I sleep where the fox sleeps.

[this is basically a deeper telling of MASA works song, the fox's wedding. The story has very graphic content, covering cannibalism, decapitation and sexual themes. Please, I advise you listen to the song before reading this, thank you]


1. A daimyo's procession

She had been taken, Mai Shishikusa. It really should have been seen coming, after the young princess' parents had kidnapped that young kitsune, this seemed to be their own way of revenge, a petty, low kidnapping. Even Mai herself saw the bit coming, and had already lost the shred of hope that her mother and father would come to her aid, to come and even attempt to bring her back to her home, to her clan. No, surely not, they were too busy still running their torturous show, most likely spending time with a performance right at this instance. Mai had never agreed with the idea of this little circus her clan, her family had spent all their free time on, she really didn't agree with anything that her damned parents did, to her, to others, to anything. But who was she to say things about that? She was to be a proper, well behaved princess, that was all. But captured, thrown into this disgusting tiny area that smelled like wet, moldy basement was not the best place to act like the perfect little princess everyone was expecting from her.

The young girl, about to turn only eighteen in tomorrows time had her back pressed against the cold, wet feeling walls. The place was dark, only a shred of light coming thorough the very corner with a slit in the rock, a rather sad excuse for a window. But the sunlight was enough to see, at least for the time of daylight that there was still left. It wasn't hard to figure out that she had been brought to the kistune clan's area, the same clan that her own very mother had taken their daughter from. Akarai, had been her name.

That didn't matter anymore, the Oborodzuka clan had gotten the revenge they had wanted, their arms had reached in and had taken her. Now, the real question by this point was, what exactly did they plan to do to her? They had that planned, and while it wasn't anything such as torture, it was perhaps just as bad as that. 

Lost in her own world of thoughts, Mai had been startled when the heavy set door had been opened to uncover two figures standing, the one holding a plate of unknown substance, something that looked and smelled like rotting meat, making the girls nose shrink up in disgust from the mere scent of it. 

"Shishikusa"  a womanly voice spoke out, the one behind the still silent one holding the food. "While you are here because of what your clan has done to ours, we would not be so cruel to not feed you. This is all you have to eat, and will be able to eat for the remainder of time you will be staying here, so you'd best be getting yourself used to the dish." Her voice was motherly, soft and soothing, the words coming off smooth from her tongue, though hidden within was a harsh node, one that Mai would keep in the back of her head.

"What is this..dish?" Mai had asked in response, shifting her body to pull herself into at least a kneeling position, but was slumped back against the wall when the silent one gave her a glare so sharp it seemed like it would cut her if she were sitting any closer.

"First, let yourself taste the food, and then, if you cannot seem to guess correctly, we will happily tell you of this meal." the woman, now easily sounding older than Mai answered, bringing the still-silent other figure over to place the food down in front of her lap, the same glare, barely softened meeting her eyes, causing her to swallow sharply, trying to avoid that stench once again.

"Eat up, Shishikusa"

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