Melancholy Hope (Shadowhunters) (S1)

What if Clary wasn't the only one who had the sight? What if there was another shadowhunter with Jace, Alec, and Isabelle? Meet Serena and Scarlett. Serena is a badass shadowhunter just like her friends. Scarlett is like Clary, except she's also a shadowhunter. What happens when these two worlds collide? Read and find out. I don't own anything except my OCs.


3. Dead Man's Party

The gang and I walked back into the Institute and I couldn't help but worry about Scarlett and Simon. The others aren't too thrilled either, but I could tell that they were going to do everything to get Scarlett and Simon back.


“I still don't understand. How can Shadowhunters be better than.... than what you people call mundanes?” Clary asked.


“Because we protect humans.” Izzy replied.


“You're right. Humans. You protect humans. You left Simon all alone in the van and made Scarlett go off on her own. Great job, guys. You rock.” Clary sighed while going after Izzy.


“There is some truth to the idea that human beings should have a modicum of common sense.” Alec said.


Clary scoffed and that made me want to slap the bitch.


“Alec, not now.” Izzy said.


“Look, they won't do anything to Simon or Scarlett. They just wanted to draw you out. They want the Cup, and they think you have it.” Jace said.


“But why do they think that? Why does anyone think that? What, my mom lies to me my entire life except, “Oh, by the way, there's this magic cup, I hid on, like, the planet Bongo, but don't tell anyone.” What am I supposed to do now?” Clary sighed.


“We have to report to the Clave.” Alec said.


“Great.” I sighed.


I knew that if we told the Clave then this situation could possibly get worse.


“They have to know what we've learned about Valentine.” Alec said.


“What, that he's my father? Great. Fine. Tell them. What good does that do Simon Or Scarlett?” Clary asked.


“Clary. It's all connected. The vamps want the Cup.” Jace replied.


“Why? It makes new Shadowhunters.” Clary said.


“Nobody wants Valentine forming an army loyal to himself.” Alec said.


“Plus, it controls demons.” Izzy added.


“They'll propose a trade. Simon and Scarlett for the Cup.” I said.


“So, the vampires will trade Simon and Scarlett for the Cup and Valentine will trade my mother for the Cup. Either way, I lose someone that I love. What if I just toss it up in the air and let them fight it out among themselves?” Clary said.


“So this doesn't matter to you?” Alec asked.


“Yes, of course, it matters! Listen... when you saved my life... I put my trust in you. Now, I need you to put your trust in me. I can't turn into what you are overnight.” Clary said as she looked at Jace.


I knew right then that she was trying to guilt trip Jace. This bitch is lucky that I care about Scarlett or I wouldn't even be lifting a finger to help her.


“It's true. She was raised as a mundane.” Izzy said.


“What are you, he spokesman now?” Alec asked as he looked at his sister.


“I don't need a spokesman, I need a plan.” Clary replied as we all walked further into the Institute.


*End of POV*


“Hello! Anyone? I'm just an accounting student. I have no value to anyone. And I barely saw your face, so if you let me go. I couldn't even identify you. Not that I would, 'cause you guys are vampires! Who would believe me? I didn't even know you guys existed until yesterday!” Simon said as he pounded on the door of our 'prison' and then walking around the room.


“Would you please clam down?” I asked Simon.


“Calm down? How am I supposed to calm down? Why are you not freaking out?” Simon asked as he turned to look at me.


“Because I know that they won't hurt us. They only wanted to draw Clary out and get her to give up the Cup.” I replied.


I guess Simon didn't like my answer because he went back to the door to get someone's attention and I knew that when he got it, he was probably going to wet his pants.


“Is anyone there? (Simon freaked when a male appeared at the door and then walked in with a female) If your goal was to scare the crap out of us, mission accomplished! And as far as I'm concerned, you can have it out with those Shadowhunters. Especially, the blonde one. (I rolled my eyes at that because Simon wasn't really thinking about both of us, he was only thinking about Clary) You know, you don't need us.” Simon said as he stared at the male vampire.


“On the contrary, I do.” the male vampire said before dragging Simon out of the room.


The female vampire helped me off of the coffin I was sitting on and walked me out of the room. I didn't know where we were going or what's going to happen, but I do know that I can take these vampires out if I need to.


*Serena's POV*


“Uh, look at all this stuff, these screens, I mean, can any of this help me find Simon and Scarlett? Where are they, anyway? Some kind of crypt in Transylvania?” Clary asked.


I rolled my eyes because she really just asked a stupid question. I guess when you're raised as a mundane then you believe anything.


“Actually, no. That was Camille's outfit, right? They're locals.” Jace replied.


“They're at the Hotel DuMort, down in Gansevoort Street.” I said.


“And we came back here? Why? We have to go there. Let's go, now. Come on.” Clary said.


“We need a Clave resolution for that. The five of us declare war on the vamps all by ourselves. And we can't react without considering our options. Downworlders are slaves to their impulses. We're not.” Alec said.


“Alec, you can't just jump on all the Downworlders.” Izzy said.


“Oh, that's right. Seelies have their charms, apparently.” Alec said.


“Right?” Jace chuckled.


“Seelies?” Clary asked confused.


Did this girl not hear anything that Jace told her at the beginning of all this?


“Like faeries. The Fair Folk.” I replied.


“Add pixies, nixies, elves... anybody half-angel, half-demon. It's pretty much a catch-all term.” Jace added.


“Izzy can tell you all about them. She's got a thing.” Alec said.


“We've all got our things, don't we?” Izzy laughed.


“Okay, I can't listen to this. Simon and Scarlett's been kidnapped by vampires. I guess I'll just take care of it myself.” Clary said before heading to the door.


“Clary, you're gonna get yourself killed. Clary. Simon and Scarlett, too.” Jace said which stopped Clary in her tracks.


“Then help me. While we consider other options, my best friend and my sister are suffering. Is that something Shadowhunters understand or am I just being a mundane?” Clary said as she walked back up to us.


This bitch is about to get her ass kicked if she doesn't watch herself.


“Clary's right. They made the first move. We're gonna take care of this ourselves, right now.” Jace said.


Really Jace? What the hell are you thinking?


“This is a bad idea. I...” I started to say but Jace just happened to interrupted me.


“What, have you got a better one? Look, the vamps broke the Accords. They kidnapped a mundie plus another Shadowhunter. That's a big no-no. The Clave will give us a lecture and then they'll be glad we did it.” Jace said.


“Come on. Hard to argue with that.” Izzy said.


“Even if we went ahead, I don't see how we get out of here without having to explain where we're going. We need weapons, and we can't let anyone see us get them.” I said.


“I know where we can get what we need.” Jace said.


I can't believe that Jace is actually agreeing with this girl. Is he trying to get us all killed?


*End of POV*


As we entered another room, the female vampire and I went and sat on the couch and Simon roamed the room, and that in turn made the male vampire mad.


“So how does this end? Do we, uh... do we get out of here or what?” Simon asked.


“The answer to that is above our paygrade.” the male vampire replied.


To say that the male vampire sounds sexy is an understatement. Sorry, but I can't help it.


“Paygrade? They... they pay vampires?” Simon asked.


“Let's just say we invest early and often.” the male vampire replied.


“Ow!” Simon yelped as he knocked into a statue.


I rolled my eyes because Simon is being a complete idiot right now.


“Sit down. Why won't you sit like your friend here? I really hate fidgeting.” the male vampire said.


“I'm just, uh... just looking.” Simon said.


The female vampire and I just sat and listened to this exchange because both of us knew exactly where this was going to go.


“For a way out? Ooh. There isn't one.” the male vampire said.


“I mean, all the, uh... the cool stuff you guys collect. Steal. It's... whatever.” Simon said.


“Leonidas has been trying to peddle that junk for years. Museums make you prove antiquities are legit these days.” the male vampire said.


“Yeah, naturally.” Simon said.


“When they ask where you got it, what do you say? It's not against the law to rob my own grave.” the male vampire said.


Oh, my God.” What the hell?” Simon and I said at the same time when he threw a knife at the male vampire.


“Oh, please. Honestly, I just got this jacket. There's no way out. You're a hostage and so is your friend, who is doing what you should be doing, so accept it.” the male vampire said.


“I'm a hostage? That means you won't kill me, yeah?” Simon asked.


What the hell Simon? Did he forget that both of us were taken?


“Won't kill you? Who said that? Raphael. Taylor. Oh, look. How sweet. You're bleeding. I am looking forward to getting to know you.” another female vampire said as she walked into the room and up to Simon.


This vampire is probably the ring leader. I at least got to know the other two vampire's names. I think I would rather stay with Raphael and Taylor than be with this other female vampire any day. At least I know now that the cute male vampire's name is Raphael. I kinda hope that I get to know him more because he seems like a cool guy.


*Serena's POV*


“Whose grave is it?” Clary asked as we started walking into the cemetery.


Mary Milligan, born January 10th, 1802. Died, January 10th, 1878.” Izzy sighed.


“All right, Alec, let's go.” Jace said.


“Wait, what are we looking for?” Clary asked.


Really? We told her back at the Institute that we need weapons. Does she not pay attention?


“Cache of weapons. Stashed here with Ms. Milligan.” I replied.


“Why are there Shadowhunter weapons in a churchyard?” Clary asked.


“Because all of the ancient religions recognized demons. Or at least they use to.” Jace replied.


“They forgot about the threat because we've been here to protect them. Typical mundane failure of imagination.” Alec added.


“Are you saying that we did too good of a job?” I asked but I was only joking with Alec.


“You just can't let up, can you?” Izzy asked and by her tone, I don't think she was joking.


“Alec, why don't you go check out by the angel? We couldn't gear up at the Institute, but we know our ancestors left a cache around here someplace. We'll find it.” Jace said.


“I always wondered where my dad was buried. I used to wish he was still alive. Be careful what you wish for.” Clary sighed.


“This isn't your fault.” Jace said.


“This is all my fault.” Clary said.


I do feel bad for the girl, but she needs to keep her emotions in check because we can't have anything go wrong on this mission. Izzy's phone then beeped and I knew exactly where she was going.


“Excellent. He's home. I'm outta here.” Izzy said.


“Wait, aren't you coming with us?” Clary asked.


“Oh, I wouldn't miss it for world, but I gotta find out how to get into the vampires' lair.” Izzy replied before walking off.


“Don't do anything I wouldn't do.” Jace called out to Izzy.


I shook my head at that because I knew exactly where Izzy was going and what she was going to do. Alec called out for Jace and he made sure that Clary was alright before going to talk to Alec. I went with him because I didn't really want to stay with Clary.


“Yeah?” Jace asked as we walked up to Alec.


“We're crossing a line into vamp territory.” Alec replied.


“That's the point. Come on, Alec, cheer up. It's going to be fun.” Jace said.


“Damn it, Jace, just... think this through. You don't even like this guy and we barely know Scarlett, even though she's less annoying than the mundane.” Alec said.


I was shocked when Alec said that. I hope that this Alec sticks around because I like him.


“This isn't about the mundane or even Scarlett, this is about Clary.” Jace said.


I had to pop my knuckles because Jace just pissed me off.


“What, are you so desperate to get laid that you'll risk killing us?” Alec asked.


Thank you, Alec!


“Wow, um, there's so much in that that was wrong, I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear it.” Jace said.


Really Jace?


“That's the problem. You're not listening. Not to this or anything else I've said tonight. You don't even know this girl. Why do you trust her?” Alec said.


“Is this about her being Valentine's daughter? Haven't we been through this? Alec, look at me. You can trust her, or not. I don't care. That's not my business. But if you don't trust me...” Jace said.


“Jace! Alec! Serena! I think I found it!” Clary yelled.


Boy was I glad that she did because I'm fixing to beat the crap out of Jace.


“Mary Milligan! Beloved servant? Who wants that on a headstone?” Clary asked as we walked up.


“Someone who is in service to a cause greater than themselves.” I replied.


“At least she is now. Abracadabra.” Jace said.


“Wait, you people actually say that?” Clary asked.


I rolled my eyes and had to stop myself from smacking my forehead. Why did she ask such a stupid question?


“No, Clary, we don't.” Jace replied as we opened the coffin.


I tuned out anything else that was said because I grabbed what I needed and walked off. I can only hope that Scarlett and Simon can hang on a little longer because I have no idea on when we're going to get to them. I smiled at the sight of Alec and Jace talking and I'm really proud of them. I chose to stay with Jace and Clary and I took notice on the way Clary looked at Jace and vice-versa. I hope that this doesn't happen in front of Scarlett or Simon because this could hurt both of them.


*End of POV*


“I hate throwing things. I don't... I literally hate throwing things. Even at my own Bar Mitzvah, I wouldn't throw spitballs at a gray table, I mean... I would never throw things, honest to God! Oh, God. You guys can't say God, right?” Simon said.


I rolled my eyes at him because he's freaking out about throwing a freaking knife at a vampire. If he would've done what he was told then none of this would've happened. I guess Taylor was thinking the same thing because we shared a look before looking back at the others.


“For God's sake, what are you trying to say?” Raphael sighed.


“I didn't... I didn't mean to throw that thing.” Simon replied.


“Of course you did, darling. That's what makes you so amusing.” Camille said.


Just hearing her talk scares me. Maybe she'll focus on Simon since he's more in-tune with Clary.


“I don't find any of this amusing.” Raphael said.


“Me either. I can't say how sorry I am. I can pay to have the whole thing...” Simon said but stopped.


Camille had snapped her fingers and froze Simon in his spot. She then turned to me and now I'm worried.


“You smell divine sweetie. Did either of you realize that she has angel blood? I guess not since she's here.” Camille said.


Taylor and Raphael looked at either other before looking back at Camille. I just sat there because I have no idea what to say or do.


“I'm not sure breaking the Accords was the best idea. If you'll forgive me for saying so.” Raphael said while getting Camille's attention back to him.


“I'll forgive, but I won't agree. You know as well as I do Clary Fairchild will come after both of her dearest friends... All we have to do is take her. Either she has the Cup or we'll make her tell us where it is.” Camille said.


I rolled my eyes because these vampires have no idea that Clary doesn't have the Cup and doesn't remember anything.


“She'll bring those Shadowhunters with her.” Raphael said.


“They won't get past the front door. Even if they do, we've got them vastly outnumbered. Have you ever tasted Shadowhunter blood? It's heavenly.” Camille said.


That right there has me on edge now.


“I wouldn't know. Let's stick to the subject. Isn't this the wrong time to be antagonizing the Clave? They're our best hope if Valentine really does make a comeback.” Raphael said.


“How much longer have I been at this than you?” Camille asked.


“Three, four-hundred...” Raphael started to say.


“You weren't supposed to answer that. Suffice to say, she who controls the Mortal Cup, controls the Shadow World. He's a tasty little morsel. Don't you think.” Camille said.


“Camille, him?” Raphael questioned.


“Remember chocolates? Sometimes the plainest candy shell has the tastiest center.” Camille replied.


“We'll see.” Raphael said before Camille snapped her fingers to unfreeze Simon.


“... so I'd be happy to pay for a whole new jacket.” Simon finished.


Raphael scoffed before walking off. Taylor and I followed not to far behind him and I was glad to be out of the room but I was concerned for Simon.


“He'll be fine. She's not going to do anything drastic to him.” Taylor told me.


I nodded my head and just followed Taylor to wherever she and Raphael were leading me.


*Serena's POV*


I followed Jace and Clary into this biker bar and I couldn't wait to see Clary's face when she realizes that we're in a biker bar on vampire night. Clary and Jace talked about the bar and the people in it and I knew it was only a matter of time before she found out. Jace then told her to look past the layers and into the Shadow World and when she did, I almost laughed at her expression.


“Oh, my God. They're vampires.” Clary said.


Her expression gives me hope that maybe she can handle herself but I won't know for sure until she shows me. Jace told Clary to go talk to this guy and I knew that this was going to be fun.


*End of POV*


“Can I ask either of a question?” I asked both Raphael and Taylor.


Both of them gave me a nod, so I continued.


“Why do you guys listen to Camille if she's only interested in helping herself?” I asked.


“She took us in and showed us the ropes.” Taylor replied.


I nodded my head because I could totally relate to that. I decided not to question any further because I didn't really know what to ask.


*Serena's POV*


I watched as Jace went up to the vampire and Clary and boy the vampire didn't like that at all. Jace and the vampire got into a fight and it was funny but the fun ended and now Jace, Clary, and I are riding bikes to the Hotel DuMort. Before I knew it, all three of us were in the air because the bikes run on demon energy. I actually like this bike and I hope that I can keep it.


*End of POV*


I actually like talking to Taylor and Raphael isn't so bad either. I honestly hope that I get to talk to them some more.


“I smell angel blood.” Taylor said.


I knew exactly who she was talking about and I'm glad that they're here.


*Serena's POV*


We landed on the roof of the hotel and I was happy that we're closer to getting Scarlett and Simon back.


What that vamp did to you back at the bar... it's called encanto. That was kinda just the first step. It's kind of like what a cobra does to a mouse right before it strikes. This will keep you safe just in case you run into Mr. Fascinating again.” Jace said while drawing a rune on Clary.


“Give me your arm.” I said.


“I'm never gonna live that down, am I?” Clary asked.


“Probably not. No.” I replied.


“Ow! What is that?” Clary asked as I drew a rune on her arm.


“This is for silence.” I started.


“The vamps won't hear us coming, but we can't disguise the scent of our blood from them.” Jace finished.


We then started to walk closer to the exist on the roof and I knew that we needed to explain more.


“Once we enter the building through there, they'll know something's up. But if our plan works, we'll have time to find Simon and Scarlett. The mundane world is all into vampires. I don't get it. They see everyone else as an animated sack of meat.” Jace said.


“Yeah, I don't see the romance.” Clary said.


“That's 'cause now you know it's all real.” I said.


“Still, you gotta hand it to them, though. They know how to frame a narrative.” Jace said.


“How will we find Simon and Scarlett?” Clary asked.


They'll be in the most secure room in the building. Trust me, we'll know it when we see it.” Jace replied.


What if they do an encanto on both of them? Will they turn into a vampire?” Clary asked.


“No, you have to drink vampire blood for that. Even then, there's more to it. It's an overly involved process, if you ask me.” I replied.


“But I don't get it. What if a vampire bites them?” Clary asked.


“They won't drain them right away. They like to take their time. Vampires are real gourmets.” Jace replied.


“They'll be terrified.” Clary said.


“Actually, they'll feel kind of high, kind of like they're in love.” I said.


“With the one who bit them?” Clary asked.


“Yeah.” Jace replied.


“That's awful.” Clary said.


“It's awful? Guess we wouldn't know.” Jace said.


“You've never been bitten? You've never been in love.” Clary said as she looked between Jace and myself.


“The point is it wears off. Just like love.” I said.


“What's the deal with you and that guy, anyway? I can see that Scarlett is like your sister. But he seems kinda...” Jace said.


“Be careful.” Clary warned.


“Unworthy of you? How's that?” Jace asked.


I'm so confused by that. Why in the hell is Jace asking all the questions?


“You really think you have it all figured out?” Clary asked.


“I do.” Jace replied.


This is going to be fun...


“You don't even understand friendship.” Clary said.


“Really?” I asked annoyed.


You have a parabatai, right?” Clary asked Jace.


“Alec would die for me.” Jace replied.


“Now you understand me and Simon.” Clary said.


All three of us started heading inside and I can't wait for this to be over with. I want to grab Scarlett and get us back to the Institute. As we got inside, we came across the freaking vampire from earlier, but Clary handled herself pretty well. We started headed to Scarlett and Simon and I was ready to kick some vampire butt.


*End of POV*


“Clary! We're here!” Simon yelled as Taylor, Raphael, and I walked back into the room where he and Camille was.


“I told you, you're a hostage. Accept it!” Raphael growled.


Simon then decided to throw a punch at Raphael and I couldn't believe that he did that.


“Don't move. I know you wanna find out how this story ends.” Raphael laughed as he grabbed Simon and held a knife to his throat.


“Thank you, Raphael. I'll take care of this from here.” Camille said.


“You don't have to bother.” Raphael said.


“No, honestly. I've had it with this thing. Give it to me. I'll finish it off.” Camille said.


“Camille, we have a bigger problem. They're almost here and you can't be caught. You're too valuable. Don't worry, I'll kill it.” Raphael said.


“That's a little excessive, yeah?” Simon asked.


“Shut up.” Raphael growled.


“Take the back passage out through the tunnels. Go!” Taylor told Camille before Camille took off.


Taylor then grabbed my upper arm and I was completely confused.


“Do as I say and everything will be fine.” Taylor told me.


I nodded my head because I would gladly follow orders just to stay alive.


“Now you listen and do exactly as I say... nothing more. They're coming.” Raphael said before Clary, Jace, Serena, Alec, and Izzy came into the room.


“Simon! Scarlett!” Clary yelled.


“Clary! That's not gonna do any good.” Jace said stopping Clary from coming towards us.


“Listen to him, Clary Fairchild. Put it away. I've had enough of your friend for one day. I'd love to cut his throat. Don't give me a reason. Put it away!” Raphael growled.


“Simon. Scarlett. Simon, Scarlett, are you all right?” Clary asked.


“I wouldn't say all right...” Simon replied.


“Stop talking! Now... if you would follow me.” Raphael said as he started to drag Simon out of the room.


Taylor and I followed and I could tell that Raphael wasn't leading us to our deaths, he was trying to get us out.


“Come on, let's go! Up here now! That's right, get down there now! Get down there or I'll kill him right now!” Raphael growled.


“Look, we're not gonna hurt you. We just want Simon and Scarlett.” Clary said.


Taylor and I are just watching the scene unfold because we both know that Raphael isn't going to kill Simon.


“I'm glad you do. We don't! We wanted you.” Raphael said.


“Well, here I am.” Clary said.


“Stop! I said “wanted.” Not my idea. Now, get out! Go!” Raphael said.


“Not without Simon and Scarlett.” Clary said.


“Shut up! Open the door right now or I'll kill him right here.” Raphael growled.


“Listen to him!” Jace and Serena yelled.


“But Simon and Scarlett will die if...” Clary said.


“Clary, go! Go! Go! Go!” Jace yelled.


“Go! Take him! Go!” Raphael said as he pushed Simon toward the group.


Taylor let me go and I was actually sad to be leaving her.


“I don't know how to think you.” Clary said.


“Don't thank me. You mean nothing. This is about Valentine and the chaos he can bring.” Raphael said.


“Come on!” Jace yelled.


“Jace Wayland! Remember who your friends are.” Raphael said before we all got out onto the roof.


“Thank you both and I hope to see you again.” I whispered but I knew they heard me before shutting the roof door.


Clary hugged Simon and myself and I was happy that we were all back together. After hugging Clary, I hugged Serena because I was really happy to see her.


“That didn't hurt you did they?” Serena asked.


“Nope. I stuck with Taylor the whole time and she was pretty cool.” I replied.


Before anything else could be said, Serena and I turned to look at Alec and Jace because Jace had just raised his voice at Alec. I have an idea on why he done it but I'm not 100% sure. We decided to head back to the Institute and boy was I happy to be there.


“Jesus, Jace! You scared me.” I yelped as Jace snuck in on me.


“Sorry Scar, but I couldn't help it.” Jace chuckled.


I joined in on the laughter and it was nice to be back.


“Thank you for saving us.” I said.


“It's no problem Scar and I would gladly do it again.” Jace said.


I gave Jace a smile before turning in. I can't believe everything has been crazy since we've meet Jace and the others, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

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