Werewolf Lodge 2 A novel

Roa, a half elf-half werewolf, struggles to believe that her life is back to normal after her attack. When she meets other creatures of the night, she seeks refuge at Werewolf Lodge...a place where darkness dwells.

The sequel to Werewolf Lodge.


3. Goblin gold


Ry shivered from the freezing cold. He shook his head. The numbing weather seemed to bother him. Seconds later he saw a group of sleeping goblins. He sneaked towards them. All of the goblins were holding onto strange daggers; all of them were ignoring the soft footsteps.  As he stole one of the dagger, he saw three bags of gold. With twinkling in his eyes, he ignored the weapons. Then he grabbed one of the bags...and ran away before he was caught.


Page 3.

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