To each Their own (SOA) (S2)

After Donna's death, things seem to be looking up, right? Wrong! Kaleena is still trying to find her place, but she does know that she wants to be with Jax more than anything. Will she let Tara win? Or will she show what an Old Lady is made of? Read and find out. I don't own anything except my OCs.


2. Small Tears

“Gemma? Layla? Anybody in there?” I heard someone ask.


“Wayne!” Gemma hollered.


I heard footsteps and glanced up to see Unser standing there in utter shock.


“Oh, my God.” Unser gasped.


“Get us out of here.” Gemma said.


The assholes had placed Gemma and I together and to say that either of us were uncomfortable is an understatement. Unser helped both of us out to his car and I could tell that this was going to be an interesting ride.


“How'd you know that we were there?” Gemma asked.


“I heard it over the radio. Recognized the description of the car.” Unser replied.


“Anonymous tip?” I questioned.


“One of you has to tell me something.” Unser replied.


“Where are you going?” Gemma asked.


“St. Thomas. Got to get both of you to the hospital.” Unser replied.


“No hospital.” Gemma said.


“What am I supposed to do here, Gemma?” Unser asked.


“Give me your cell.” Gemma replied.


I had a feeling on who Gemma was calling and I hate that we have to rely on the bitch. I know that Kaleena will have a cow when she finds out.


“What the hell?” Tara asked as she opened the door.


Gemma, Unser, and I walked into Tara's house and Tara fixed up what she could. Gemma had the most cuts, so Tara spent most of her time on her.


“One of you need to tell me what happened so I can help.” Tara said.


“Use your imagination.” Gemma said.


“Maybe we should let them rest for awhile.” Unser said.


“We have to get them to the hospital. I can't treat them in my living room” Tara said.


“Look, we would have to check in. The insurance and shit. Everybody will know.” Gemma said.


“We'll go home, get both of you some clothes, then...” Tara started.


I knew right then that she was thinking about using Abel and I didn't want any involvement.


“Then pick up Abel. We'll sign him in. We'll sat that we're running more tests.” Tara finished.


“You could get fire for that.” Gemma said.


“I'll figure it out.” Tara said.


“I want no involvement with this. I have enough to deal with and I'm not going to be involved when Kaleena finds out.” I spoke up.


Gemma was at a loss for words but she knew that I wouldn't do anything that would hurt Kaleena. I tuned out the rest of the conversation and prayed that we wouldn't have to lie for a long time because I can't lie to Kaleena.


*End of POV*


I woke up to the sound of Abel crying, so I removed myself from Jax's arms and went to check on him.


“It's okay buddy. Mommy's here.” I cooed as I picked Abel up.


Abel seemed to calm down but he was still whining. I went to fix him a bottle and I could tell that, that was what he wanted.


“You were hungry weren't you sweetie.” I cooed as I fed Abel.


After Abel was done, I changed his diaper and started rocking him in the rocking chair. I then realized that I called myself Abel's mom. I decided not to dwell on it and started singing softly to Abel to lull him back to sleep. As I was singing, I glanced up and saw Jax leaning against the doorway. I gave him a smile, which he returned, and placed Abel back in his crib.


“You're really good with him.” Jax whispered in my ear as he came up behind me.


“It just feels natural.” I whispered back.


Jax and I left Abel's room and I couldn't help but wonder if he heard me last night. I let Jax take a shower and I went to fix some breakfast.


“Care to explain what you meant last night?” Jax asked as he stood next to me in the kitchen.


“You'll have to enlighten me.” I replied.


“You said that I had your heart but you didn't know if you had mine.” Jax said.


I knew right then that he did hear me, but now it's time to see what lies ahead.


“It's true Jax. I gave you my whole heart, but I'm not too sure if I have yours. You're so easy to let Tara come around and be alone with Abel, but the minute I say something, you jump to defend her. My guess is, is that she still has some pull over you and I won't put myself through that.” I told Jax.


It took him a few minutes to say something, but I knew that this could go either way and I just have to wait it out.


“I'm sorry if I ever made you feel that way, darlin'. I have no feelings for Tara and I won't ever go back to her. She fucked me over once and I'm not letting myself go through that again. My feelings for you are true and you absolutely have my heart.” Jax said as he stood in front of me.


I didn't really know what to say after that, so I just leaned up and kissed him. Jax kissed me back and when we broke apart, he pulled me close and hugged me tight. I hugged him just as tight. When we pulled apart, Neeta, the nanny for Abel, showed up and I was glad to meet her. Jax then took me home to shower and change.


*Layla's POV*


Gemma, Tara, and I went to St. Thomas after Gemma and Tara picked up Abel. I can't believe that Gemma went along with Tara about bringing Abel but I can't stop Gemma because she's Gemma. Neeta, the nanny for Abel, came with us and I was happy to meet her. She then took Abel while Tara examined Gemma and myself. While Tara was doing her job, I was trying to figure out how in the hell I'm going to lie to Kaleena. She's been through this and knows what to look for, so now I have to figure out a way to lie to her and that's going to be one hell of a try.


*End of POV*


I had just walked out of my room and I could tell that something was wrong just by the look on Jax's face.


“What's wrong?” I asked as I walked up to Jax.


“Gemma and Layla were in an accident and now they're at St. Thomas.” Jax replied.


I didn't know what to say after that because I'm in complete shock. Why didn't I get notified since I'm on Layla's emergency contact list. I guess I'll find out soon because Jax and I are heading there now. Jax and I walked up to the others and I could tell that something was off just by the way that Clay was looking at us.


“How are they?” Jax asked as Tara walked up.


“They're both fine. Just a few bruises.” Tara replied.


I could tell right then that something wasn't right. Tara then went to tell Clay and I knew that this was going to be good.


“What's going on? Are they okay?” Clay asked.


“When they hit the barrier, both of them took a pretty good shot to the face. There is some swelling and I have to run a few more tests, but both of them are going to be fine.” Tara replied.


“But, uh, it's nothing serious? Can we see them?” Clay asked.


I could tell right then that he was trying to involve me since Layla and I are pretty much sisters.


“It's gonna be a little while.” Tara replied.


I could tell right then that Tara was lying her ass off. I'm not stupid and I'm also not buying this accident bullshit. I'm going to get down to the bottom of this before too long.


“Something wrong?” Jax asked as he turned to Clay.


I was standing behind him but had his hand in mine.


“They found that Mayan we visited. He was throwing up nine fingers. Brown's a little pissed at black.” Clay replied.


“I made a decision... for the good of the club.” Jax said.


“You settle that shit on your own?” Clay questioned.


“Spur of the moment, seemed like the right thing. I'm sure you can understand.” Jax replied.


“Feds raided Luann's studio. Asset seizure. Wiped her out.” Clay said and I could tell that he was getting pissed.


“Me and Ope will go deal with Otto.” Jax said.


“Ope goes with Tig. Take Bobby. He can use the fresh air.” Clay said.


“Kaleena and I will handle it.” Jax said before we left.


“Arranged a little entertainment.” Otto said as Jax and I walked up to him.


“Appreciate that. White on white? What's that about? Kaleena, this is Otto. Otto, this is my girl, Kaleena.” Jax asked as we sat down.


“Nice to meet you Otto. Luann speaks very highly of you.” I said.


“Our Aryan friends are getting a little choosy about who they burn crosses with. Something's trickling down from the top of mount whitey. Not sure what. Not why I asked to see you. Nice to meet you as well Kaleena.” Otto replied.


“I know. We heard about Luann. How can we help?” Jax said.


“This punk producer's making a play for her talent. Feds shutting her down, this asshole will hijack all of them.” Otto replied.


I couldn't believe that someone would go after Luann and try to put her out of business.


“We'll talk to him.” Jax said.


“She needs time and money to get up and running in a new space.” Otto said.


“We can get her the time.” Jax said.


“And the money?” Otto asked.


“We're only half healed, Otto. We don't have it.” Jax replied.


“This seizure by the feds, it's Stahl pissing in my mouth for what I did to her. And I did that for SAMCRO.” Otto said.


“I know that.” Jax said.


“I don't want her back in front of the camera, Jax. I told her she'd never have to do that again.” Otto said.


“I won't let that happen. That's a promise.” Jax said.


We talked for a few more minutes before we left. I'm happy that I got to finally meet Otto, but now we have to face Clay, and that's something I really don't want to do.


“Why is it that my gun always ends up here or at your house?” I asked Jax as we walked into his dorm room.


“Because maybe it's trying to tell you something, darlin'.” Jax replied.


I laughed before following him back outside and rode with him to Luann's studio. I just looked around and let the boys talk until Luann said that the guy's name was Georgie Caruso and that he was threatening her girls to join him.


“His name is Georgie?” Juice asked.


I couldn't help but giggle at that because who would name their son Georgie. All of us then headed to Georgie's studio and I rolled my eyes at the guys because they were drooling over the posters.


“You need something?” a huge guy asked as he walked up to us.


“We're here to see Georgie.” Jax replied.


“You got an appointment?” the huge guy asked.


All of us just looked at each other and I could tell that they were getting pissed off.


“Then you don't see him.” the huge guy said after none of us spoke.


“Auditions are out back.” this guy said as he walked into the room.


“Let me guess... Georgie Caruso.” Jax said.


“They were just leaving, Mr. Caruso.” the guy said.


“That's too bad, 'cause this one here's got kind of a Brad Pitt thing going. Only not quite gay. And what about you, sweetheart? You ever thought about getting in on all of fun.” Georgie said as he looked from Jax to me.


I moved closer to Jax because this guy is grossing me out and the only person seeing me naked is Jax and only Jax.


“I'm a friend of Luann Delaney.” Jax said while getting Georgie's attention back to him.


“Is that so? I'm real sorry about what happened.” Georgie said as he tried to stare Jax down.


“You're terrorizing her actors. That stops now.” Jax said.


“I'm helping those girls. Luann is out of business.” Georgie said.


“Luann's not out of business.” I growled because this guy was really starting to piss me off.


“That's not what I heard.” Georgie replied with a smirk.


“Don't make me come back here.” Jax said.


“Bye, Georgie.” Juice said.


We started to leave, but the huge guy decided to start something.


“You got a problem?” the huge guy asked.


“Not now, man. I feel pretty good. Thanks.” Bobby replied after he puked on the guy.


All of us laughed before heading out and I had this feeling that this wasn't over. The guys and I ended up back at the hospital because Georgie sent some guys to rough up Lyla.


“I told you not to stir things up. Look what that asshole did to her.” Luann said as we walked up to Lyla.


“This was Caruso?” Jax asked as he inspected Lyla's nose.


“Who do you think?” Luann asked pissed off.


“Little prick.” Chibs said.


“You guys must have really put the fear of god into him. Tell them what Georgie said.” Luann said as she looked from the guys to Lyla.


“He told me to tell Luann that if the little biker boys show up again, he's going to roll the cameras while he jams his dick up all your asses. He also said that he would take the pretty brunette and turn her into one of his girls.” Lyla told us.


I shuddered at the thought and was grateful when I felt Juice and Chibs place a hand on either of my shoulders.


“We'll see Gemma and Layla later.” Jax said as we started to walk off.


“Jax, don't you do anything!” Luann yelled after Jax and I knew that would set him off even more.


“Who the hell do you think you're talking to?! Get her patched up! Call the rest of your talent, tell them to lock their goddamn doors!” Jax yelled as he stepped up to Luann.


“Sorry.” Luann said as she put her hands up.


I don't know what to think about Jax blowing up like that. I hope that Jax never raises his voice like that at me because then, I would have to knock him down a peg or two. I tuned out the conversation between the guys until Jax tugged on my hand. All of us went back to Georgie's studio and boy was he surprised to see us.


I went with Half-Sack to get Ima out of the room. I felt bad for Ima because she was doing this to protect herself from Georgie. Jax then came to get us and all of us, except Ima, headed to the clubhouse. I was going to wait outside for the guys, but Jax dragged me with him and Clay just shook his head, but he couldn't help but chuckle.


“There's a lot of guys like Georgie out there. Luann can't pay her talent, they'll keep coming... So to speak.” Jax said.


“That's why she wants the 50k. That's not gonna happen.” Clay said.


“Obviously, but we can offer her something else: a partner.” Jax said.


“What are you talking about?” Clay asked.


“The empty gun warehouse we just built. Same size as Caruso films.” Jax said.


“All of a sudden you're Larry Flint?” Clay asked.


“Georgie's just a scumbag with muscle and a lease, right? His staff and talent do all the work. We already have staff and talent: Luann.” Jax said.


“So we're just the scumbags with the lease and muscle?” Bobby asked.


“Why not?” I spoke up.


“We offer her protection, a space, front her a little cash for the shit the feds took, split the profits.” Jax said.


“And I can upgrade her internet shit. There's plenty of room for servers in that space. And that's where the real cash is.” Juice said.


“And I was blessed with an excellent eye for casting.” Chibs said.


I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing because he had this glint in his eyes that told me that he was telling the truth.


“Clubs get into trouble when they take on too much.” Clay said.


“Guns have been downsized. We could use the extra income. It's a legitimate business, Clay. We run it clean, feds think we turned over a new leaf, they go away.” Jax said.


“And the very least, we'll get Bobby laid.” Chibs said.


“Thoughts?” Clay asked.


“Everybody loves pussy.” Chibs said.


“I second that.” Opie said.


“Third it.” Juice said.


“I'm a very big fan of pussy.” Tig said.


“All in favor? Like I gotta ask.” Clay said.


“Pussy!” all the guys yelled.


“All right, looks like we're making movies. We got a delivery to make.” Clay said.


“I'll tell Luann she's got a new partner.” Jax said as we headed out of chapel.


“You okay?” Jax asked as we spooked Luann.


“God! I'm sorry.” Luann said.


“It's okay.” Jax said.


“I didn't mean to be a pain in the ass, Jax. Wait a minute. Don't.” Luann said.


“Relax. You think I brought you here to Adriana you? I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm gonna help you. Your new studio.” Jax said as he turned the lights on.


I couldn't help but giggle because I couldn't believe that Luann thought that Jax was going to kill her.


“New studio? What do you mean?” Luann asked.


“You're not going to be able to compete without protection and investors.” I started.


“We're going to help you get back on your feet.” Jax finished.


“SAMCRO as a partner? What's the split?” Luann asked.


“50-50, and our debt goes away.” Jax replied.


“And if I say no?” Luann questioned.


“It's your only play, darlin'. We both know that.” Jax replied.


“Life was so much easier when I was just sucking dick.” Luann said.


Jax and I just shook our heads, hugged Luann, and headed to the clubhouse. When we walked in, we saw that Bobby had been shot, and that Gemma's face looked like she had the shit beat out of her.


“You okay, bro?” Jax asked as we walked up to Bobby and Tara.


“I'm in good hands.” Bobby replied.


Clay called Jax into chapel, but before he left, he lightly kissed me. I watched as Gemma walked off and followed after her. I noticed she went to the roof, so I went after her to find out the truth.


“Alright Gemma, what the hell actually happened the other night?” I asked as I sat next to her.


Gemma took a breath before she answered me.


“Layla and I were sitting at a stop sign when this girl pulled up and said that her baby was choking. Layla and I got out to help and the next thing I know, we were tied to a fence. Layla and I were both raped.” Gemma replied.


I couldn't believe that those assholes did this to two very strong women. I hugged Gemma tight because I didn't have any words to say. Gemma hugged me back and I knew that we couldn't tell Jax or Clay because this would destroy them both. Gemma and I were talking when Jax joined us. Jax sat between us and held both of us as we just looked over the club.


I have no idea what the hell is going to happen now, but I do hope that everything works out for the best. Zoebelle and his minions better watch out because I'm not just some pretty face. 


Kaleena's outfit:

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