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  • Published: 7 Sep 2017
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Perfection is he condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.
"We were born to be real, not to be perfect."
"Perfection is swallow, unreal and fatally uninteresting."
Ever since Zelena's sister and father died her mother Cora strove to create Zelena a perfect life. Whenever Zelena fussed about not wanting a perfect life, Cora would reply "My life wasn't perfect and now all I have is you..."
Zelena's happy with how her life has turned out so far...she was Merlin's heir, she was the top witch in the Wizarding World, she was the first cohort in the first order of Merlin...she really didn't want a perfect life...she wanted a happy life....


2. Two Flashbacks

Flashback…meeting Hades…

I gather up my books and rush towards the Slytherin commons…I had to study for my yearly exams. I must get perfect grades or Mother would punish me. My defense against the darks arts exam, my divinity exam, my transfiguration exam and my potions exam was coming up and I needed to study. I walk into the commons and my house hold scatters. I was there perfect prefect, everything must be orderly or I would report to Snape and the whole house would be punished. I pass and sit down in my chair. The boy Hades glances over at me. I had noticed him before but never thought about him until tonight. He comes over and sets his books beside mine. He sits down and begins his studies.

“They all admire you…every Slytherin looks up to you…they want to be perfect just like you…why do you strive for perfection?”

“My mother pushes me to perfection…I became the first cohort of the first order when I was seven. My mother didn’t teach me magic…I taught myself.”

“I’ve heard the stories...Zelena Mills…the magical mystery of the century…never thought you were quite this stunning though…well best get back to my studies. Not everyone is as perfect as you.”

End of Flashback.

In that moment, I fell for Hades and instead of studying I composed a lovely letter to my mother. She answered back a few weeks later with just a short sentence on perfect paper written perfectly. All she had said was ‘He seems perfect, and he’ll be the perfect addition to your already perfect life.’

“Come on Zelena, you must be perfect and on time.”

“Mother, I don’t want this life…I’m sick of being perfect.”

“Too bad darling, you’re stuck in your perfect life.”

“I don’t want perfect, I want to be happy…I won’t be happy with Hades.”

“Why ever not Zelena? You and Hades were meant to be…it’s a perfect match. Come now child…let’s get you all dressed up for your perfect wedding.”

“Mother, I won’t marry Hades…I don’t want my life to be perfect…I just want to be happy…”

“Perfection is happiness Zelena…if you won’t do this for you do it for your sister who’s dead and can’t ever obtain perfection…”


Zelena and Regina ran outside and began playing in the grassy field behind their houses. Both girls were three…Regina wore a brown and blue dress with her brown hair in a single braid…her twin sister Zelena wore a silver and green dress with her red hair in two braids. The girls ran around and their father came out to chase them. Then their mother came out.

“Zelena…Regina…it’s time for your lessons.”

“But Momma, let us play…please?”

“No Zelena…it’s time for your lessons.”

Cora pulled her hand back and it caught on fire. She then threw a fireball past the girls and the girls’ father caught it.

“Time for your lessons.”

“Yes Momma…”

Both girls walked hand in hand into their playroom and took out their picture books and elements to help them cast spells. They wouldn’t get wands until they were both eleven. Zelena could hear her mother and father discussing adult things while her sister and her did lessons.

“The Dark Lord is coming…he’s coming after me Henry.”

“Cora, therefore you should’ve never gotten involved with him…I’m going to protect you but you shouldn’t have gotten involved with him…”

“A perfect life…I should’ve been raised with a perfect life.”

Later that night as the girls slept Zelena awoke…she could hear her father and mother yelling. She opened her door a crack and peered out into the hall. Four or five wizards, including her father and mother battled the Dark lord. The Dark lord pointed his wand at Zelena’s father and uttered two words.

“Avada kedavra”

Henry fell on the ground and Cora collapsed on top of him…then the Dark Lord turned to Zelena. She ran back to her bedroom and hid under the bed…she didn’t even think about her twin sister. Then Zelena heard the dark one kill her twin. They were only three.  Zelena heard the four remaining wizards kill The Dark one. Cora found Zelena under the bed and comforted her daughter.

End of Flashback.

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