To each Their own (SOA) (S2)

After Donna's death, things seem to be looking up, right? Wrong! Kaleena is still trying to find her place, but she does know that she wants to be with Jax more than anything. Will she let Tara win? Or will she show what an Old Lady is made of? Read and find out. I don't own anything except my OCs.


3. Fix

Jax and I are on our way to a secret location just to spend time together. It's been hell ever since Zoebelle, Weston, and their friends showed up in Charming. I'm glad to be getting away even if it's just for a little while. We finally arrived at the location and it was this beautiful field.


“We need to do this more often.” I sighed as I stretched out on the blanket next to Jax.


Jax just chuckled but I could tell that he agreed with me. Jax decided to start tickling me and while we were laughing, Jax's phone went off. Jax answered it and it was Chibs telling him that we needed to get to Cara Cara because Luann was throwing a fit about Bobby doing her books. I rolled my eyes at that but we went anyway.


As I was waiting for Jax, Ima pulled up and boy was I ready to see what she was going to say.


“Shouldn't you be polishing that bike, sweetie? Jax likes it nice and shiny.” Ima said before heading inside.


Damn, she's lucky she went inside because boy do I want to beat her ass for that comment. Lucky for me that Crystal, Gemma, and Tara, who I'm shocked to see, showed up, and Clay and Tig weren't too far behind them and I'm confused now. All of a sudden, things start escalating between Gemma and Clay, so Tara and I ran in to get Jax.


“He's occupied, honey. You should wait outside like you were told.” Ima said to me.


I went to step towards her but Tara grabbed my wrist. Jax took notice and took us away from Ima.


“Okay, I'm sorry. She's a little out of her mind.” Jax said when he realized that I was pissed off.


“She's not the only one.” Tara said as we headed outside.


When we got outside, things seemed to have gotten worse and Gemma was yelling about Clay hitting her. I took notice that Crystal was putting pieces together and I knew that she would be great help for all of us. Tig, Jax, and Tara stepped in and separated them and I gave Tara and Crystal a nod because they were getting Gemma out of there.


Jax and I went back to the clubhouse, but Jax had to go get Ima. I'm not too happy about that but Jax is only doing it to keep Luann happy. Jax gave me a quick kiss before driving off. I decided just to relax outside while he was gone and just enjoyed listening to the noise going on around me. Jax then returned and I still wasn't happy about Ima being here.


“This bitch is asking for me to kick her ass.” I growled as Ima kissed Jax.


“Hey darlin', do you want to ride with me to talk to Hale?” Jax asked as he walked over to me.


“Sure as long as that slut keeps her hands off of you.” I replied.


“I only have eyes for you darlin' and I'm just making her feel safe.” Jax said.


“I believe that but she needs to learn her place.” I said.


Jax just chuckled before we climbed onto his bike and went to talk to Hale. Once we arrived at the station, Jax decided to be cute.


“Jax, we need to talk to Hale.” I giggled as Jax pulled me to him when we got off his bike.


Jax chuckled before giving me a light kiss.


“What was that for?” I asked after we pulled apart.


“So you know that you're the only one for me darlin'.” Jax replied.


I giggled for how cheesy Jax was being, but I could tell that he was trying to get my mind off of Ima kissing him. It seemed to work because my mood changed as we headed in to talk to Hale. We sat in Hale's office waiting for him and it was funny seeing his face when he saw us.


“You waiting for me?” Hale asked as he shut the door to his office.


“Nords are dealing in town. Found out where Darby's cooker is. Water Road, out by the station.” Jax replied.


“In Charming?” Hale asked.


“Red house. Shouldn't be hard to find.” Jax replied.


“So now you're doing my job, too?” Hale asked.


I growled at that because Hale has no idea what's really going on. If he knew then he wouldn't be acting like an ass, and he would be helping us.


“I'm telling you, we don't nip this now, Nords are gonna flood that mill with crank. I'm not jerking you around, man. I convinced Clay to let you guys handle it. Do it by the book for a change.” Jax replied.


“Okay. Well, I'll take a ride out there.” Hale said.


I rolled my eyes because I don't think that Hale really cares about what Jax has to say. Jax and I went back to the clubhouse and I hung around with Gemma. After talking with Gemma, I decided to go to Jax's room and rest before the wrap party.


“You must really like sleeping here.” I heard Jax chuckle.


“Well, no shit. This is my man's room, so of course, I'm going to crash here.” I laughed back as I looked up at him.


Jax and I headed to the wrap party and Ope hugged me once we reached him. I was happy to see him here and I can't wait for him and Lyla to get together. Layla and Crystal joined us and we were having fun when I saw Tara walk in.


“Is everything alright?” I asked Tara as I walked up to her.


“Yeah. I decided to come see what this was all about.” Tara replied.


I nodded my head and as we headed back to Jax, Ima decided to start shit.


“This is a closed party.” Ima said.


“She's with me and we're going back to Jax.” I said back.


“Honey, he's got all he can handle tonight.” Ima said.


“Yeah, I'm sure he does when his girl returns.” Tara said.


I looked at her funny because she just called me Jax's girl. Tara and I attempted to go around Ima, but she refused to move.


“I said, get out, bitches.” Ima growled.


“That's right. You heard her.” another girl said as she walked up.


“Get out of my face.” Tara growled.


I grabbed her wrist because I don't want her to get into a fight with some stupid bitch. I saw Jax heading our way and I was grateful because I can't hold Tara back because I want to kick Ima's ass. Tara decided to go cool off and I couldn't blame her.


“That's right, you'd better run, you little skank.” Ima called after Tara.


Ima looked back at me and I knew she was going to say something so I beat her to it.


“You might want to reconsider what you say next because I don't mind putting a slut in her place.” I growled.


Layla and Crystal had joined me and I could tell that Ima didn't want to mess with either of them. We walked off and Ima steered clear of us. After a while, I had to pee, so I told the girls that I would be back.


“I wouldn't go in there if I was you.” Ima said as she stopped me from going to the bathroom.


I ignored her and went to head inside, but stopped in my tracks when I saw Jax and Tara fucking. I couldn't believe that Jax would do this to me. I took off out the door and I heard Crystal and Layla calling my name.


“Hold up girl, what's wrong?” Layla asked as we got outside.


“Layla, I can't do this anymore.” I told her.


Layla and Crystal looked at me confused until I explained what I saw. Layla and Crystal took me home and I honestly don't want to be here anymore. I guess we'll know more later because right now, I just want to bawl my eyes out.


Kaleena's outfit:

Kaleena's outfit to the wrap party:

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