Werewolf Lodge 2 A novel

Roa, a half elf-half werewolf, struggles to believe that her life is back to normal after her attack. When she meets other creatures of the night, she seeks refuge at Werewolf Lodge...a place where darkness dwells.

The sequel to Werewolf Lodge.


1. Roa


R​oa started to feel queasy. She stared at the chambers with shock. "Tonight's a full moon, Miss", Sylvie, a young servant-girl, said. She wore a cheap black gown that was ripped when she 'changed' into a she-wolf; she was still an elf. But, for now, Roa was an outcast. And, for her, that hurt her since she was in the dim woods where the other elves lived. Lady Montague knocked on her chamber door. "Roa, it's dinner time". She opened the door too quickly; she bowed to the regal lady. "I'm hungry, my Lady". Roa glided down the black hallway towards the Feasting Halls; she gazed at the elves, dwarves, and human hunters who were forcing hot beef into their mouths. Some were drinking ale, savouring the taste as they saw her. Roa sat down on a brown seat at the long table. Bright lamps illuminated Werewolf Lodge, as the deadly howls in the dark, dim, woods were heard every night. Roa ordered stew; she wasn't feeling too good, so she didn't drink. Maybe some water​, she thought to herself. Lady Montague saw a hooded assassin warming her scarred hands by the fireplace. Not many girls were assassins. It was a job of men; it was a job that was fraught with danger. The assassin wore black clothes, and black boots on her small feet. A small crossbow was near her right hand. It gleamed in the darkening light. Roa thought she had known her years ago. But the memory of their meeting was as murky as the grey dusty road that led to the front entrance to Werewolf Lodge; the full moon sign had sent a chilling signal to all travellers not to go outside by Midnight...unless anyone would be bitten by the werewolves. All of the human families had expressed their view that it was better to heed the warning-than to die in the early hours of the night,


Suddenly the sound of horses were heard outside. Roa stopped eating her stew. Lady Montague gasped in surprise. "What's going on?", Roa asked. She hated to have her meal interrupted; she stared at the assassin. Roa saw her grip the crossbow in her right hand. "Don't!​", Roa commanded her. The assassin watched her with hatred; her green eyes glowed like a leprechaun. "I don't think, elf, that you know things. Lord Greystone has arrived". Roa didn't know how the assassin knew who was outside Werewolf Lodge. ​She just knew​. "How...". The assassin glided towards the front door. When the door was opened, Lord Greystone glided inside. "Willow Kane Martins. I thought it was you". Willow bowed. "I wanted to keep a low profile after the Great World Wars". Lord Greystone laughed. But it wasn't a laugh like a joke that everyone enjoyed someone saying; it was a laugh that was dangerous when uttered. Roa ate most of her stew. When she was finished, her eyes wandered towards the new comer. Lady Montague gasped. "My Lord. You hardly come here...". Lord Greystone grinned. "I heard that you have an elf in your employ". Roa stopped eating. A cold northerly gust blew from The Wandering Woods. "Close the door​", Roa said. Lord Greystone saw the elf. "Ah, Roa. I thought it was you". Roa closed the door. The other travellers were relieved; Willow placed more black firewood into the fireplace. "My Lord. I hardly seem to think a regal Lord like yourself would speak to a elf who was bitten by a werewolf....". Lord Greystone shook his head; he wasn't going to attack her. "There's all kinds of werewolves, Roa. They're a plague on the musty roads...and woods". Roa nodded. "The stew is hot". Lord Greystone laughed again. "Ah. I am hungry. Lady Montague, would you care to join me as we have dinner?", he asked her. "Gladly", she answered. And, then, she showed him to the spare table...and they ate their stew together.

Willow didn't smile. Before she could speak, the back door was open. A red hooded magician appeared. She gasped in terror, as she knew what was going on. The magician, who wore a red cloak, glided down the dim halls; he closed the door. Roa sensed something was wrong. Willow spoke. "Regus Paine". The magician watched her with contempt. "I am here for Roa". Roa shook her head. She saw Lady Montague and Lord Greystone stop speaking about seeing each other again, when Roa walked their way. "​I won't go, magician​". He smiled at her. "The Elven Court of Justice won't stand that an elf is also a werewolf". "I was bitten. It wasn't my fault". She didn't cry; she decided to wait everything out. Sylvie, her servant, cried. "She hasn't done anything wrong, magician. She hasn't disgraced the Elven Court. Besides, she needs my help". Regus Paine sighed. "I have my orders". And Roa was forced away from Werewolf Lodge...and knew what was coming. Before she could speak, the unearthly howling of the werewolves were heard in the dark woods.


Elven Queen Evelyn attended her majestic Court. She wore a green gown. Her long, black hair gleamed. Her pointed ears were attuned to all kinds of sounds of the woods. Her silver stone shoes were expensive. "My Queen, Regus Paine has the elven girl Roa. She's also a werewolf. Since she has been bitten, she can't move around Silver Wood", Lord Richard Baxter said. "She is a hybrid; she is not a true elf". King Patrick gazed at her. "Where has she been hiding?", Elven Queen Evelyn asked him. "Werewolf Lodge, my Queen. It's a sinister place where assassins, murderers, and all kinds of people go to. Roa, her servant-girl Sylvie, and Lady Montague, are there". Elven Queen Evelyn digested the words. "Let her live. I want to speak to her". 


Roa and Sylvie stared at the Elf Queen who was on her Iron Throne. "My Queen...it's a pleasure to meet you", she bowed. Sylvie followed suit; Roa saw the Elf King smile at her. "I was concerned that you'd change...". Roa shook her head. "The werewolf wasn't found; it was too wild even for a werewolf, my King, my Queen". Roa sensed Regus Paine's eyes was homing in on them. "What do you mean by that? No wolf is 'too wild'", Elven Queen Evelyn asked her. "​It was too wild; it was...​", Roa said. Then she was cut off. "It seems you are a hybrid, Roa. You have showed no evil intent here at Silver Wood; you are free to come and go", the Elf Queen said. "But, my Queen, I do object. She is ​different; she will bite anyone who walks through town", Regus Paine told her. "Regus, let them go. That is an order", King Patrick said. Lord Richard Baxter shook his head. "As the King and Queen wishes". Roa bowed. "Let's go back to Werewolf Lodge". And, as they left Silver Wood, the magician seethed in fury.


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