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  • Published: 7 Sep 2017
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Perfection is he condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.
"We were born to be real, not to be perfect."
"Perfection is swallow, unreal and fatally uninteresting."
Ever since Zelena's sister and father died her mother Cora strove to create Zelena a perfect life. Whenever Zelena fussed about not wanting a perfect life, Cora would reply "My life wasn't perfect and now all I have is you..."
Zelena's happy with how her life has turned out so far...she was Merlin's heir, she was the top witch in the Wizarding World, she was the first cohort in the first order of Merlin...she really didn't want a perfect life...she wanted a happy life....


1. Perfection

She had everything, she had a perfect smile, perfect grades, perfect boyfriend, perfect parents and she attended the perfect school. She was the head of the Slytherin house, she was the first cohort in the first order of Merlin and in her third year she had won the TriWizard Contest. She always acted happy and she was smarter than any Ravenclaw but even as a young child her heart had always felt empty…

“Zelena, wake up darling…today is a really special day…”

“Mother, I don’t want to marry Hades.”

“He’s the perfect fit for your perfect life. Your life can’t be perfect unless you tell yourself that I am making good choices to make your life perfect.”

“Mother when will I be good enough for you.”

“When you’ve achieved perfect perfection.”

“I graduated as valedictorian, I’m the first cohort in the first order of Merlin, I’m the most powerful witch, I’m the most beautiful witch, I’m the most talented and the smartest. I have the perfect job and my family is ‘perfect’ how can I be any more perfect?”

“When you raise the perfect children, and have the perfect husband and the perfect family life. Come on Zelena, your perfect wedding is waiting.”

“Then after my perfect honeymoon, we’ll retire to the perfect house and I’ll go back to my perfect job as Merlin’s heir. I think I’ve already achieved perfection. Why must my life be so perfect?”

“You must have a perfect life so you don’t endure the pain I did. Zelena your life must be perfect because mine wasn’t and because mine wasn’t I lost your father and sister.”

“Mother perfection isn’t going to prevent death.”

“Me forcing you to be perfect prevented you from being killed by the Dark Lord. The same night your twin sister Regina died. You both were only three.”

“Mother I remember. I was supposed to be the perfect Slytherin and she was to be my other half, the perfect Ravenclaw. I read your diaries…”

“Come on time to put on your perfect wedding dress and start your perfect life.”

I was seventeen and had graduated from Hogwarts early…Sometimes I wished I could go back to my Hogwarts days. I remember when I met Hades, it was our fifth year and when I saw him studying in the Slytherin commons, I fell in love…we had the same colored eyes and the same future in mind. I later sent a letter to Mother and she insisted that he was the perfect man for my perfect life. Good grief how I hated that word” perfect”. It was like a curse word spewing from my mouth.

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