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  • Published: 7 Sep 2017
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Perfection is he condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.
"We were born to be real, not to be perfect."
"Perfection is swallow, unreal and fatally uninteresting."
Ever since Zelena's sister and father died her mother Cora strove to create Zelena a perfect life. Whenever Zelena fussed about not wanting a perfect life, Cora would reply "My life wasn't perfect and now all I have is you..."
Zelena's happy with how her life has turned out so far...she was Merlin's heir, she was the top witch in the Wizarding World, she was the first cohort in the first order of Merlin...she really didn't want a perfect life...she wanted a happy life....


6. Perfection Nearly Shattered

Two weeks after my birthday it’s finally Saturday and Hades has the whole day off. He had the whole day planned. I wake up and find his arms wrapped around me. He lets got as I jump up and run to the bathroom. I get sick into the toilet and then go back to bed. I lay for five minutes then jump up and get sick again. This getting sick goes on for about two hours. Finally, Hades gets out of bed, gets dressed and comes to check on me. I stare at him and weakly ask.

“What’s wrong with me today?”

“I don’t know my love. I think we should go to the hospital’
“No…I’ll be fine.”

“Zelena I’m serious we have to go see a Master Healer.”

“No…I won’t go.”

“I’ll call your Mother.”

“You wouldn’t”
“Don’t think for a moment I won’t”

         Hades tosses me my black dress and then goes downstairs. I quickly get dressed before grabbing my wand off my nightstand. I walk down the stairs and Hades stands there with a sweater for me.

“It’s not cold though.”

“It is a bit chilly the Healing Ward is always cold.”

“I really don’t want to go.”

“Would you rather go see Madame Pomfrey at Hogwarts?”

“I would actually.”

“I’m being sarcastic.”

“Not as sarcastic as Professor McGonagall can be. She was very sassy.”

“Come on Zel let’s go. We’re just a young couple in love…waiting to move to Merlin’s castle and waiting for the perfect little life to be obtained.”


“Zelena. What?”

         We get to the Healing Ward and we’re given paperwork and a seat in the lobby. I fill out the form as accurately as possible.

Name: Zelena Mills

Age: 18

DOB: April 15

Married: Yes

If yes, Spouse: Hades

Spouse’s DOB: April 24

Mother: Cora Mills

Father: Henry Mills

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Merlin Cohort Order: First cohort in first order

I take the paperwork back up the secretary and she smiles.

“Healer Jacobs will be with you shortly Ms. Mills. When do you move to Merlin’s castle?”

“I’m still his assistant…it’ll be not until I’m 30 at least.”

“You really are the best witch in all the world. Almost Merlin’s equal. There are rumors you are more talented than Merlin himself.”

“Those rumors aren’t even close to being accurate. Merlin is the great and powerful.”

“No, his father Oz was. You’re almost as powerful as Oz…”

“No thank you though.”

I walk back and sit next to Hades. He was so mature, both of us were but we still had that same childish air about us. We were maturing young teenagers who were married and not responsible.

“Hades…I don’t want the perfect life. All I need is to be happy.”

“I know…but look what being perfect has gotten you. Perfection is success.”

“I didn’t get here by being perfect.”

“You got there by working hard and in working hard you obtained perfection.”

“What if since I’m 18 and already above Merlin…what if I totally ruin your plan for my life?”

“You won’t…you’ll just have more time to be retired. More time to train your own apprentice.”

“If we do have any children they aren’t going to be cursed with my life.”

“Zelena…you are perfect and that perfection is only what some can dream about.”

“Hades…I don’t want to be perfect…I want to be happy….”

“Happiness can only be achieved by perfection.”

I grow angry and can feel myself turning green. I only turned green when I was angry or jealous. I only turned green when I was angry or jealous and right now I was angry. I didn’t get that nickname when I was four for nothing. My life hadn’t always been perfect. It wasn’t until I was six when Mother started my whole perfect life escapade. For a period of three years I was known throughout England as the baby Wicked Witch of the West.

         At Hogwarts when my studies weren’t perfect I would become the Wicked Witch. I’m good but my temper gets the best of me. Now I’m angry at Hades…my perfect life was shattering and I was happy about it.

“Get out Hades…go on…get out…I don’t want you here. Leave!”

“Zelena…we’ve only been married three months. Are you willing to shatter your perfect life?”

“I would love to end a life I’ve never wanted.”

         Hades leaves the Healing Ward and the spell breaks. I feel pain and emotion and sadness. Hades leaving is only the beginning to the end of my perfect life. Sure, I know I’m not going to lose what I’ve already achieved…I am still going to live in Merlin’s Castle…just ending my perfect life means I’m subjected to turning into the Adult Wicked Witch at any time. Destroying fourteen years of perfection would crush my mother. But hey who said life was perfect?

I take my wedding ring off my finger and drop it into my purse. Hades is gone or so I hope.

“Mills, Zelena. Healer Jacobs will see you now.”

“As you wish…”

         I walk into the exam room and Healer Jacobs extends her hand.

“Hi! I’m Healer Jacobs…you can call me Lana though.”

“Nice to meet you Lana. What’s wrong with me?”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Merlin’s Heir…I have no clue but will find out in a jiffy. So, you’re married?”

“Maybe not now…Hades wants perfection and that’s not what I want.”

“Having a perfect life is impossible. Anyone who forces you to do what you don’t want deserves to be kicked out on their broom seats. Have you tried a pregnancy test?”

“No…My mother Cora tells me I’m not allowed to have a child until I’m 21. She’s planned out my whole life.”

“I know…she published the book of your life like seven years ago. Interesting to read about the future. Although this wasn’t in the book. You’re pregnant. Congrats!”

“Thank you Lana…thank you…You’ve helped me continue to shatter the perfection.”

“You’re welcome Zelena. See you in a month.”

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