Volskaya's Revenge (Overwatch Shorts Ep. 1)

Following the events of Infiltration, Zarya goes to Dorado to find the villain Sombra and get revenge on Volskaya's behalf.


2. The Wicked

Somewhere in a hideaway in the famous abandoned Castillo, now controlled ruthlessly by Los Muertos, a woman tapped her bottom lip thoughtfully, before going to work on her keyboard, processing deals and trades at lightspeed. Her trade was information, and she was easily the best at what she did. After just a few seconds, the woman only known as Sombra was $500,000 dollars richer. What was the death of a few Omnic villages to her? Money and information was all that mattered in the world of the hacker, and she did all from the comfort from her small den in a D.Va pajama set.

Sombra outstretched her arms above her, and cracked her knuckles and neck. She wasn't satisfied yet. After her last mission just a few weeks ago, Sombra had much on her plate. She had duped Talon, and was in the midst of blackmailing the legendary Russian CEO and national hero Katya Volskaya. Sombra was keeping a close eye on Volskaya's daughter, Valeriya, a girl no older than 10 years old. Sombra opened her Volskaya Files, which contained vital information that would humiliate Volksaya beyond redemption. If the people of Russia ever found out their national hero had worked with the Omnics to get the anti-Omnic threat in the first place, she would be lambasted as a dirty coward and a traitor. Now, Sombra gets a cut of Volskaya's profits and has two powerful bargaining chips to use in a myriad of ways. Yet, Sombra herself knew she wasn't completely safe. Volskaya was still a smart and powerful woman, and Sombra knew she would try something. Sombra was just waiting for retaliation any day. 

A knock on her door snapped Sombra out of her concentration. She peeked at her surveillance screen, seeing that it was on of her own gang members. Sombra buzzed him in as he rushed in frenzied and out of breath. "Sombra, we have a problem! One of our gang cells was attacked by some kind of insane Russian lady! Santiago told her where YOU hideout! You're in danger!"

Sombra smiled at her gang member. "Oh my dear Sammy, if you know me, you know that I am the dangerous one. Being the genius that I am, I was anticipating this for weeks." Sombra stood up, wearing a menacing scowl. "Tell Santiago he is a dead man and rally up the best gang members." Sombra pulled her favorite SMG and pulled back the hammer. "This Russian lady has already lost, she just doesn't know it yet."

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