.” Jace said.


“Jace, behind!” Clary yelled before another wolf attacked the alpha leader.


I found myself reaching for Jace's hand, and I felt him grip my hand back. I felt a little better after that. I zoned out most of the everything until it was revealed that Luke was the wolf that helped us. Clary, Simon, and I went to help Luke stand.


“Hey... we need to get Clary and Scarlett back to the Institute and stay out of Downworlder business.” Alec said as he stopped Jace from going to the others.


“Why don't you stay out of it? I'm going to help Scarlett and Clary.” Jace said.


“We have to report back to our mother.” Alec said.


“You and Isabelle can do that.” Jace said.


“Luke...” Simon said.


“I'll be fine on my own.” Jace said before coming towards us.


“His wounds are deep.” Clary started.


“Only a warlock's magic can cure an alpha's bite.” Jace finished.


“We have to get him to Magnus.” I told both of them.


“Hey, that's exactly what we're gonna do.” Jace told me.


I nodded my head and all of us headed to Luke's car. I got in the backseat with Clary and Luke and I was trying my hardest to not break. I hope that Magnus can help us because Clary and I can't lose Luke. Not now. Not ever.


Scarlett's outfit:

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