To each Their own (SOA) (S2)

After Donna's death, things seem to be looking up, right? Wrong! Kaleena is still trying to find her place, but she does know that she wants to be with Jax more than anything. Will she let Tara win? Or will she show what an Old Lady is made of? Read and find out. I don't own anything except my OCs.


6. Falx Cerebri

All of us watched as the ambulance took Chibs to the hospital and then Tara came over and explained to us what was going to happen once he got there. She also thanked me for helping out, but I just shook my head because all I did was do as I was told. I then walked over to Jax and he just pulled me closer as Hale walked over to us.


“This was Zobelle.” Hale said, well, more like stated.


“Otto, now Chibs. This guy is trying to break us. All of us.” Jax said.


“There's gotta be something we can find on this guy.” Hale said.


“He doesn't make mistakes. I pushed us off retaliation for Otto, but after this, Clay will go at Zobelle full bore. I got a feeling we'll be walking right into a trap.” Jax said.


“Then don't play it out.” Hale said.


“Not the way this works. Someone hurts us like this, we retaliate. Have to.” Jax said.


“That's it? You're gonna run blind off the cliff?” Hale asked.


“Maybe not.” I finally said.


Hale gave me a sad look before turning back to Jax.


“If I can get to Zobelle first, I can protect my club.” Jax said.


“What happens when you find him?” Hale asked.


“You tell me.” Jax replied.


“You asking me to help Sam Crow?” Hale questioned.


“We both know that this guy's got some kind of leverage on you. Think of it as a self-serving favor.” Jax replied.


“I go off the grid and I help you find this guy, you've got to promise me that you will hand him over to me alive.” Hale said.


“What do you do? You can't arrest him?” I asked confused.


“Bring him in as a person of interest, question him up to 24 hours. At least it gives Clay a chance to calm down, maybe you get your crew thinking straight.” Hale replied to me before looking at Jax.


“All right. I get to him first, I give him to you. Do it by the book.” Jax said.


“I'll dig into the cigar shop records, see if I can find a home address.” Hale said.


“Pull Weston's info, too.” I said.


“If they're a dead end, we can always rattle Darby.” Jax said.


“I hope that now you'll be more careful with who you think you can trust. I told you someone could get hurt if you didn't listen to us.” I said before Jax and I walked off.


“Jax.” Mary, Opie's mom, called out to us.


Jax and I stopped so we could find out what she wanted.


“Need some help.” Mary said.


“What's the matter?” Jax asked.


“Don't know what to do. This thing with Chibs... gonna push Ope farther away.” Mary said.


“What are you talking about?” I asked.


“Don't come home much anymore. If he does, he barely speaks to his kids. They have no idea what's happening. I didn't sign up for this. Kids need a mother, a father. Tried talking to Ope. I didn't raise him. We got no history.” Mary replied.


“Talk to Piney about it?” Jax asked.


“He's on his way to the cabin. This will be a four-day bender at least.” Mary replied.


“I don't know how to help Ope.” Jax said.


“Talk to him. Please.” Mary said.


“All right.” Jax said before we headed over to Tara and Gemma.


Tara told us that she was going to the hospital so she can call is if she hears anything. We all agree with before Gemma tells Jax that the others are waiting for him. Jax gives both me and Gemma a kiss before going inside.


“This explosion... those the same people that attacked you and Layla?” Tara asked.


“And if it was?” Gemma asked back.


“Maybe if you told somebody about what happened...” Tara started to say but got interrupted.


“This isn't on me.” Gemma interrupted while getting up.


I followed after Gemma and prayed that Chibs would be alright. The guys came out of chapel and I watched as Opie headed down the hall. Jax nodded his head and I followed after them.


“You living here now?” Jax asked as we stood in the doorway.


“Crashing here once in a while.” Ope replied.


“I talked to your mom.” Jax started.


“She's worried about her grandkids.” I added.


“Said they never see their dad anymore.” Jax finished.


“It's not your worry.” Ope said while looking at both of us.


“Problem of my brother's is a problem of mine, right?” Jax asked.


“I don't have a problem. My kids are fine.” Ope replied.


“Okay, look, man, I think it's all good you getting deeper in the club, but you're obviously still dealing with some shit. Donna's death has got to be a nightmare...” Jax said.


He knows what I'm going through because he is the only reason why I'm getting any sleep.


“How do you know what I'm dealing with?” Ope asked and I decided enough was enough.


“I know what the hell you're going through. I was there that night and it haunts me. I also know what your kids are going through because I just recently lost my father.” I growled.


Both Jax and Ope looked at me in shock before Ope turned the conversation back to Jax.


“You got to figure out your own shit, brother.” Ope said to Jax.


“I know what I'm doing.” Jax said.


“You got things you want to change. I get it. But this beef with Clay, it's not about what's best for Sam Crow, it's about you... pushing to be king. It's not your time yet, man. This is Clay's club. You got to back down, get in line. Before someone gets hurt.” Ope said before pushing past both of us.


Jax went to comfort me but I knew that, that's not what needed to be done now.


“Jax, we need to tell Ope the truth before something else happens. Those kids deserve better than that.” I said before walking out.


Jax sighed before following after me. We went home and the next morning we were sitting on the roof until this guy just walked onto the lot. Jax took off and I waited until the guy left before I came down.


Jax told me that we were going to see Chibs, but I knew better and couldn't help but laugh as we pulled up to Darby's garage.


I let Hale and Jax talk and couldn't help but roll my eyes when Opie parked his bike and headed our way. I ignored anything that was said until Ope said something about riding back together.


“What was that all about?” Hale asked as he rejoined us.


“It's about shit being upside down. Call me with Weston's address.” Jax replied.


“Where you going?” Hale asked.


“Lose my best friend.” Jax replied.


When we approached his bike, Jax whispered, “Make sure to hang on tight.”


I nodded my head and clung to Jax as we took off. Jax wasn't kidding when he said to hand on tight but it was fun. We arrived at Weston's and I followed after Jax and Hale. Jax tried to get me to stay back but relented when he realized I wasn't backing down.


Jax and I entered the house from the back and ended up getting shot at by one of Weston's kids.


“Jesus Christ. We're not going to hurt you. We're just looking for your dad. We're friends of his.” Jax said to the kid.


“Let me see the ink!” the kid yelled.


“What?” I asked.


“Your tats. Prove it!” the kid yelled.


“Let's just put the guns down, okay?” Jax asked.


Jax and I put our guns down and the kid did as well.


“I got all kinds of ink.” Jax said as we stood in front of the kid.


Before we knew it, the house was being shot up, so Jax and I dove to cover the kid.


“It's a kid!” Jax yelled as he shielded both me and the kid.


“Hold your fire!” Hale and Bobby yelled as they stood outside the room.


Jax and I removed ourselves from the kid slowly and I wasn't expecting what was fixing to happen.


“Liar!” the kid yelled while pointing his gun at my chest.


I held my breath as the kid pulled the trigger. The gun was empty and I released my breathe when Jax took the gun and shoved the kid on the bed.


“Where's your dad, shithead?” Jax asked as he helped me up.


“I ain't telling you shit, race traitor!” the kid yelled before spitting on Jax.


Bad move kid. Bad move.


“Call child service. Have this little psychopath committed.” Jax said as he led me outside.


“I guess you're running with Hale now.” Ope said.


“Just working things from my end. Same goal.” Jax said.


“What's that?” Ope asked.


“Keep the boss happy.” Jax replied.


Jax and I met up with Hale to question Darby and he told us that he was given a heads up about shit going down and he was getting out of town for a while. I believe him because why would he run if he actually did something.


Darby also told Hale about Zobelle's daughter and that's when I pieced everything together. Zobelle pimped out his daughter just to hurt SAMCRO.


*Layla's POV*


I was on my usual run when I noticed Gemma teaching Tara how to shoot a gun. I'm glad that Tara wants to learn how to protect herself and it'll help Kaleena out when shit hits the fan.


Ima pulled up and boy was it funny watching her run from Tara when she pointed the gun at her. Gemma decided to shoot at Ima's car and it was the funniest thing ever. Tara followed after and I couldn't help but laugh.


The bitch deserved it though and I'm glad that she got what she deserved, well, for now anyway.


*End of POV*


Jax and I were watching Hale escort Polly, Zobelle's daughter, out of the cigar shop and I took notice that something was off. Polly smirked before getting in the patrol car, but I was the only one to catch it. I hope she didn't just sends us into a trap.


Jax and I pulled onto the lot and talked to Tara for a few. Jax mentioned the shooting at Cara Cara and I couldn't help but laugh when Tara gave us a grin.


Jax went to working on a bike and I just sat there and watched. We noticed the guys heading towards the van and Jax asked, “What's going on?”


They think they know where Zobelle is. Christian Center, Morada.” Bobby replied as he got in the van.


We watched as they drove off and both of us knew that this wasn't good.


“Shit.” Jax said before giving me a quick kiss and going after them.


I decided to go for a run and ended up at the station when Gemma hollered for me. I could tell she was pissed and that only made both Hale and Unser sweat when both of us walked in. Unser took Gemma down to the holding cells while I stayed with Hale.


“Look, I know we've had a rocky start, but I'm only trying to do what's best for Charming.” Hale said.


“I understand that more than you know.” I said.


“I'm not really good at this but I'm sorry for anything I've said up to this point. I can admit that I was wrong for calling you a whore the day we met, but I had good reason to watch your house. Even though I thought you were a whore, I knew that you didn't deserve to get hurt.” Hale said.


“I accept your apology. I'm just glad that you finally came to your senses before someone else ended up dead. Now that shit is going down with Zobelle, we can work together.” I said.


Hale gave me a small smile, which I returned, before Gemma came back and took me to Jax's house. I saw Tara's car in the driveway and was happy that I wouldn't be alone.


“Honey I'm home.” I called as I entered the house.


“In here dear.” Tara replied.


I couldn't help but giggle because Tara and I are actually getting alone. I went into Abel's room and curled up on the couch while Tara sat in the rocking chair, reading.


I hope the guys are alright and everything went smoothly.


Kaleena's outfit:

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