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  • Published: 7 Sep 2017
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Perfection is he condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.
"We were born to be real, not to be perfect."
"Perfection is swallow, unreal and fatally uninteresting."
Ever since Zelena's sister and father died her mother Cora strove to create Zelena a perfect life. Whenever Zelena fussed about not wanting a perfect life, Cora would reply "My life wasn't perfect and now all I have is you..."
Zelena's happy with how her life has turned out so far...she was Merlin's heir, she was the top witch in the Wizarding World, she was the first cohort in the first order of Merlin...she really didn't want a perfect life...she wanted a happy life....


7. Mother...

I’m pregnant…it was truly a miracle. Me being pregnant at 18 defied all my mother’s plans for my life. I wasn’t supposed to get pregnant until I was 21 and yet I’m pregnant and divorced…technically separated but soon we would be divorced. I’m breaking the chains and ruining my perfect life. I wasn’t supposed to claim Merlin’s throne and castle until I was 30 and yet I was packing my bags and moving now. I finish pushing everything that’s mine into the center of the room. Merlin waved his wand and it brought all my things including him and me to his castle.

“Zelena Mills…this is your castle now. The crowing ceremony will be held in two days. The press has been notified and I’m sorry about your divorce. Your life seemed perfect but I can tell you’re much happier and by the way. Congrats on the bundle of joy.”

“Thank you Merlin. Thank you so much.”

“You became second in command when you were seven…it’s high time you become the high grand witch of England. You are Zelena the Great and Powerful.”

“Master Merlin…aren’t you more powerful than me?”

“No Zelena…you are more powerful than my father and he was powerful.”

“Master Merlin…is it bad that I’m trying to break my perfection?”

“No, it’s not bad…it’s good…you’re becoming more powerful every day. Good day darling…enjoy your new home.”

“Where are you going to live?”
“I’m going to go back to my first home.”

         Merlin leaves and I’m left to wander around. I explore every room and finally select the room with all the Hogwarts montage. It has flags and trophies and it’s simply wonderful. In the corner is a silver baby cradle and in the closet are numerous princess dresses for a baby girl. I find a note in Merlin’s own writing and read it aloud.

“For your daughter…Zelena take good care of her and always remember to look for an heir. If you want your daughter to be an heir don’t rush her like your mother rushed you. Give her a happy life not a perfect one. Perfection leads to unhappiness it you wait too long to shatter it.”

         I put the note back down and wonder how he knew I was carrying a daughter. I was more powerful than Merlin and I didn’t even know. I guess I was having a daughter. I need to decide on a name for her. I miss Hades but it had been two months…I doubt he was ever coming back. I need to tell Mother everything. She didn’t know what was going on.


“Yes Zelena…Have you been eating unhealthy again?”

“No Mother…that’s why I want to talk to you…”

“I stopped by your apartment and no one was there. I stopped by your office and you weren’t there. Zelena what’s been going on the last few months?”

“Mother just listen. Hades and I are getting a divorce…we separated two months ago.”

“He’s perfect for you…you’re supposed to be living the perfect life. You’re supposed to be following the book.”

“Mother everything you planned from here on out can’t happen.”

“Why not?”

“I’m four months pregnant and I’m taking Merlin’s place today. I’m not living in the apartment anymore. I just moved into the castle.”

“You’re pregnant…why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I didn’t want to ruin the plan.”

“Zelena your life is ruined. We must fix this…you can’t be given Merlin’s position today. You aren’t 30. You don’t have three kids yet. You can’t do this.”

“Mother. The perfection is nearly shattered. The birth of my daughter, the separation and the coronation today will shatter my perfection. The perfect you’ve forced me to have for fifteen years. It’s over Mother.”
“You’re having a daughter? What’s her name?”
“I don’t know…goodbye Mother.”
“Zelena fix things with Hades. Does he even know about the pregnancy?”

“No and he won’t find out. Hades is gone…he moved to America.”

“Zelena…everything must be turned back. I can use my time turner.”

“Mother…don’t you dare. I’m finally happy don’t you ruin it.”


Zelena stood in the kitchen and watched her mother bake an apple pie. She watched as her mother did numerous things and did everything her mother asked.

“Zelena what do you want to do in life?”
“I want to be happy. Mother I don’t want power…I don’t want perfection.”

“Too late darling…now go upstairs and pack your things. You leave for Hogwarts in the morning.”

“One day Mother…one day I swear…I will break this perfection and finally be happy.”
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

End of Flashback

         I say goodbye to my mother and kiss her cheek. She smiles and she realizes I’m finally happy. I know deep down all she wants is my happiness and for years she thought perfection was the answer. I’m going to prove her wrong.

“You will come to my coronation right?”

“Yes, I’ll come. I’m so proud of you.”

“I love you Mom.”

“I love you too Zelena.”

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