Forevermore (Star-Crossed) (S1)

Meet Amelia, the best friend, of Emery Whitehill. Both girls don't understand why people treat the Atrians, but they're about to find out. Will they stand on their own? Or will they fall in line with everyone else? Read and find out. I don't own Star-Crossed. I only own Amelia.


6. Stabbed with a White Wench's Black Eye

The morning started out pretty normal because Emery and I were on our morning run. I kept getting this feeling that we were being followed, and that only intensified when I saw a car actually following us. The car followed Emery and I up a hill and both of us decided to see what they wanted.


“Matt Bandell.” the guy said as he got out of his car.


“I remember you.” I started.


“From the swim meet.” Emery finished.


“Reporter for the Smatter Chatter.” Matt Bandell said.


“The online tabloid.” Emery said.


“So, Matt Bandell from the Smatter Chatter. Care to explain why you're following us?” I questioned.


“Uh, I need a quote for a story I'm working on.” Bandell replied.


“About reporters stalking young girls on their morning run?” Emery asked.


“No. About cyper.” Bandell replied.


“That's that bogus Atrian herb, right?” I questioned.


“Well, people say it cures diseases, but I don't need to tell either of you that.” Bandell replied.


Emery and I gave him a confused look before showing us a video of Emery, Julia, and I talking about cyper.


“You were saying?” Bandell questioned with a smirk.


“We were just discussing with our friend about a conspiracy web site.” I started.


“We were telling her that we read that it was real. How is that a story?” Emery finished.


“Well, I know two out of the three of you were sick for a long time and now cured.” Bandell said.


“Yeah, thanks to modern medicine.” Emery said.


“Or could it have something to do with cyper?” Bandell questioned.


“I don't care what a web site says. Cyper's a hoax.” Emery started.


“Do you really want to turn us into freaks of our high school based on a hunch? And if you publish this fake story, you're gonna be made into a pariah, too. You want an exclusive story? Something that can get you some real attention?” I finished.


“Why should I listen to either of you?” Bandell asked as he looked between the two of us.


“Because we have something you don't: Access.” I replied.


“We go to school with the Atrian seven. We can get you something better than cyper.” Emery added.


“All right. If you can bring me a juicer story in the next 48 hours, I'll publish it. If not, I'm running with what I've got on cyper.” Bandell said before getting in his car and driving off.


“What the hell are we going to do, Em?” I asked as I looked at her.


“I don't know Lea, but we can't let him publish that story.” Emery replied.


I nodded my head before both of us headed on home to get ready for school. Emery and I were watching this video about some explosion outside the sector when Grayson walked up.


“Hey.” Grayson said as he walked up to both Emery and I.


“Do you know anything about this attack on the sector last night?” Emery asked in a hushed tone.


“No. No, those Red Hawks must have gone rogue. My parents don't encourage violence to get their message across.” Grayson replied.


Emery and I shared looks before looking back to Grayson.


“Emery, Lea, I don't condone my parents' feelings about the Atrians, but they're still my parents. And there's still some good left in them. Like their charity ball.” Grayson said.


“About that, I don't think it's a good idea for us to go.” Emery started.


“Or the Atrians. How can you even be sure it's gonna be safe?” I finished.


“My dad's a councilman and he's considering running for congress. I promise both of you, tomorrow night's only controversy will involve the words “crab” and “dip”. And it would really mean a lot to me to have both of you by my side.” Grayson replied.


I was shocked that Grayson said that but I also knew that he was only saying that because of everything that's happened so far.


“We have to go talk to Julia.” Emery said before both of us got up.


“Wha... What about the ball?” Grayson asked.


“We'll let you know.” I replied.


Emery, Julia, and I went into an empty classroom and we told Julia everything.


“Roman saved me with cyper. If anyone finds out, I'm back to a life of tubes and needles, being studied like a lab rat, along with the Atrians.” Julia said.


“Stop. You're our best friend. We will never let that happen.” I said.


“Well, then what are we going to do?” Julia asked.


“We've got to find Bandell another story.” Emery replied.


“Well, might I remind you that you're already sitting on a story juicier than cyper? Both of you know who the leaders of the Red Hawks are.” Julia said.


“We can't destroy Grayson's family like that.” I started.


“As hateful as his parents' beliefs are, we don't know if they've done anything wrong.” Emery finished.


“Em, Lea, you heard the news report. The Red Hawks just graduated from a hate group to a terrorist organization. Consider it a public service. Who knows what they're gonna do next?” Julia questioned.


“Grayson assured us that his parents didn't order the attack.” Emery replied.


“That doesn't change the fact that they're Hatrians, Em. Lea. You know what, even if you can get Bandell something better, who's to say he won't still pursue the cyper story?” Julia asked.


“I think I might have an idea.” I replied while getting up.


Emery followed suit and said, “But while we go look for another story, we need you to talk to Lukas.”


Emery and I went off to find Grayson and I just let Emery do all the talking.


“And you believe him?” Emery asked as Grayson just told us that Eric wants out of the Red Hawks.


“I do. He told me he was out, but they still want him to go to a Red Hawk meeting tomorrow night after the ball. Last ditch effort to get him to stay. Eric's not perfect, but he can admit when he's wrong. What?” Grayson replied before looking at Emery with a questionable look.


“It's just you always choose to see the good in people. I like that about you.” Emery replied.


“Well, when you have parents like mine, it kind of becomes your default setting.” Grayson said.


“Lea and I would be honored to be your dates to the charity ball.” Emery said.


I just smiled and then felt like someone was staring at me. I turned my head and realized that Roman was looking at me. I gave him a smile, which he returned, before turning attention back to Emery and Grayson.


*Third POV*


“Well that explains it.” Drake said as he walked up to Roman, who was watching Lea.


“What?” Roman asked as he looked at Drake.


“Your constant defense of humans. You're hot for one of 'em.” Drake replied.


“Lea's a friend.” Roman said.


Come on. We may be in different worlds right now, but I've still known you my whole life. I wonder how you'd feel if you knew who your “friend” was close to.” Drake said.


“What are you talking about?” Roman asked confused.


“Grayson's parents are the leaders of the Red Hawks.” Drake replied.


Roman just stared at Drake because he didn't know what to think.


“You don't believe me, do you? Look at me. Look at me. I'm telling you the truth.” Drake said while trying to convince Roman.


“If that's the truth, then he's keeping it from both Emery and Lea.” Roman said.


“How much do you even know about them? They could be Red Hawks too. Humans can't be trusted.” Drake said.


“Emery and Lea have been our biggest supporters since day one. Even you can see that.” Roman growled.


Zoe walked up, gave Drake his invite for the ball, and then walked off.


“You're going to the Montrosses' ball? Even after what you just told me?” Roman asked.


“They invited us. I can't be rude.” Drake replied.


“Vega's planning some sort of retribution, isn't she?” Roman questioned.


“Don't let it concern you.” Drake replied.


“Yeah, well, it does concern me. Because I'm gonna be there watching your every move. I'm your plus one.” Roman said before giving Lea one last glance and getting on the bus.


*End of POV*


The next day, Emery, Julia, and I spent most of our day looking for dresses. We finally found our dresses and headed on home to get ready.


“Damn girl, you look gorgeous.” Julia said after I stepped into my dress.


Emery, Julia, and I then headed to the charity ball and I was already starting to get nervous. I still feel weird in this dress, but I only dress up every so often so I guess I can suck it up. I gave Roman and Drake a smile before going to talk to Julia after Grayson's mom pulled Emery away from me.


Emery soon rejoined us and I knew that something was off just by the way she was acting. Emery, Julia, and I talked for a few minutes before Emery and I coaxed Julia into talking to Eric. Emery and I decided to go look for Grayson, and when we did, we found him with Roman, and it looked like they were having an intense conversation.


“What's going on?” Emery and I asked.


“Go ahead. Tell them.” Roman replied as he looked at Grayson.


Grayson didn't say a word, but I think I know what's fixing to be said.


“Emery, Lea, Grayson's been lying to both of you this whole time. His parents are the leaders of the Red Hawks.” Roman told us.


Emery and I looked at each other before looking back at Roman.


“Roman...” I started.


“We know.” Emery finished.


Roman looked at us like we had stabbed him in the heart, before turning around and walking away from us. Emery, Grayson, and I shared a look before Emery and I went after Roman.


“Roman, you don't understand! Grayson isn't a Red Hawk, and if we thought his parents were gonna be a threat to you or any other Atrian at the party, we would have told you.” I said.


“The Red Hawks protest every day at the sector gates, reminding my people how we're not wanted here. They left a doll with a knife stuck in it for my sister. They tried to blow up the sector yesterday. Both of you knew who the leaders were and neither of you didn't think to tell me? Why? Because of Grayson?” Roman questioned as he looked from me to Emery.


“It's not that simple.” Emery said.


“Emery, Lea, if the Red Hawks had been successful, do you know how many Atrians could have died? Do either of you even care?” Roman growled before he turned to walk away.


“No! You don't get to just walk away! We have been fighting for you and the Atrians ever since you showed up. You know that.” I growled as I stopped Roman from leaving.


“Grayson can't help who his parents are, but at least he's honest with us and there for us.” Emery continued because she knew that I was breaking little by little.


“You want to be angry with us? Fine. All you ever do is push me away and act like I don't exist, so, really, it's not that big of a deal.” I said.


Emery just stood off to the side because she knew that Roman and I needed to have this talk.


“Do you think that's what I want? Do you think it doesn't kill me every time I have to walk away from you?” Roman questioned as he stepped closer to me.


“Then why?” I asked.


“I told you. I have been telling you. It's to keep you safe.” Roman replied.


“And I've told you, I don't need protecting.” I said.


“Yes, you do. There are Atrians out there that would kill you if they had the chance. Every day, I am fighting to make sure that never happens. I don't know how long it will take, but I do know that I can't ask you to wait for a day that might never come. I would give you everything. Just not now.” Roman said before walking away.


I didn't know what to do, but I felt Emery hug me tight, so I hugged her back just as tight. We headed back inside and met back up with Grayson. Grayson and Emery talked before Grayson gave me a hug.


“You have no idea how much I needed that.” I told Grayson.


Grayson just chuckled and then we pulled apart. I decided to get some fresh air and as I'm staring into the stars, I hear a car start up. I look over and see this car leaving the party and that didn't sit well with me at all. I went to head inside but stopped when I heard talking. I followed the voice and saw Roman staring at this hologram that said something about Grayson and releasing people from the crate.


“So, how are we saving Grayson?” I questioned Roman.


“No. I'm not having you involved in this.” Roman replied.


“You have no choice in this, Roman. I actually like Grayson and he's good for Emery. Plus, if you don't let me help then I'll just go to Grayson's parents.” I said.


Roman seemed to be weighing his options, but decided to let me help him. Both of us ran to the docks and I knew that we were going to have to swim to get to where they were taking Grayson. Roman told me to hold my breath and both of us took off after Grayson. We finally made it to land and took off up a hill. A car stopped in front of us and I was shocked to Zoe and Drake together.


“Drake, I know what your plan is. This is crazy. We got to get Grayson back before it's too late.” Roman called out to Drake and Zoe.


Zoe then started driving the car towards Roman and I, so we jumped out of the way while Drake grabbed the wheel and flipped the car. Roman and I got Grayson out of the car and Drake helps us. I just focused my attention on Grayson while Roman and Drake talked.


“Zoe, put the gun down.” Roman said after Zoe hit Drake with the butt of her gun.


“I've got a better idea. You're going to do everything I say, or your friend dies.” Zoe said as she moved her gun between me and Roman.


Both of us put our hands up because we wanted her to know that we meant no harm. Zoe made Drake and Roman get on their knees with their hands behind their heads, but she

had a hold of my arm.


“You told us you'd spare us if we did what you said.” Roman said.


“Aw. Are you feeling let down? Betrayed? Now you know how I feel. (Zoe hit Drake with her gun, I guess to prove a point)You let me down, Drake. You broke the Trag code, so now you have to die. Roman witnessed our plan, so he has to die, too. And I guess I can use this pathetic human as leverage.” Zoe said as she looked from Roman, to Drake, and then to me, while tightening her grip on my arm.


“Wait. Think about this. I can help you. My uncle is iksen. I've got connections.” Roman said.


“Shut up!” Zoe growled.


Drake then attacked Zoe and I was happy to have my arm free, but I knew that I would have a bruise tomorrow.


“We should kill her. If we don't, she could tell the Trags, and they'll come after both of us and send someone after her.” Drake said and I knew that he was referring to me when he said her.


“We can't do this.” Roman said.


“Yeah, maybe you can't. I'm a warrior.” Drake said.


“Warriors protect Atrian lives. Whether we like it or not, she's one of us.” Roman said.


Drake pulled Zoe up and pointed her own gun at her.


“Drake, don't.” Roman said while Zoe chuckled.


“You just signed your own death sentences. And for what? For a human? You think you saved Grayson? You know that you just put off the inevitable. Enjoy your time with your humans, boys. Their days are numbered.” Zoe laughed before walking away.


“We got to get Grayson back now.” Roman told Drake.


“What are we going to tell him?” Drake asked.


“Tell him we found him on the front lawn, drunk. He's not going to remember anything.” Roman replied.


“Well, you might as well get your human girl home. We're all gonna be dead soon.” Drake said before picking Grayson up and walking away.


I just rolled my eyes but I'm happy that all of us are alive. Roman and I headed home and I was happy to sleep the night away. The next day I got up and took a shower. After my shower, I went into Emery's room and talked to Julia and Emery. Both girls talked me into going to talk to Roman, and as we were leaving, Grayson walked up to the door.


Julia left and I tried to leave but Grayson asked me to stay. Grayson, Emery, and I talked for a little bit before I gave Grayson a hug. Grayson hugged me back and that's when I noticed Roman staring at me through the window. After Grayson and I pulled apart, I let Emery and Grayson talk and went to talk to Roman.


Roman told me that he was checking on me and I was elated. We decided to go for a walk and just talk and I hope that maybe by doing this, Roman will come around, but only time will tell.



Amelia's running outfit:


Amelia's outfit to school:


Amelia's outfit to the charity ball:


Amelia's outfit:

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