Love Halfway Around The World

Skylar and her friends went to Australia to have the adventure of a lifetime, but not romance. However when Skylar accidentally crashes into Luke Hemmings in the streets of Central Sydney that changes. What happens when Luke gets feelings for Skylar and what about when Micheal, Calum, and Ashton all catch feelings for three of Skylar's friends?


13. Aiden And Marriage

Luke’s POV

I was sitting on the couch enjoying TV. I was holding the pillow Skylar threw on my lap when I heard the doorbell ring multiple times. I got up and bent down to look through the peephole. I saw a very tall and buff guy. He had skin the same color as Sky, had hair just like Jono but blonde, and Hazel-green eyes that burned just like Sky’s. I knew this guy had to be Aiden, so I unlocked the door and smiled at him. He looked up at me and a smirk appeared on his lips. He smirks just like Skylar too.

“I’m guessing you’re my little sister’s ‘dreamboat’ boyfriend.” He said in a deep voice with a smile growing on his lips.

“I’m Luke and you must be Aiden,” I replied and he nodded. “Come on in, Skylar is in the shower, but will be out soon,” I said and opened to door wider for Aiden to walk in.

“You didn’t hop in with her?” he cocked an eyebrow at me “Well Luke I like you already.” He plopped onto the couch and I chuckled.

“Thank you, Aiden. I’ll go let Skylar know that you’re here.” I smiled and walk out of the room to get Sky.

“Just stay out of the shower when you tell her,” Aiden called after me. I smiled to myself. Sky was right; he is a bit like me.


After 10 minutes Skylar came back into the living room. She had on black skinny jeans and a nirvana tank top. She was drying her hair and stopped when she locked eyes with Aiden. She dropped her towel to the floor and practically jumped into Aiden’s arms hugging him as he spun her around just like I did. “Hey, Rose,” Aiden said in a happier voice. Did he just call her by her middle name?

“Aiden you know I hate being called that.” She glared at Aiden with a smirk on her lips. Aiden just shrugged and put her down, and the doorbell rung just as her feet touched the ground. She slowly walked over and looked through the peephole. A smile grew on her face and I knew why. She opened the door to reveal Emily, Mary, Claire, Ashton, Calum, and Mikey along with Jack and Ben. They all run into the house like little kids. Sky’s best friend Aileen also showed up with her boyfriend Josh. Aileen looked a lot like Sky. She was only about an inch or two shorter with tan skin, strawberry blonde hair, and brown eyes. Josh was about my height with light brown hair and bright green eyes like Mikey, but of course, Mikey’s are better. All the girls went straight to the couches along with Josh, but the boys stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Aiden leaning against the living room wall. Even though all of us were pretty tall he still towered over us. The guys stood in the middle of the room with looks of horror on their faces while Aiden just smirked and chuckled getting Sky’s attention from Aileen.

“Hey Luke, when did you get a new bodyguard?” Mikey asked his voice shaking with fear.

“Yeah, and why does he look like the male version of Skylar on steroids?” Cal asked raising an eyebrow.

“Hey!” Sky yelled at Cal offended but had a ghost of a smile on her lips. Aiden came up behind Sky, put his arms around her waist and rested his chin on her head.

“I’m Aiden, Skylar’s big brother, nice to meet you.” Aiden smiled and stuck out his hand. Skylar moved her head from under Aiden and pointed to each of the boys.

“This is Michael, Ashton, and Calum. They’re all friends of Luke, so be nice.  The two older versions of Luke are his brothers, Jack and Ben, again be nice.” Sky smiled as the guys shook Aiden’s hand and then sat on the floor and suddenly we were all in a game of truth or dare when it got really late. Aiden asked to stay the night and smiled at Sky. Skylar said he could have her room so he wouldn’t have to sleep on the couch. Aiden walked up to me and stuck his hand out at me and I didn’t hesitate to take it.

“It was nice to meet you, Luke. You seem like a nice guy and have passed my test to be with my little sister.” Aiden smiled and let go of my hand.

“It was nice to meet you too.” I smiled back, and then Aiden hugged Sky and left to her room. Sky turned to me smiling and grabbed my hand before dragging me into my room, shutting the door and checked the lock. Twice. My t-shirt hit the floor, my lips hit hers, and her hand hit the light.


Skylar’s POV

I woke up to the smell of pancakes that I thought Luke was making but realized he was still asleep right next to me. I walked down the stairs and my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw Aiden cooking. Since when can he cook? “You can cook?” I asked surprised.

“Yeah, you remember my girlfriend Maya? Well, she taught me” Of course I remember Maya. She was stunning, long blonde-brown hair, pale skin, bright blue-green eyes. Aiden had been dating her for 4 years and was totally in love.

“Of Course. So, when are you going to pop the question?” Aiden gave me a weird look. “Come on Aiden, it’s clear you love her more than life, just ask her.”

“I don’t know Sky.”

“I think you should listen to Sky.” Luke appeared behind me wrapping his arms around my waist.

“I think you should put on some clothes… and get your hands off my little sister.” Aiden frowned looking at Luke in just sweatpants.

“Aiden, your little sister is trying to help. I would listen if I were you.” Luke frowned and rests his chin on my head

“I don’t know if she loves me the way I love her,” Aiden said with sadness in his eyes

“Aiden come on she looks at you the same way people tell me I look at Luke, which means she loves you. Plus she told me the last night that she loves you, and needs you more than air.” Aiden looked at me wide-eyed.

“You talked to her last night?”

She called looking for you. She was worried about you. I think from just that its safe to say she loves you a lot.” I smirked.

Luke smiled holding up car keys and I grabbed Aiden’s hand and dragged him out to the car.

“Where the heck are you to two taking me?”

“Easy, getting an engagement ring.” Luke chuckled and drove off.


We got a perfect ring and dropped Aiden off at his apartment with Maya, then drove home. I was lying on the couch wrapped in Luke’s arm when his phone rang. He talked for about 5 minutes then hung up and offered me his hand. “Come on.”

“Where are we going?”

Claire and Mikey are getting an apartment and so are Cal and Mary. They’re going to be neighbors and they want you, me, Ashton, and Emily to come see their new places.” I smiled and took his hand and he lends me to the car. “My lady.” He said as he opened the car door and kissed me on the cheek once I sat down. He then got in the drives seat and went off the Cal and Mikeys’ new place.


Luke’s POV

Aiden popped the question to Maya about a year ago and of course, she said yes, and finally after a lot of planning and rearranging it was time for the wedding. It was also time for me to ask Skylar. I had the perfect ring and the perfect way to ask her while at the wedding.

I was downstairs waiting for Skylar to come down; when she finally did my jaw dropped ten stories. Skylar had her hair curled to perfection and was wearing a floor length strapless silver dress.

“How do I look?” she asked nervously and looking down. I chuckled and lifted her face to look into my eyes.

“I just hope you don’t outshine the bride.” We had all seen Maya’s dress. It was simple but very beautiful and she looked amazing in it. She had asked Sky to come get the dress with her, and Skylar can always find the perfect dress for anyone. “Come on, let’s go, we can’t have a wedding without the maid of honor.” I smiled and took her hand leading her out the door. The drive there was short and before we knew it we were at a small and beautiful church. Skylar jumped out of the car and ran around to the back as I gave the keys to the valet and ran after her. When I finally caught up her arm was around Aiden’s waist and his arm over Sky’s shoulders. She stood with a smile and they were both talking to Conor who was wearing the exact same suit as me right down to the silver tie, which made sense since we were both groomsmen. He also had his arm around a girl with fair skin long blonde hair and green eyes standing next to him, wearing the same dress as Sky. I smiled and walked over.

“Hey, Conor its been a while,” I said giving him a bro hug, which he returned.

“Good to see you again Luke. It seems you and Skylar are doing good. I’ve never seen her so happy. You should come say hi to everyone else, it’s been a while since they’ve seen you or the guys.” Conor smiled at me as his blue eyes lit up, and then he gestured to the girl next to him. “Oh and this is my girlfriend Chris by the way.” Conor gestured to the girl next to him.

“Hi, Chris I’m Luke,” I said shaking her hand.

“Nice to finally meet you, Luke. Conor told me so much about you, I’m glad Sky found someone.” Chris smiled at me and looked back at Conor.

“Actually I need to borrow Conor for a minute,” I said and Conor followed me. I walked to another room with Conor and pulled to ring out of my pocket.

“Dude, you’re proposing to Skylar?” Conor asked excited, “What took you so long?” he laughed and I cracked a smile.

“I didn’t want her to run away if I asked too soon, it would kill me if she left me. You’ll think she’ll say yes?” I asked nervously.

“Mate she is totally in love with you, like full blown in love. The way Aiden smiles at Maya is just like the way Sky smiles at you. If anything Skylar was probably hinting at you to ask her when she told Aiden to ask Maya. I can’t believe it took you two years. Then again, Aiden wouldn’t be too happy if you asked when you’ve only been dating Sky for five months and living with her for one, but I know she’ll say yes. I also know she’ll love that the diamond is also in the shape of a heart, it’s different, creative, and one of a kind. That ring is meant for Skylar. Congratulations and take good care of my best friend, or I will kill you if Aiden doesn’t do it first.” Conor smiled and gave me a bro hug as Aiden came in and I quickly put the ring back hopping Aiden didn’t see. He gave me a slightly suspicious look but quickly changed his expression back to normal and gave us a smile.

“Hey, boys it’s show time. Aiden announced looking quite nervous, but excited. “Conor go walk your lovely girl Chris down the aisle and Luke you…” Aiden pointed a finger at me “…go walk my lovely sister down” He winked and then walked out to stand by the priest. Conor and I nodded and left to escort our ladies.


Skylar’s POV

The whole ceremony was beautiful I got to walk down the aisle with Luke and had all my friends there. Maya came down the aisle looking like an angel and Aiden couldn’t keep the smile off of his face, I was worried his face would split in half from smiling so much. I was so happy that Aiden finally found someone he wants to be with forever.

Later on, I was dancing with Aiden, which I almost never got the chance to do, because he doesn’t dance. He was crap at dancing but I didn’t care. I loved to able to have the chance to dance with him. Someone tapped Aiden’s shoulder and he turned to see Luke.

“Mind if I cut in?” Luke smiled.

“Go ahead, my sister is too good of a dancer for me anyway.” Aiden smiled, slightly bowed and returned to Maya who was talking to our parents.

“I hope I didn’t cut your dance too short.” Luke smiled as he pulled me into his arms.

“Don’t worry. I actually would rather dance with you because Aiden can’t even dance. You…kind of can” I smirked at Luke, he chuckled and held me close while swaying back and forth just like the night we met.


Luke’s POV

I held Skylar close and danced for about ten minutes, and then separated from her, she looked up at me confused. I just smiled and led her to the stage where the boys were all standing with their instruments, and Claire, Mary, Maya, and Emily were waiting at the front for Skylar. I left Sky with the girls and hopped up on stage. I grabbed the microphone and started to speak. “Everyone, first I would like to congratulate Aiden and Maya on their marriage.” Everyone clapped before I continued, “I have something important to ask my beautiful girlfriend Skylar.” I smiled and the boys began to play to tune to marry me by Jason Durelo. Everyone began to awe and Skylar started in shock.

I came to the end of the song and looked at Skylar who looked like she was about the cry. I hopped down from the stage and knelt down on one knee in front of Sky and took out the ring. “Skylar Rose Porter, will you marry me?” I smiled at her with hope.

“Yes, YES.” Skylar finally broke down crying tears of joy as she jumped into my arms. I spun her around so many times I got dizzy before I finally set her down and slid the ring onto her finger. She smiled and was still crying before passionately kissing me and then hugged me again. It all turned into a huge group hug with the boys, all of Sky’s friends, then Aiden and Maya. Skylar’s mother was crying while her father looked a little displeased but accepted it when he saw how happy Skylar and all her friends were. He did like me; he was just protective of his daughter like any father. I was so happy I was finally going to be with Skylar for the rest of my life. I held her close in the middle of that group hug and wanted to hold her in my arms forever. Now I knew I would. 


Conor’s POV

I felt relieved and happy when Luke showed me the ring. When he said he finally decided that he was ready to propose to Skylar I was relieved. It took him two years to get up the nerve to do it. In the past two years, I’ve kept in close connection with Skylar, just like always, but even more so since she got with Luke and finally had a boyfriend. I kept watching closely because Skylar is my best friend and I had to make sure Luke didn’t hurt her. When she is with Luke she puts on the smile I remember her having when we were little and can light up the world. I can tell that she’s never been happier in her life. Luke has changed her. Before Luke came along it was hard to put that great smile on Skylar’s face and now it’s rare for her not to smile. I really love the girl she is now and it is all thanks to Luke. True I may have been in love with Skylar at one point, but I love being her friend a lot more than having a crush, and she is perfect with Luke.

As soon as Luke asked Skylar to marry him and she said yes I practically sprinted to her and hugged her as everyone else joined in along with Luke’s friends, then Aiden and Maya. All I ever cared about was Sky’s well being and of course my girlfriend Chris. She reminds me a lot of Sky and makes me happy like Sky. My best friend just got engaged to the only guy that could make her feel loved and I couldn’t have picked a better guy myself. Congrats Skylar and Luke, I love you both.

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