To each Their own (SOA) (S2)

After Donna's death, things seem to be looking up, right? Wrong! Kaleena is still trying to find her place, but she does know that she wants to be with Jax more than anything. Will she let Tara win? Or will she show what an Old Lady is made of? Read and find out. I don't own anything except my OCs.


1. Albification

Everything seems to be different ever since Donna's funeral. Jax and I are still going strong and Tara is still trying to win Jax over. I don't understand why the bitch won't just give up because it's obvious that Jax doesn't want her. My friendship with Wendy is getting stronger and she helps me with Abel when Jax is out late. Today Gemma and I are taking Abel for his usual check-ups, and I already know that there is going to be tension because Tara and I don't like each other.


*Layla's POV*


I was out walking trying to clear my head when I saw Hale pissed off. I decided to reach out and find out what's going on.


“Everything alright, Hale?” I questioned as I walked up to him.


Hale took a few minutes to calm himself down before he told me what had just happened. He told me that neo-Nazis were in town and wanting to help get rid of the SONS. He also said that he didn't know why he was telling me this, but I told him that it was because his heart is in the right place and he knows that these guys are bad news. Hale seemed to feel better after our talk and maybe now he'll be nicer to Kaleena and the guys.


*End of POV*


“He's perfect.” Tara told Gemma and I about Abel.


“The echoes?” Gemma asked.


“Clean. CBC, CMP's were all normal. His weight needs to come up a little bit, but other than that...” Tara said.


“But he's still real fussy with the feedings.” I told Tara before Gemma could.


“Could be the lactose. We can try soy base.” Tara told us.


“I don't want to turn him into a little vegan pussy.” Gemma said.


“He can drink it in his wife-beater onesie.” Tara said.


“Oh, Dr. Funny. How's his sleep apnea?” Gemma said to Tara before turning to me.


“He sleeps fine when I'm there.” I replied.


Gemma gave me a huge smile, but I could tell that Tara didn't like that. Tara needs to grow the fuck up and get over it. She made her bed and now she has to lie in it. Gemma and I headed outside and ended up coming across Unser.


“Wade?” Gemma asked as we walked up to him.


“Gemma. Kaleena. The little guy doing okay?” Unser replied.


“Yeah.” I said.


“Got to beef him up a little.” Gemma added.


Unser just chuckled and that made me smile.


“How about you?” Gemma questioned.


“Right as rain. This is just a follow-up.” Unser replied.


“Where are you at with it?” Gemma asked.


I'm glad that she's asking all the questions because I have no idea what to ask, and I'm also occupied with Abel.


“The BCG's are keeping it contained to my bladder.” Unser replied.


“Guess that's good.” Gemma said.


“Yeah.” was all Unser said.


“You waiting on Della?” Gemma asked.


“She ain't a fan of hospitals. Hale's picking me up.” Hale replied.


“We'll wait with ya.” Gemma said before we sat down.


I was glad to put Abel's carrier down. I rocked Abel and listened to Gemma and Unser talk.


“I'm glad he's doing good. I think Jax is going to make a real good daddy.” Unser told us.


“I'll make sure of that.” Gemma said.


I just laughed because I knew it was true.


“No doubt.” Unser laughed.


“It's for my heart condition.” Gemma told Unser as she pulled out what looked like a blunt.


“Miracle drug.” Unser said.


I'm glad that we ran into him because my day is going better. After talking with Unser, Gemma dropped me off at TM because she knew that I wanted to see Opie. Opie swung me around the second I reached him and I couldn't help but laugh. Opie and I then walk into the clubhouse and I wait in the club while the guys have chapel. I don't know how long I was playing on my phone, but before I knew it, the guys were coming out and I went in to talk to Jax.


“Jax, please be careful. I don't want to get the call saying that your body was found.” I told Jax as I looked at him.


“You won't get that call darlin'.” Jax said as he came up to me.


“With the way, this is going, how can you be so sure?” I asked.


“ 'Cause Clay isn't going to shoot me because he knows that you and my mom would come for blood.” Jax replied.


“That's the damn truth.” I said.


“Plus the truth will kill Ope, so that's why we need to keep this between us.” Jax said as he grabbed my hands.


“You ain't gotta worry about me. I love Ope and I'm not killing him.” I said.


Jax chuckled before pulling me to him. I hugged Jax tight before we went out to find the guy who “shot” Donna. Jax and Ope chuckled when I got in the backseat of the truck that they were in. I just stuck my tongue out at them and told them to shut up.


“I got you later darlin', remember that.” Jax said.


“Funny because I'm gonna stay with Ope because he'll protect me, right Ope?” I asked.


“You know it, Kaleena.” Opie replied with a laugh.


Jax just glared at us but then chuckled because he knew that he couldn't stay mad at us for long. As we went after the guy that “killed” Donna, I couldn't shake the feeling of regret. I want to tell Ope so bad about Donna, but I know that I can't because if I do, then shit will hit the fan. I was pulled from my thoughts when Jax almost kicked me while he's trying to get out of the back window.


“Now we're even!” I yelled out the window to Jax after I smacked his ass.


Jax just smirks at me before turning his attention back to the guy they are after. I then follow Jax and run after the guy, only to shoot my gun because he starts shooting at us. I continued to follow Jax and Ope until we finally caught the guy.


*Layla's POV*


I decided to go hang at the clubhouse and I'm glad I did because Gemma and Clay decided to go do their thing. I hung out with Abel and boy this little boy is going to be the death of us because he's too damn cute. I'm glad that he's doing well and I can't wait for Kaleena to start having her own. I know that seems to be rushing things but her and Jax are perfect for each other and I know that their babies would be so damn adorable.


*End of POV*


I went with the guys as they went to kill the guy, but Jax and I can tell that Ope is hesitating, so Jax takes Ope to talk to him. Ope then says that he has to do it his way and that if it was me with my head blown off then he would do the guy in finger by finger. I shuddered at the thought and prayed for the person that ever killed me. I watched as Opie killed the guy then carved SOA into his stomach. Jax tells the others to go be there when Bobby gets home, and I just stand there.


“You need to go with them darlin'.” Jax told me.


“Funny. I'm helping you.” I said back.


“I've got this covered. Please go with them, Kaleena.” Jax said.


“Are we going to keep doing this? I'm helping you and that's final. I'm not Tara and I'm not going to abandon you.” I said.


I was sick and tired of Jax treating me like I'm Tara. I'm not going to leave him because I love him too damn much. Jax sighed before nodding his head. I helped him get the body in the truck before we took off to wherever the hell we were dropping off the body.


*Layla's POV*


I showed up at the club and noticed that the party was in full swing. Crystal waved at me so I went to join her. Crystal and I were having fun when Zoebelle decided to show up. All of the people decided to go see what the hell Zoebelle wanted and Crystal and I stood between Hap and Juice and I could tell that something was off. Everybody watched as Zoebelle and Weston left and I let out a breath that I didn't know that I was holding.


*End of POV*


I followed Jax as he fixed the guy up against the fence.


“That stands for Niners, right?” I asked as Jax fixed the guy to be holding up nine fingers.


“You're catching on darlin'.” Jax replied.


I lightly shoved Jax before we headed on home.


*Layla's POV*


After the incident with Zoebelle, everybody went back to having fun until ATF pulled up with Bobby. Everybody started hugging Bobby the second he got out of the car and I laughed as he made his way towards us. Crystal and I hugged him tight before Crystal took me to go see Abel.


“Did Jax know you guys were coming?” Tara asked as she opened Jax's door.


“As a matter of fact, Kaleena told us that we could come see Abel. Do either of them know that you're here?” I fired back.


“Gemma said that it was alright for now.” Tara replied.


Why in the hell is this bitch alone in Jax's house?!? I can't wait for Kaleena to finally beat her ass. Crystal and I went to visit with Abel and it was really awkward because Tara watched us like a hawk. We left after a few minutes and both of us agreed that Kaleena will kick Tara's ass the first chance she gets after tonight. We headed back to the clubhouse, only for me to leave with Gemma for God knows what now.


*End of POV*


Jax and I arrived at the clubhouse and I couldn't wait to see Bobby. Bobby hugged both of us and then we let him get back to whatever the hell he was doing. I leaned against Jax as he lit a cigarette and was just enjoying the party going on around me. I don't know what I would do without Jax but my gut tells me that there is a war coming.


*Layla's POV*


“Is Kaleena on the pill?” Gemma asked me.


“As far as I know of she is. Why in the hell would you ask?” I asked back.


Gemma didn't answer but her silence gave me my answer.


“She's not using Jax, Gemma. She loves him to death. If you want someone to worry about, you need to worry about Tara. I'm still trying to figure out why you told her she could watch Abel, alone in Jax's house. Do you want Kaleena to kill her?” I questioned.


Gemma was about to say something but this woman ran up to us and told us that her child was choking. Gemma and I went to help and the next thing I know, someone is knocking us out cold.


*End of POV*


Jax and I headed home and I was shocked to see Tara waiting for us. We greeted her before Jax went to take a shower. I decided that at that moment, I would put my foot down.


“Look, I don't know what the hell you're trying to do, but you need to back off of Jax. He's mine and no bitch is going to take him from me.” I growled.


“If you're standing here right now telling me this, then you must be worried. You know that Jax and I have a connection that you and him will never have.” Tara said.


“What connection? You running away like a bitch. I know what you did to him and I know that you won't ever hurt him again. If you know what's good for you then you'll take your slutty ass out of this house and leave us the hell alone.” I growled.


Tara stood there for a moment before leaving. I took deep breaths before going to pick up Jax's clothes. After I picked them up, I noticed that there was a bra stuffed in Jax's pocket. I pulled it out and couldn't help but giggle because the bra was actually cute. Jax steps out of the shower, looks over at me, and starts to chuckle because I'm actually admiring the bra.


“I'm asking this croweater where the hell she got this because now I want one.” I told Jax.


“It would look sexy on you.” Jax replied.


I laughed at that because I still can't believe that we're talking about a croweaters bra, but hey, it is a nice bra.


“I hate to do this, but I don't like that Tara was here alone.” I told Jax.


I knew that this conversation could go either way, but it needed to happen because I was not letting this bitch get to him.


“Kaleena, she was only here to watch the kid. She must have come relieved my mom, so she could be at the party. Nothing is going to happen between me and Tara. I only want you.” Jax said.


I didn't know what to say because I couldn't believe that he just defended Tara without a second thought. Has Tara gotten a bigger hold on him that I didn't know about? I guess I took too long to answer because Jax then said, “I'm going to bed.” and then walked off.


That upsets me even more. Why is he so willing to let her back into his life? Maybe he does still have feelings for her. I just know that my heart wants Jax and I'm not losing him that quickly. I'll kill anyone who tries to get between Jax and I.


*Layla's POV*


When Gemma and I finally came to, we noticed that we were chained to a chain-linked fence. Gemma and I glanced at each other to make sure that the other was alright before trying to break free. I guess we made some noise because three guys started heading our way. They didn't say a word, but Gemma being Gemma pissed them off, so they started to pull down her pants.


“What the hell do you think you're doing?!” I yelled.


One of the guys then walked over to me and started pulling my pants down. Both Gemma and I put up a fight because we weren't going to let anyone man handle us.


*End of POV*


I walked to Jax's room and sighed at the sight of him. He may be a badass biker, but when he's home, he's just plain old Jax. He looks so damn cute when he's sleeping. I crawled into bed with Jax and wrapped my arm around him from behind, and couldn't help but giggle as Jax pulled me closer to him.


“I'm not sure what to do here, but you have my heart, Jax Teller, and I hope that I have yours.” I whispered before cuddling into Jax.


*Layla's POV*


Gemma and I were raped by two of the guys that took us, but for some reason, the leader didn't want to touch me. I feel no fucking nasty right now and I can only imagine what's going through Gemma's head right now. The leader then told Gemma to pass a message on to Clay and then he proceeded to rape Gemma. I tried to turn my head, but the two guys left took me off the fence and made me watch the leader rape Gemma. I hope that when Clay and the others find out, that they kill these motherfuckers for ever touching us. 


Kaleena's outfit:​

Kaleena's pajamas:​

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