Werewolf Lodge 2 A novel

Roa, a half elf-half werewolf, struggles to believe that her life is back to normal after her attack. When she meets other creatures of the night, she seeks refuge at Werewolf Lodge...a place where darkness dwells.

The sequel to Werewolf Lodge.


4. Roa


R​oa shook her head.

"We need to sleep, Miss", Sylvie said. Roa nodded. She hated to think she'd change tonight. All of the travellers were nodding off; all of them weren't prepared to cause problems. Suddenly she thought about warming her hands by the fireplace. Seconds later, she slept soundly, easing the pressure that was inside her when she became a werewolf.


​The dreams weren't all her own. Roa sensed she would howl at the moon once the change happened; she knew, deep down, the werewolf that had attacked her was a rogue werewolf...or some kind of wolf that wanted to attack her because she was there in the woods alone. She didn't want to cry. Crying was bothersome in a cruel world; crying was a way to a quick death. Or so she thought. The dreams of other werewolves in the wilds had caused every humans to shut their doors in the village; the dreams of doom and curses that caused people to be afflicted; the dreams of imminent death preyed  on her mind. Then, as she slept, a full moon was in the night sky...and she screamed until she became a werewolf.

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