To each Their own (SOA) (S2)

After Donna's death, things seem to be looking up, right? Wrong! Kaleena is still trying to find her place, but she does know that she wants to be with Jax more than anything. Will she let Tara win? Or will she show what an Old Lady is made of? Read and find out. I don't own anything except my OCs.


4. Eureka

I pulled up to Jax's house and I was glad that I had Layla and Crystal with me because I don't think that I would be strong enough to do what I'm about to do. Layla and Crystal thought that it would be best if I got all of my things from Jax's and stayed away from him from awhile until I gathered all my thoughts and Jax figured out what he wanted. We walked inside and none of us were surprised that Tara was here.


“Where did you go last night?” Jax asked as he tried to step to me.


“We took her home after she saw you fucking that slut.” Layla replied with a growl.


Jax didn't know what to say after that and I could tell that Tara didn't either.


“You guys didn't think that I knew about that huh? Well, I do and this is it, Jax. You have to choose; me or her. I'm not doing this anymore.” I said while trying to keep my voice from breaking.


Jax just stood there, so Layla and Crystal followed me and helped me gather my stuff.


“Are you sure about this darlin'?” Jax asked as the girls and I got ready to walk out the door.


“100% sure. I gave you my heart Jax and this is how you chose to handle it. You have to choose between us. Until then, this is for the best.” I replied before walking off.


Layla is driving my car because I can't at the moment. We dropped my stuff off at my house and I knew I had to get myself together before going to TM to help Gemma. Gemma can't see me like this because I know that she'll ask questions and I don't want to send her after Jax, even though I should.


“Everything okay baby?” Gemma asked once I stepped into the office.


“Everything's fine Gemma. How are you?” I questioned.


“I'm fine baby.” Gemma replied.


I didn't push her because I knew that she didn't want to talk about it and I know that feeling so she can talk to me when she's ready.


“Hey Kaleena, I need you to ride with us.” Clay said as he walked up to me and Gemma.


I nodded my head because I'm in shock that he even said anything. I hugged Gemma and headed to the guys. I was happy to see Opie and I went to hug him. Opie hugged me and I was glad that he did that because it made me feel like he was slowly coming back to his senses.


“I guess you're going with us.” Jax stated.


“You know it.” I said back.


Jax chuckled and my heart swelled because I love that sound.


“After this run, we need to talk.” Jax said as I climbed on behind him.


“I know.” I said back.


All of us then took off and I knew that this run was going to be interesting.


*Layla's POV*


I stuck with Gemma because I knew exactly what she was going through and I know that the assholes are going to try to come at us but we're stronger than what they think. Gemma ended up opening a piece of mail and I almost puked when I saw the mask those assholes wore in the envelope. Gemma decided to go see what she can find out and I went with her because I know Gemma and she'll do something stupid. Gemma and I went to head inside the shop but stopped and Gemma decided to head back to the car.


“Breathe Gemma. Breathe.” I said as we sat in the car.


We ended up running into Weston and both of us took off. I knew this was bothering Gemma more because he was the last one to touch her. Some woman decided to honk at us and I knew Gemma was fixing to blow. I wasn't shocked when Gemma pulled a gun on the woman and it was funny to see her take off. I don't know what I'm going to do with this woman, but I know that I'm not leaving her side and I'm going to help her with this and hopefully we can get through this without losing someone.


*End of POV*


We ended up having to take Tig to the hospital and I could tell that something was about to go wrong. I stayed outside because I'm not a huge fan of hospitals since I spent so much time there with Abel. We ended up leaving Tig at the hospital with Bobby and the prospect and I knew that something wasn't right. We ended up pulling over at a gas station because Clay got a call about Tig.


“This can't be good.” I told Jax as I was pretty much sitting in his lap.


“I agree darlin'.” Jax agreed.


Clay then came over to us and told us what happened and I knew this was going to be an interesting conversation. Jax tried to talk Clay into going after Tig, but Clay was dead set on doing the run.


“Jesus Christ.” I sighed as Clay tipped his bike over.


Jax and Chibs picked up Clay's bike while Opie went to talk to Clay. I just sat on Jax's bike and watched everything unfold. Everything seemed to be going great until Jax and Clay got into it and started shoving each other. Bobby, who had finally joined us, and I separated the both of them and I made sure to stick close to Jax because I knew that I could calm him down if need be.


I joined Piney in the tow truck as we went to go save Tig. We stunned the bounty hunters, saved Tig, and went back to the gas station. I could tell that there was tension between Jax and Opie and I'm not sure exactly why.


*Layla's POV*


I rode with Gemma as she followed after Weston. I could tell that she wanted to do something but I'm not exactly sure on what.


“Are you sure this is a good idea, Gem?” I asked after we finally came to a stop.


Gemma didn't answer me, but grabbed her gun and got out. I watched her every move and was shocked when she didn't shoot Weston. I didn't question her when she got back in because I didn't know what to say.


*End of POV*


“You think I got a death wish? Sounds like some crazy shit, brother. No comment?” Opie questioned Jax.


I stood next to Jax and waited to see what was going to happen because I have no clue on how this is going to go.


“Just a little cautious, I guess. Not sure what I say ain't going to land in Clay's ear.” Jax replied.


“What the hell does that mean?” Opie growled.


“You tell me, bro.” Jax replied.


“Don't drag me into whatever bullshit you got going on with step-daddy, alright.” Opie growled.


I wanted to slap the hell out of Ope for that comment and I could tell Jax was getting madder by the second.


“Calm down because you can't drive when you're mad.” I whispered to Jax.


Jax pulled me onto his bike but I could tell that he was trying to calm down because he did something that I wasn't expecting, he gripped my hand. We finally made it to the drop site and I was glad to get rid of these damn guns. I know that there is something seriously wrong between Jax and Clay and I believe it has to do with Donna. Jax and I know that Clay had Donna killed and until the truth comes out, things are only going to get worse.


I still don't understand why the SONS throw a party every time they do something. I guess it helps people unwind but I think it just helps the guys get laid. I notice that Jax has walked away from the party and chase after him. Jax slings his arm around me and I can't help but laugh. Even though I should be trying to keep my distance, I can't help but stick close to him after all of this. Jax and I end up sitting on his bike before Clay joins us and ruins the mood.


“I didn't know what the old man was up to til we were crashing through.” Jax said.


“I don't give a shit about today. Where does this go tomorrow? Next week?” Clay asked.


“Where does what go?” Jax questioned.


“Your need to undermine my every goddamn play.” Clay growled.


“I got no need to undermine you. The things I call out are about the club.” Jax said.


“About you and me.” Clay probed.


“Yeah, maybe they are. Guess I got to get right with you. What you did.” Jax said.


“Yeah, you do.” Clay said before taking a drink.


Well, you got decades of experience. Why don't you tell me how I do that? How I get right with you trying to kill a brother behind the club's back. Your little trigger boy blowing an innocent woman's head off and almost killing another innocent woman.” Jax growled.


I could tell that he was asking the right questions, but I don't think this is the right moment for any of this to be going down. Clay took a moment before he said a word, and I wasn't expecting what he was going to say.


“You're going to have to figure that out for yourself, son. But... I'd do it soon. 'Cause if you mention Donna or the incident again... I'll kill you.” Clay said before walking off.


I gripped Jax's cut because now, I'm scared out of my mind.


“He's not going to hurt you.” Jax told me.


“I'm not worried about me. I'm worried about you.” I said back.


“I'm going to be fine darlin'.” Jax chuckled.


I just shook my head because I know Jax isn't going to back down from anything. I laid my head on Jax's shoulder and just enjoyed his company. I knew that when we got back to Charming, we would have to talk things out. I have no idea on how I want this to go but I hope we can figure this out because if I'm honest, I don't want to lose Jax. I guess I'll know soon enough.


Kaleena's outfit:

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