Werewolf Lodge 2 A novel

Roa, a half elf-half werewolf, struggles to believe that her life is back to normal after her attack. When she meets other creatures of the night, she seeks refuge at Werewolf Lodge...a place where darkness dwells.

The sequel to Werewolf Lodge.


2. Willow


Willow glanced at the crossbow. She was thinking that Roa would be dead. Or alive. The Red Magician was evil; the way he forced confessions out of people was legendary. Werewolf Lodge was a safe haven for anyone who needed shelter; Willow drank some ale, as she yawned. Suddenly the front door opened. Roa and Sylvie arrived. "Sorry we're late", Roa said. Lady Montague walked towards her. "What happened, Roa?", she asked her. "We had a meeting with the elven King and Queen. I am free to walk to and from Werewolf Lodge to the Silver Woods at will; I will change once there's a full moon", Roa answered her. Lady Montague walked to Lord Greystone. "Let's rest by the fireplace", she said. And the Lord bowed, and they sat down on two grey seats together.


The front door banged three times.

Willow walked to it, and opened it. 

A boy shook his head. 

He wore a grey, dinted, helmet on his head. And he wore black armour. "Good evening. I'm Gregson Paine. Is my father there?", he asked her. 

"Yes, he was away on business. I'm Willow". Gregson noticed her crossbow. "Is that a real one?", he asked her. "Yes, I bought it from Anson Dree the blacksmith". Gregson smiled. "I'm too young to have a crossbow. I'm nine". Willow smiled. "And I'm sixteen". She gazed at the boy. "And you're not a magician's son. Have you no powers to use", she said. Gregson shook his head. "I lose every fight I'm in". He sighed. Gregson smelled the smell of stew; Willow also smelled the stew. "Here's two gold coins for the stew". Gregson nodded. "Thank you. How did you damage the helmet?", she asked him. "I saw some dark goblins. I decided to steal some gold from their camp in the Wild Woods. One of them had a sharp dagger. It took my helmet off after the fight. It had a scar on its left hand; it said that if I stole again from them, I'd be dead. I fled to Werewolf Lodge. Since mother died, all I have is father. But he disappears all of the time". Willow nodded. "Mother and father died from pneumonia when I turned twelve. I became an assassin after their deaths". She didn't smile; she never smiled. Suddenly Roa and Sylvie appeared. "Goblins are nasty creatures", Sylvie said. She peered at the boy. "Gregson. I thought that you were in The Wild Woods". "I was. I had a small battle over goblin gold; I almost died". Roa shook her head. "If the goblins are here then there's going to be trouble". She saw a dwarf listening to the tale. "Ah, the Wild Woods. It's been too long since I came there". "Abel True, an honour", Gregson said. Abel stared at the boy. "Aye. I heard about your father", Abel said. He watched for any kind of trouble. "My farther doesn't care about me​; my father deserves to die. But I won't say that to his face. He leaves me alone to go exploring alone. I'm kind of picky about survival". And Willow agreed, as the boy ate his stew silently.

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