Volskaya's Revenge (Overwatch Shorts Ep. 1)

Following the events of Infiltration, Zarya goes to Dorado to find the villain Sombra and get revenge on Volskaya's behalf.


4. Eyes Wide Open

Zarya felt sick to her stomach as she opened her eyes; she hadn't been beat that hard in a long time. Her eyes took a while to adjust through the tired blurriness, but as they opened, she realized she was in a place that she had not seen before. More things came to the Russian powerhouse: she was tied up tightly on the floor, and the place vaguely smelled of cheap booze. A small voice greeted her ears. "I think she's awake, Sombra." Zarya tried wriggling her way out of her bonds, but they were stronger than she was in her present state. A door creaked open and her tormentor appeared. "You're awake Zarya. It shocked me how long you lasted, most don't last seconds against my hacking prowess. You're strength should be slowly coming back, but I still have enough time for you to hear me out. Like I said, I just want to talk to you, open your eyes about the truth behind Volskaya. Beyond my gang activities and work with Talon, I really just want to see CHANGE in this cruel world of ours." Zarya laughed at the hacker, shaking her head. "You're so delusional. All you care about is your precious money, you don't care about who you hurt! Volskaya's daughter has nothing to do with this but you involve her anyway. And if you really cared about change, you would just release the information no matter the cost!" Sombra moved ever so close to her captive woman. "But here's the thing my dear Zarya, I was waiting for YOU. You're the hero Russia deserves, not that bruja." Zarya continued her boisterous laughter. "Like you would do something so selfless! I know there's something in it for you, there always is. You think you can control me through Talon, have me as a powerful ally. Then set me up as just as big a traitor as Volskaya!" Sombra realized Zarya saw right through her. She had to give Zarya credit, she was much smarter than she looked. "So you see right through me, fine! But I still have all the cards from where I'm standing. I can have you at my utter beck and call for eternity if you don't help me. Or maybe I need to give you another reminder?" Sombra powered up her glove, but Zarya did not flinch. In fact, Zarya was just starting to finally get herself undone. "Your parlor tricks will not frighten me anymore!" Zarya swung one arm loose, catching Sombra off guard before she can dig her claw into Zarya once more as the hacker went flying backwards. Sombra let loose an expletive, as Zarya became fully free. Sombra took aim at Zarya with her SMG, hoping to have one more shot with her. "Whatever you do to me will not be the end, Zarya! I know you know this! Either my spys or Talon will finish my work for me! Volskaya and her daughter will both be eliminated. You yourself will be derided for working for a traitor. But if you work with me, I can tell you right now it will be a better situation for everyone!" Zarya loomed over Sombra, and stepped on her arm to prevent any glove usage. "Let's say I believe you about Katya. Let's say I help you bring her down for good. You may be a dangerous woman, but so am I. You will not manipulate me when all is said and done because I don't give one fuck at what you will do to me. If you try anything against me..." Zarya knelt down close. "...I. WILL. BREAK YOU." Zarya stepped off of Sombra, letting her get up. "One more thing, Sombra, we do this my way." "I knew you would come to your senses Zarya. It looks like its time to take a trip to Russia."
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