Love Halfway Around The World

Skylar and her friends went to Australia to have the adventure of a lifetime, but not romance. However when Skylar accidentally crashes into Luke Hemmings in the streets of Central Sydney that changes. What happens when Luke gets feelings for Skylar and what about when Micheal, Calum, and Ashton all catch feelings for three of Skylar's friends?


8. Mary And Cal

Mary’s POV

I was in my room looking for an outfit. I was so nervous about my date with Calum, I didn’t know what to do. Skylar was sitting on her bed relaxed with one leg bent and the other one tucked under. With her hands behind her head on the headboard, she sat just watching me tear up my wardrobe then finally let out a sigh and removed her hands from her head. She put one hand behind her on the bed propping her up and had the other arm resting across her knee.

“Okay, Mary stop. This room is starting to look like it was hit by Katrina” she motioned to the open water bottle I just knocked over and the mess of clothes. She got off the bed and picked up the bottle and put the cap on and set it back on the table. She then turned to me and leaned against the table crossing one foot over the other and had her hands in her pockets, looking away.

“What the hell am I supposed to do Skylar? I have a real date with Calum. I NEED to look amazing!” I glared at her and she looked innocently at me then just chuckled in a sort of evil way while shaking her head. “Okay, what’s up with the evil laugh? I know that means something. What did you do?” Skylar didn’t answer, just walked over to her closet in the far corner of the room. She pulled something out and tossed it at my face. I held it out in front of me to find a dress that Sky let a friend borrow for graduation. It was a rose pink strapless dress that stopped just above my knees and I remember telling Sky that I loved it. I felt something hit my feet and found silver stilettos at my feet. I looked back up at Sky who just smirked.

“See now you’ll make Calum want to kiss you. So your life just got easier” Sky looked at me holding her smirk, handing me a necklace and earrings, then gestured towards the bathroom with her head. “Now go get ready, or we’ll keep the boys waiting.

I stood in the bathroom admiring the dress Sky got me when she walked in wearing the blue dress that matched Luke’s eyes. “Need help with make-up?” she asked seeing that I still needed to apply it, I just nodded and sat down. Skylar made quick work with eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lip-gloss. I looked at my reflection and instantly smiled at the beautiful face staring back at me. I hugged Skylar hard and followed her downstairs hoping Calum would think I look good.


Calum’s POV

“Dude you’re pacing again.” Luke sighed telling me to stop pacing for probably the fourth time in the last 20 minutes. “You look fine.”

“Fine isn’t good enough Luke. This is Mary we’re talking about. I have to look perfect.”

“I’m sure Mary will think you look like a perfect 10.”

“I don’t know man.” I looked down at what I was wearing. A white button-down shirt with a pink rose colored tie that Luke said I had to wear, brand new black pants, a black blazer, and black shoes. Luke was wearing the same thing except his tie was the color of his eyes. “I just want Mary to look at me the same way that Skylar looks at you. Every time Skylar looks at you she smiles like you’re the best thing ever. I want that with Mary” I looked up at Luke who just smiled and held up his pointer finger telling me to wait a second. He walked past me out of the lounge, over to the stairs and let out a whistle. Seconds later I froze in place. Skylar was walking down along with Mary. Her blond hair was straight down her back her face lit up by a smile and wore a dress the same color as my tie and now I know why Luke made me wear this. Skylar stopped at the bottom of the stairs and whispered in Mary’s ear then pointed at me. Sky then turned to Luke, smiled and kissed him while Mary walked towards me with that smile I always wanted from her.

“Well, you look great.” She smiled at me.

“So do you, actually you look better,” I said nervously and she just laughed. I stole a glance at Luke and he held up his hand interlocked with Sky’s and they both winked at me. I slightly bowed like a prince and held my hand out for Mary “shall we?” Mary’s smile grew and she didn’t hesitate to give me her hand. Luke appeared next to me with a smile.

“Nicely done Prince Charming” Luke winked.

“Alright you four have fun.” A voice came from the lounge as we all looked in the direction of the voice and saw Conor leaning on the wall. Skylar quickly walked over and told him to remember something, but I couldn’t hear what. Conor smiled, told her not to worry and she looked nice. Skylar gave him a quick hug and peck on the cheek causing Luke to tense up slightly but soon relaxed.  She then joined Luke again and reassured him they were friends, Luke looked at Conor who nodded and disappeared. Skylar took Luke’s hand and they walked out the door with Mary and me close behind.

“Hey Skylar, what did you say to Conor?” I asked concerned for some reason.

“Just to make sure no one notices that we’re missing from the group. Don’t worry we can trust him.”

“Are you sure? I mean he wouldn’t even call Luke by his first name.” I asked unsure if I could trust this guy.

“Yeah, he might not be the nicest guy out there when you first meet him, but he can keep a promise, trust me on this.” She smiled up at me, I turned to Mary and she nodded. I decided to leave it at that and tighten my grip on Mary’s hand.

We walked down the street to a nice slightly fancy restaurant I opened the door for Mary and Luke did the same for Skylar. Luke led Skylar to a table and pulled back her chair. Oh Luke being such a gentleman, now that is a rare sight. I chuckled and Mary looked up.

“What’s so funny?” She asked.

“Nothing, it’s just very unusual for Luke to act like such a gentleman,” I replied and pulled out Mary’s chair for her. She cocked her head at me.

“And it’s normal for you?”

“Well, my mom raised me well.” Mary beamed at me and took her seat and so did I.

“Well, I think Skylar just managed to make him fall. Practically every guy that meets Skylar ends up catching feelings for her. Though I’ve never seen her act the way she does around Luke, she’s like a whole new person, actually a happier person. I think she really likes him, she might even be in falling love with him.”

“I hope so, I don’t want him to get hurt. He loves Sky and if she breaks his heart it would kill him.” I looked at Mary and she smiled.

“Don’t worry, I know Skylar and can tell she really likes Luke and will never hurt him ever. Since I’ve known her, guys have always been surrounding her and are dying to go out with her, but she never went out with anyone, except Luke. He is the first to even spark her interest or turn her head. She likes him, trust me on that.” She took my hand and stared into my eyes. I just smiled and nodded to show that I believed her.

As we ordered we both stole glances at Sky and Luke, seeing them act like a total couple made me realize I had to step up my game with Mary and I knew just how to do that. I whipped my phone out and quickly shot Luke a text while Mary was in the bathroom.


Luke’s POV

I was enjoying a dinner with Sky when my phone buzzed with a text from Calum asking us to leave she he could make his move on Mary. I smiled and saw Sky peek and smile at the text. I stood up and offered her my hand and she gladly took it. I sent a text back to Calum.

Luke: so what’s the plan Cal?

Cal: I just need her alone for a bit.

Luke: to do what?

Cal: why so eager?

Luke: I want to make sure you don’t make a fool of yourself.

Cal: Haha I just need her alone to kiss her.

Luke: well then good Luck.

I took Sky’s hand and left the restaurant and down the road back towards the hostel silently praying that Cal wouldn’t make a fool of himself.


Mary’s POV

I walked back to our table to see Skylar and Luke gone and Cal standing up and holding his hand out for me with a smile. He looked so damn hot, standing like that. I walked over trying not to drool over him. “Where did Sky and Luke go?”

“Luke was trying too hard to be romantic and wanted to take Sky somewhere, and I want to take you somewhere special.”


“Just put on this blindfold.” He took out a blindfold and held it in front of me.

“Why do I need a blindfold?”

“I set up something special just for tonight and I want it to be a surprise.” He walked behind me and put the blindfold over my eyes. “Ok, how many fingers am I holding up?”

“I can’t see Calum.”

“Just making sure.” Calum led me out of the restaurant and walked for 20 minutes before we stopped at a park. When he finally took off the blindfold my jaw dropped to the ground.

“Oh, my gosh Calum” Lights were hanging from the trees and a small almost dance floor structure was on the ground.

“We never danced at the party” Calum led me to the dance floor, took out a remote and pressed a button and soft slow dance music started to play. Calum took me in his arms and swayed back and forth for what seemed like forever. I told him we should head back or people would get worried and suspicious. I mean Conor is good but he can’t cover for us forever. Calum nodded and I turned around. Just as I was about to walk away Calum grabbed my wrist pulled me back and crushed his lips to mine. I didn’t hesitate to kiss back. I’ve wanted to kiss him for so long and it felt even better than I thought it would. He wrapped his arms around my waist. I had my hands on his shoulders but instantly moved them up to his hair and pulled gently causing him to moan and I smirked into the kiss. Calum broke away and smiled. “We should go before people realize.” I nodded took his hand and followed him back to the hostel, trying and failing to keep a smile from forming on my face.

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