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  • Published: 7 Sep 2017
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Perfection is he condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.
"We were born to be real, not to be perfect."
"Perfection is swallow, unreal and fatally uninteresting."
Ever since Zelena's sister and father died her mother Cora strove to create Zelena a perfect life. Whenever Zelena fussed about not wanting a perfect life, Cora would reply "My life wasn't perfect and now all I have is you..."
Zelena's happy with how her life has turned out so far...she was Merlin's heir, she was the top witch in the Wizarding World, she was the first cohort in the first order of Merlin...she really didn't want a perfect life...she wanted a happy life....


8. Taking Merlin's Throne

I stand in a dark green dress that has silver lining and emerald jewels. On my head, I wear my black hat. My red curls are curled perfectly and Mother stands in the crowd…watching and waiting. Before I walked down the aisle she had taken me aside and whispered.

“Zelena Ravenna Mills you were named after two great people. The wife of Salazar Slytherin and the creator of House Ravenclaw. Today you will take Merlin’s position at 18 and break the perfection of your life. I have strived to give you a perfect life and today you taking that throne means I succeeded.”

“Mother I’m 18 and pregnant and becoming the ruler of the wizarding world. What do you mean you succeeded?”

“For years I lived according to the book. Having true perfection means things happen when you don’t plan them and those unplanned things happy perfectly. I pushed you for 15 years for this today darling.”

“Mother what would you have done had Regina lived? How would we share everything? Twins share everything.”
“I knew your sister and father would die. I just didn’t know how or when.”

“Mother…I don’t want to live perfectly. I want to be happy.”

“Perfection is happiness darling.”

“I want to be happy and I can’t be happy if you don’t stop trying to control my life.”

“Is that why you left Hades? Because he kept trying to control your life?”

“Yes, that’s exactly why Hades left…he was acting just like you…I don’t want to be perfect.”

         Now I stand and smile at the crowd. My daughter’s heart beats in my womb and I just smile. All the wizarding world attends. All my Hogwarts professors, all my long-time companions.

“Zelena Mills…head of house Slytherin in her Hogwarts and first cohort in the first order of Merlin. Do you promise to take Merlin’s place and uphold to your potential as the ruling witch of Wizarding London?”

“I do promise.”

“Do you promise to find an heir and start training that heir within fifty years of your reign?”

“I promise.”

“Being the youngest ruler and a teenager even holds a lot of power. Can you handle power?”
“Having a mother who strove to make my life perfect means I handled power from the time I was seven. I think I can handle a tad more power.”

“Do you promise to raise your children as a normal wizarding mother would raise her child?”
“My daughter is going to have the best life. I don’t want her to have my perfect life…I’ve been under stress with perfection. My child will have perfection but it won’t be as perfect.”

         Merlin takes off my black hat and places his own magical hat on my head. It was a great accomplishment. I feel a surge of power flowing through my veins and I look down and stare at my mother. Her striving me to be perfect made me successful faster. If I hadn’t had been given perfection then I would be 30 when I was finally made ‘queen’.

“Rise Lady Zelena…Grand High Witch of England…the Great and Powerful…more magical than Oz himself. More magical than Merlin himself. You are the most powerful and youngest magical being in all of history. Come now child…view your kingdom.”

“Merlin there are so many different things that the wizarding community calls me. What did they first call you when you started centuries ago?”

“King…I was their king.”

“What do they call me?”

“They call you queen because you are their queen.”

“I’m not a queen. I didn’t get here through birth. I got here by working my way to the top. I might be 18 but I worked for years to get this. What am I?”

“You are titled as the grand supreme high ruler of wizardry. What did you first call me when I first started training you at age seven?”

“I call you Master.”

“You are Madame Zelena.”

“That makes me feel so old. I’m not even a mother yet.”

“You’ll be a mother soon. What are you going to name her?”

“I don’t know. Goodnight Master Merlin.”

         I bid the crowd goodbye and apparated home to my castle. I change into my green pajamas and go to sleep in my new home. I was the ‘queen’ of the wizarding world and I was finally happy. 

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