Volskaya's Revenge (Overwatch Shorts Ep. 1)

Following the events of Infiltration, Zarya goes to Dorado to find the villain Sombra and get revenge on Volskaya's behalf.


3. Heroes

After much traveling, Zarya had made it to the sealed gates of the Castillo. Zarya could feel a cool ocean breeze and the sun shone bright. It would be a paradise, if not for the Los Muertos graffiti that littered the walls and gate. Zarya shook her head at the ugliness. "How can people ruin such beauty?" she said to herself. Zarya took out her Particle Cannon and blasted a hole in the gate easily. "Open sesame..." Zarya walked through the hole she made, and was greeted with a back alley slum littered with garbage, graffiti, and human excrement. It was enough to make even Zarya feel nauseous. "Pigs, the lot of them..."

As she walked through the alley, Zarya was surprised to see no resistance. Her cannon had made a loud explosion, but no gang members. She figured the cowards were just scared of facing her and she didn't blame them one bit. They had no doubt heard what she did to the last group.

At last, the alley opened up to a spacious courtyard, which was definitely more up kept. A decapitated statue was in the center of the courtyard; Zarya read a plaque stating that it was supposed to be Guillermo Portero. "No respect for culture either." Something crashed loudly behind Zarya. Zarya, in her boisterous manner, shouted out loudly, "I was beginning to think there was no around to challenge me! Come out and fight me if you think you can handle it!"

After a minute, there was still dead silence. Zarya was disappointed, but she still felt like she was being watched. Zarya walked cautiously towards the noise, under an archway and around the corner. Merely a garbage can that had fallen over. However, beyond that, she saw a darkened nook. A perfect hideout for someone literally named "Shadow". Zarya made her way to the small hideout. The door was opened, and it felt like a trap. Zarya was not one to turn away however. She entered the hideout, which was empty. Sombra's computer station was there, along with her bed, and shelves lined with action figures, statues, and other assorted collectibles. Zarya chuckled to herself. "Typical. The hacker is a huge nerd." Zarya walked behind Sombra's station and peeked through her opened files.

"These are about Volskaya. Her daughter. What is this? Volskaya working with the omnics? What lies is this Sombra fabricating?!" A voice from behind scared Zarya. "Eye-opening, isn't it? You know, your heroes are never what they appear to be, are they?" Sombra stepped into the light, revealing her sinister smile.

Zarya stepped out from behind the workstation. "So, you're Sombra. I don't know what lies you fabricate here, but I will not let you belittle one of our national heroes!"

"Open your eyes lady! If I dealt in lies, I would be bankrupt. Your precious Volskaya has become a hero on the shoulders of betrayal and deception! It is her you should be trying to stop; if you're so prideful about your heroes, maybe you should actually idolize the ones who have actually done something! Like yourself."

"I'm no hero Sombra. What I do I do out of selfless respect for my country. And I will believe your dirty, venomous lies no longer!" Zarya charged up her particle cannon, blowing a huge hole out of Sombra's hideout as the shadowy lady dodged out of the way. "Damn it lady, open your eyes!"

Zarya tossed her particle cannon to the side. "I will not trust a woman who hides herself behind shadows and computer screens." Zarya bum rushed Sombra, tackling her hard to the ground. A powerful punch made Sombra reel and cry out with pain, and made her lose a few teeth. Zarya picked her up by the collar and threw her outside. Zarya truly was the world's strongest woman and Sombra felt every ounce of pain Zarya was dishing out. Sombra had her ace in the hole however.

Zarya was spirited now. "Look at how weak you are! You can barely even stand up after a mere minute of fighting." Suddenly, members of Los Muertos appeared from all around, ready to protect their leader. Zarya shouted out, "The more the merrier! Come on, hit me!" The gang members attacked Zarya was firearms and blades, while Sombra regained some strength. She powered up her special glove and ran at the distracted Zarya who noticed Sombra a second too late as the glove penetrated her body, sending a powerful shock through her nervous system as the gang members back off. Zarya bent down to her knees, feeling weak, powerless and even fearful. "What have you done to me, ved'ma?!"

Sombra knelt down in front of Zarya. "I have hacked into your very nervous system. I have you at my mercy. For example, I just made you forget how to use the bathroom. If I wanted to, I can make you lose your muscle at a rapid rate. I can turn you into a sniveling coward with a flick of my pinky. But, as fun as all that sounds, I just want you to listen to me." Sombra stood up, and smirked. "Although, I can't say the same thing for my gang members."

Zarya shouted out in fear as she was beat up by the Los Muertos gang members. Even as she was assault by the gang and in her weakened state, she felt great anger at Sombra for humiliating her like this. She would get her payback if it's the last thing she did.

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