Volskaya's Revenge (Overwatch Shorts Ep. 1)

Following the events of Infiltration, Zarya goes to Dorado to find the villain Sombra and get revenge on Volskaya's behalf.


1. Where Is She?

A loud crash rang through the slums of Dorado. A large Russian woman with pink hair stood over a Los Muertos gang leader. She picked the scared man up, on the verge of tears, as she growled out a question to his face in a thick Russian accent. "Where. Is. Sombra?" The gang leader's mouth dropped open, as a stain formed in the front of his pants, more scared at the mention of Sombra than anything the lady could do. He stuttered out a response, "I...I...can't say... She'll kill me!" The Russian woman smiled and laughed. "I will do much worse!" The woman threw the gang leader into a brick wall. The gang leader groaned with much pain, as the woman walked towards him, ready to do more damage. "Please lady, she's dangerous..." She crouched down next to the piss-soaked man. "So am I."

The lady walked back into Bar de los Craneos, stepping over several knocked out gang members she had just handled minutes ago. On the table to her right, she had left her favorite thing in the world: her Particle Cannon, ripped right from the hull of an armored vehicle. She was the only person strong enough to carry it by herself. She stepped back outside and aimed the weapon at the leader. She started charging it up, and that was enough for the gang member to spill the beans. "Castillo! She hides out at the abandoned Castillo! Please don't fire that thing at me!" The lady stored the weapon on her back. "See, that wasn't so hard. There are perks to being a dirty coward, eh?"

The gang member growled in fearful tone, "Who the fuck are you?" The lady placed her hands on her hips. "I'm Zarya, hero of Russia," stating proudly as she punched the gang leader's lights out.

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