Love Halfway Around The World

Skylar and her friends went to Australia to have the adventure of a lifetime, but not romance. However when Skylar accidentally crashes into Luke Hemmings in the streets of Central Sydney that changes. What happens when Luke gets feelings for Skylar and what about when Micheal, Calum, and Ashton all catch feelings for three of Skylar's friends?


11. Surf Camp

Luke’s POV

Conor was discharged from the hospital a few hours ago and now we were on our way to surf camp. Since he was still in a bit of pain we put up the third seat in our land rover for him. Then he said he wanted Sky to come to be with him, but also so I could be near her. That kid is really not so bad. Calum was driving with Mikey in shotgun. Then me, Ash, and Skylar were in the back. Skylar was talking with Conor for a while and Conor did his best to embarrass her, about an hour later Sky fell asleep with her head on my bicep. “She really loves you, Luke. I’ve known her forever and I’ve never once seen her look at a guy the way she looks at you. The way her eyes light up when she sees your face is unlike anything I’ve ever seen from her. She’s really in love with you, and if you break her heart I will kill you.” I turned my head to face Conor.

“You don’t have to worry. I love her way too much to hurt her. She means everything to me. I would never in a million years hurt her, but if I do then I will let you kill me.” I smiled as a put Sky’s head on my lap and Ash lifted her legs on his lap. I started playing with Sky’s hair. “She’d probably ask you to kill me anyway if I did.”

“Only if she didn’t do it herself. She’s no princess Luke, she’s not afraid to throw a punch. Still, I trust you won’t hurt her.” Conor smiled at me then decided to sleep. I leaned against the window and soon was fast asleep.  


Emily’s POV

“Aww come on Sky wake up.” I was standing outside the boy’s car shaking Skylar trying to wake her up but she was dead.

“Are you sure we can’t just yell ‘Skylar Rose Porter’ in her ear?” Calum asked.

“If you have a death wish, go right ahead.”

“Death wish?” Ashton looked at me almost like he was scared.

“Yeah, she hates being called Skylar Rose… a lot.”

“Why? It sounds really pretty,” Mikey asked.

“It sounds girly, and Sky is pretty much anything but.” Emily narrowed her eyes at Mikey.

“That’s very true.” Luke agreed.

“Alright just give her to me.” Conor came around and picked up Skylar bridal style. “Come on Luke. She is your girlfriend.”

“Then why are you carrying her?” Luke cocked his head at Conor and Conor just laughed.

“I just felt like it, she’s my best friend. I know she will be less of a bitch if she wakes up in a bed, and be happy if you’re there.” Luke just nodded and followed Conor into camp to find Sky’s room. I walked behind them because I already had a key. I unlocked the door and pointed to the only empty bed.

“Just put her there, that’s going to be her bed anyway seeing as the others are taken.”

“Ok, can I have my girlfriend back now?” Luke said holding his arms out “Your still covered in bandages and shouldn’t be carrying people. If anything people should be carrying you.” Luke smirked as Conor chuckled and carefully placed Skylar in Luke’s arms making sure not to wake her quite yet. Luke gently placed Skylar on her bed.

“You should stay Luke. Conor is right, that she’ll be happy if she wakes up to that pretty face of yours.”

“What do you mean?” Ash asked with slight anger on his face standing behind Conor at the door.

“Relax, I mean that Sky thinks he’s incredibly cute. Don’t stress Ash; you’re the cutest to me.” I hugged him and put my head on his shoulder as he relaxed. I looked back towards Sky, she was still out cold and Luke was sitting with her. I smiled at the scene, then shooed everyone out as I followed and closed the door leaving Luke alone with Sky.


Skylar’s POV

I felt someone gripping my hand and my eyes snapped open. I looked up and saw I was on the bottom bunk. I turned my head to see Luke smiling at me.

“Good morning beautiful.” He smiled at me and melted my heart.

“Where am I?” I asked looking around.

“At surf camp, we didn’t want to wake you. Cal wanted to yell ‘Skylar Rose Porter’ at you, but that would be like having a death wish.” He slightly frowned at the thought and I giggled he wasn’t wrong. I do hate being called Skylar Rose.

I decided to get up. Luke led me out of the room and into the main common room. There were two couches laid out in front of a flat-screen TV. A pool table stood at the far end of the room, and a love seat built into the wall. Luke sat down on the couch. We were all watching “Dude where’s my car” when I felt the couch sink in next to me and looked to see Jono.

“Hey, Sky at least you look good.” I raised an eyebrow without a word. “Come on you know you’re not the best person when you wake up.” Before I could respond a tall man with brown hair, dark green eyes, and pale skin walked in and blocked our view of the TV.

“Everyone go get your suits on and grab a rash guard. It’s time to go surfing!” We didn’t hesitate for a second. We all grabbed a rash guard from the table by the door and I raced to my room. I decided on a dark blue bikini with thin white strips. It looked great with my tan and I just liked the color. I put on some black shorts and tied the blue rash guard around my waist and walked out only to be met by Calum. He had on blue trunks almost the same shade as my bikini. We looked at each other’s suits wide-eyed.

“I think I should change before Mary sees this and kills me.”

“Try something Green. That’s what Mary has on.”

I smiled and laughed as Calum shot me a quick grin before turning and disappearing back in his room. I turned the other way and walked over to a bus that was waiting to take us to the beach.


Luke’s POV

We had been surfing for about 3 hours and I was so tired I couldn’t even feel my legs.

“Damn, how does she do that?” Calum asked out of breath.

“How does who do what?” Mikey asked too tired to even look up.

“How does Skylar still get up?” Calum answered pointed to the water. We all looked to the water and sure enough, there was Skylar. She was up on her board gliding across the waves and was flawless. She didn’t look the least bit tired. Ryan and Joe were also still out there but looked a bit tired.

“Luke, is your girlfriend even human?” Ashton stared at her in disbelief.

“Trust me, she doesn’t even know the answer to that.” Tim suddenly stood by us. “She no robot, but a human should be dead by now. Skylar, on the other hand, looks like she has 100% of her energy left.”

“Tim, you do know why that is don’t you?” Conor walked up behind Tim and placed his hand on Tim’s shoulder.

“Why is that? Is she keeping something from me?” I asked Conor who again just laughed.

“You don’t know who she is in America. Skylar Porter is an undefeated snowboarding champion. She never lost a single race or competition on a snowboard. A surfboard isn’t going to prove to be much of a problem, I mean look at her.” We all looked at Sky flying on the waves with a smile. I stood up and grabbed my board. “Where are you going man?” Conor yelled.

“We did come here to surf,” I yelled without turning back and ran into the waves. I don’t know how but I managed to surf for another hour but I did before we had to head back. All of us were dead by now. Even Skylar was tired after 4 hours in the water.

“Can I use your chest as a pillow it really warm?” Sky asked in a sleepy voice and I could tell she was already falling asleep like everybody else, who was out cold. I just chuckled, put my arm around her and pulled her onto my lap and held her to me. She rested her head on my chest and soon was fast asleep. I smiled at her and soon was fast asleep myself holding Skylar in my arms.


Ashton’s POV

I groaned trying to wake up after falling asleep in a van. I tried to sit up, but something on my chest was keeping me down. I looked down the see Emily fast asleep on my chest and smiled at the angel. Suddenly Emily was lifted off my chest and I looked up to see Calum holding her in his arms.

“Cal that’s Emily, not Mary.” Cal looked at me and chuckled.

“I know that Ash, I’m just helping you because you were trapped under her.” He just laughed and stood waiting for me to get out. “Are you going to get out and take your girlfriend because I should be getting back to mine.” I smiled at Cal and took Emily out of his arms careful not to wake her. I decided to go lay down with her so I took her to the lounge where there was a slumber party happening. Mikey was on the floor with Claire in his arms. Luke was asleep on the couch above holding Skylar who was snuggled to his chest and, Calum was laying back down with Mary on the small loveseat and everyone else all over to couches and the floor. Except for Conor and Ryan who decided to share the pool table. I just couldn’t help but giggle and take a picture when I saw Ryan and Conor cuddling together on the hard surface, such a cute couple. I grabbed a few blankets and then lay down on one blanket with Emily in my arms and pulled another blanket over us and was soon asleep with the most beautiful girl asleep in my arms. I couldn’t be any happier even if I tried. I had fallen hopelessly in love and I never wanted to leave.

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