Forevermore (Star-Crossed) (S1)

Meet Amelia, the best friend, of Emery Whitehill. Both girls don't understand why people treat the Atrians, but they're about to find out. Will they stand on their own? Or will they fall in line with everyone else? Read and find out. I don't own Star-Crossed. I only own Amelia.


1. Pilot

Emery and I are on our morning run, and my mind keeps going back to the boy in the shed. I wonder what would have happened if he didn't try to save us. Would he still be alive? Emery nudged me as we got to the hospital because I guess that she had been calling my name, but I was too caught up in my thoughts to hear her.


“Hey, Jules.” Emery and I said as we walked into her hospital room.


“Hey, Emery, Lea. Only you guys can pull off sweaty sexy at 7am.” Julia said back.


“Time to stretch. Come on.” Emery said as she stood at the end of Julia's bed.


“My former hospital buddy's now my personal trainer.” Julia said with a smile.


“You said you always wanted one.” I told her.


“Yeah. Named Fernando or Tristan. With an accent and abs.” Julia said.


All three of us laughed as Emery helped Julia stretch. I stood by the TV and watched what was going on. I watched as Emery's dad, Ray Whitehill, scanned the wrist of the Atrian 7 that would be joining us in school. I should call Mr. Whitehill dad because he basically raised me since I was little.


You see, my parents were killed when I was little. I don't remember much about what happened and the only thing that Mr. Whitehill has told me is that it was a break in gone wrong. I'm glad that the Whitehill's took me in because who knows what would've happened to me.


I tuned out anything that Emery and Julia talked about because my eyes were focused on one of the Atrian 7, who looked a little like the boy from the shed. Emery and I went home, showered, changed clothes, and headed to school. Emery was coming back after 4 years and I was following right behind her.


I was pulled out of school when Emery got really sick because Mr. and Mrs. Whitehill didn't think it was right for me to be at school if Emery took a time turn for the worst. My teachers didn't understand why I was being pulled when Emery wasn't blood related to me, but the principle explained to them that the Whitehill's adopted me, and now I was their child. I was then pulled from my thoughts when Lukas, a friend of ours, started explaining stuff to us.


“In the tech lab are code monkeys. It's kind of like this weird world dominated by chimps and orangutans or whatever... has no idea how to communicate with humans. And if you look discreetly to your two o'clock: Asian fashionistas. They never wear the same thing twice. And further up the stairs, to your two o'clock: on the second landing, are the Lenin worshipers. The Communist Lenin, not the Beatle. What's your first class? English lit? I hope you don't get Mr. Turk. I mean, he'll make you read Atlas Shrugged. And let's just say that it is a total, utter downer.” Lukas was explaining.


I could tell that Emery wasn't really listening to him because she was staring at this cute boy. I can already tell that Emery will get this boy to be her boyfriend before too long.


“It's a downer, Em, and I'm so sure that you're not even listening to me.” Lukas said and I was trying so hard not to giggle.


“Em!” Lukas and I yelled and Lukas popped her arm.


“Yes, I'm listening. You said it's a total and utter downer.” Emery said as she looked between Lukas and I.


“Hey. They're here.” a girl told us.


Everybody gathered around and watched as the Atrian 7 were led into the school and told to stand n a straight line. I looked at all 7 of them and locked eyes with one of the boys. We stared at each other and I swear that he reminds me of the boy in the shed. The Atrian's were then led away and the rest of us went to get our things for class. I couldn't help but giggle at Emery because she couldn't get her locker open. Mine opened pretty quickly, so I just stood by and watched Emery.


“Right. You got to use your right hand.” the guy that Emery was staring at said.


Emery tried again and her locker opened.


“Yes. I'm not usually this technologically inept.” Emery said with a laugh.


“It's okay. You get a pass on your first day. Where you transferring from?” the guy asked.


“Oh, nowhere. We've just been out. For the last four years.” Emery said.


“I transferred last year from Newhall. And I'm not on the welcoming committee or anything, but I know my way around, so if you need anything...” the guy said.


This guy is just too cute. I hope that Emery gives him a chance because they would make a cute couple.


“Thanks. For the finger tip. I mean, for the tip for the locker.” Emery said.


I had to tug her away because I didn't want her to embarrass herself in front of this really cute guy. While we were in class, I basically tuned out just about every conversation going on around me, until a guy decided to pick a fight. Lukas told me that the guy's name was Eric and he was known for being a huge jerk.


“You eat our food, wear our clothes, breathe our air, but you can't be bothered to pledge our flag?” Eric growled.


“We're not citizens.” one of the Atrians replied.


I still don't know all of their names, but I'm going to try to learn them, so I can tell them apart.


“Oh, that's right. You're Martians.” Eric said.


“Well, technically, Martians are from Mars. We're from a far superior planet.” another Atrian said.


Now, this Atrian is the same one that reminds me of the boy in the shed, and I can't wait to learn his name.


“What did you say to me, freak?” Eric growled.


The teacher stopped Eric from saying anything else and I was happy about that because I wasn't sure what would've happened if she hadn't. The rest of the day went by pretty good and that night, mom decided to ask us about why we weren't eating our food. Emery told her that we were thinking about the boy in the shed and our mom said that not everyone can be saved. For some reason, I believe in my heart that the boy in the shed is still alive, but I can't be too sure.


The next day at lunch, Emery and I got a surprise, but I believe that there's more to it than what's being said.


“Hey. It's Emery and Amelia, right? You guys live over on Woodglen?” Taylor asked as she walked up to us.


“Yeah.” Emery and I replied.


“Let me see your phone.” Taylor said.


I couldn't reach mine, so Emery let Taylor see hers and I heard a beep from their phones.


“There's a party at this abandoned farmhouse. You guys should come.” Taylor told us.


“Can I bring Lukas?” Emery asked.


“Sure, yeah. If you guys are, like, a package deal.” Taylor replied.


“We're friends.” I told Taylor.


“Oh, good. Because Grayson wasn't sure.” Taylor said.


“Grayson... was... asking?” Emery stuttered while glancing at Grayson.


Taylor just smirked at us before walking off. I shook my head because that just proved that Grayson liked Emery. Emery and I went to relieve Lukas of his duties on whatever it was that he and Emery convinced me to help in. Emery and Lukas talked about the party that Taylor invited us to, and I just continued to set up.


“This your club?” one of the Atrians asked as he walked up to me and Emery.


I knew that this Atrian's name was Roman because he was in most of my classes, and he's also the guy that reminds me of the boy in the shed.


“Mm.” I hummed.


“I found it really comforting.” Emery said.


“You were in the club last year?” Roman asked.


“No. I was a patient. I spent the last four years in the hospital because of an immune deficiency.”Emery replied.


“I enjoyed watching people come spend some time with Emery and it helped occupy everyone's mind.” I said.


Roman looked between Emery and myself and I could tell that he was thinking about something.


“Hmm. So, what did you prefer? The painting or the scrapbooking?” Roman asked.


“Uh... the scrapbooking.” Emery replied.


I just nodded my head because I enjoyed the scrapbooking as well.


“Oh. So anyone can join?” Roman asked.


I glanced over at Emery because I didn't know how to tell him that he couldn't join.


“Uh... it's a lot of after-school hours, and with your curfew and not being permitted outside the Sector... I mean, your Sector without permission, I...” Emery replied.


“No, I understand. I understand.” Roman said.


I was glad that he wasn't mad at us because I really wanted him to join our club and I hate that we can't let Atrians join anything.


“My memories are stored on a separate computer anyway, so I probably wouldn't be good at scrapbooking.” Roman said.


Emery and I shared a look before we looked back at Roman. I couldn't help but giggle because I thought that the joke was funny.


“Joking.” Roman said once he realized that Emery was confused.


Emery gave a short laugh, and then Roman said, “Thanks anyway.” before walking off.


I saw Eric walk up to him and I knew that this was going to be bad.


“You like talking to our girls there, Tattie? You think they're pretty?” Eric taunted.


“I was interested in joining their club, but they wouldn't have me.” Roman replied calmly.


“Oh, well.” Eric laughed.


“No, don't feel bad. It's just as well. I don't have an artistic bone in my body.” Roman chuckled.


“Do you have any bones in your body?” Eric asked.


By now everyone in the cafeteria was watching the exchange and I could tell that everyone was trying to figure out what to do or say about the exchange.


“Good point. Our, uh, skeletal system is made up of, centipedes holding hands, but that's Atrian secret number 125. How do you know that?” Roman asked with a small smirk.


I smirked myself because I was happy that Roman wasn't letting Eric walk all over him. I tuned out the rest of the conversation because I didn't care after Roman shut Eric down. The rest of the day went by fairly quickly and before I knew it, Emery and I were talking to Julia. I just sat off to the side because I wasn't as close to Julia as Emery was, but I still cared for the girl.


“What the hell?” I questioned as I showed Emery the release forms.


Emery confronted Julia and she told us that she was tired of seeing her parent's face falter. I felt bad for them but this doesn't mean that Julia has to go home and die instead of fighting.


“They'll let you out for an hour, right?” Emery asked.


“Why? Where are we going?” Julia asked.


“Emery, this is a very bad idea. What the hell are we going to do if we get caught? Dad is going to kill us.” I growled to Emery as we headed to the Sector.


“We can't lose Julia, Lea. If cyper is grown here, then we need to know for sure.” Emery said back.


All of us got inside the Sector and everything was going fine until two Atrians got into a fight and the guards were locking down the Sector. I gave Emery a look and she just rolled her eyes. All of a sudden, Roman showed up and led us to the roof, which looked like some type of garden.


“We'll be safe up here.” Roman said as Emery shut the door to the roof.


“Jules, you okay?” Emery asked.


“Are you kidding me? That was amazing.” Jules laughed.


“What are you guys doing here?” Roman asked.


“Uh... we came for your cyper.” I replied while glancing at Emery and Julia.


“Well, why didn't you just say so? I guess its curative powers are no longer just our secret. Come on. We smuggled some seeds into the Sector from our ship.” Roman said as he led us closer to the garden.


“What is this place?” I asked looking around.


“My dad and I built it. It's kind of like our own private sanctuary. Here it is.” Roman replied.


“Wow. Wow, there's so much of it!” Julia said as she and Emery looked around.


“Take as much as you'd like.” Roman said.


“Is this really cyper?” Emery asked.


“Yep. It's really cyper. Or, as you call it, saffron.” Roman replied.


“Saffron?” I asked.


“Well, it's our own version of it. We use it for cooking, but some enterprising guards have made a good amount of cash selling our spice's magic remedy to... gullible humans outside the Sector.” Roman replied.


“It was worth a shot.” Julia sighed.


“Do you... have a sick friend?” Roman asked.


“Um, I don't. They do.” Julia said as she nodded at us.


“Um, I'm sorry.” Roman sad because he didn't really know what to say.


“Hey, this wasn't a total loss. At least I got to see this place. I'm... obsessed with all things Atrian.” Julia said before shivering.


“And why in the world would you come out without a jacket?” I asked as I handed my jacket over to Julia.


“I didn't really have a chance to grab one.” Julia laughed before slipping on my jacket.


I guess the wind decided to spite me because it blew and I couldn't stop myself from shivering.


“You're shivering. Here.” Roman said as he took off his jacket.


I noticed the scar on his stomach and I also noticed that Emery did too.


“Thanks. You're so chivalrous.” I giggled while putting on Roman's jacket.


“Wow. City looks beautiful from up here.” Julia said as she walked away.


“How did you get that scar?” Emery asked.


“It... It happened a long time ago. On Arrival Day.” Roman replied.


“That was you i... in the shed, wasn't it?” I started.


“You knew this whole time. How?” Emery finished.


“The moment I saw you both at school, I had this... bizarre craving for cold spaghetti.” Roman chuckled.


“But we were sure you were dead. We saw them carry you away.” Emery said.


“I came close. One of my hearts actually stopped beating for a few minutes. Luckily, I have a backup. I never got to thank you guys... for saving my life.” Roman said.


“I... I was six. Lea was seven. We hardly did anything.” Emery said.


“You guys were kind... when everyone else was cruel. That's something.” Roman said.


All of a sudden, an alarm started blaring, and a voice came over the speaker and said something about curfew.


“Curfew starts in ten minutes; you guys should go.” Roman said.


As we got ready to leave, I tried to give Roman his jacket back, but he told me to keep it. For some reason, I feel this pull towards Roman, but I'm not sure if I should listen to my heart or fall in line with everybody else. As we got outside the Sector, I didn't hear a word that was said between Emery and Julia. I was pulled from my thoughts when Emery and Julia pulled me to them for a group hug. I hugged them back before we headed our separate ways. The next day at school, I was at my locker and saw Eric harassing Sophia and he wasn't alone.


“Come on, you got to have a boyfriend back in the Sector, right?” Eric asked.


“No. There's nobody.” Sophia laughed.


“Who knew an Atrian could be so sexy? You're the talk of the school.” Eric said.


“Mm. Oh, but don't tell your friend Teri, though, 'cause we think she might bite.” one of Eric's friends said.


“I should get to class.” Sophia laughed lightly.


“Where you going? Where you going? Hey, tell me something, is it true what they say about Tatties? Oh...” Eric said as he grabbed Sophia's arm.


“That's enough Eric.” I growled as I stepped into the conversation.


“Well, you're kind of feisty one, aren't you?” Eric asked as he totally ignored me.


“Hey! Hey! Leave her alone.” Roman yelled as he stepped into the conversation and pulled Sophia to him, which put her with me since I was standing behind Roman.


“You just can't seem to stay out of my way, can you?” Eric growled.


“That's my sister.” Roman replied.


“Oh. Okay.” Eric said before punching Roman.


Eric and his friends then jumped Roman and the only thing I could do was stay with Sophia. Both of us were hollering for Roman and asking for help, but no one seemed to want to help. Finally, some guards broke up the fight but I could tell that they only cared about Eric and the guards took Roman off somewhere.


“Are you alright Sophia?” I asked as I looked at her.


“I am, thank you. I'm just worried about Roman.” Sophia replied.


“I'll go talk to Gloria and help Roman as much as I can.” I told Sophia.


Sophia gave me a smile before I told her to go to class. I found Gloria's office, knocked on the door, and entered after she told me too.


“Can I help you with something, Amelia?” Gloria asked.


“I just wanted to give my account on what happened, and if you tilt your head back it'll help with your nose bleed.” I replied as I stood next to Roman.


Roman did as I said and Gloria listened to me as I told her exactly what happened. Gloria seemed to believe me and then she told me that I could go. I gave her and Roman a smile before going to my locker. Not too long after, Emery joined me, and Grayson and Taylor showed up a few minutes later.


“Hey. You're coming tonight, right?” Grayson asked.


“Yes, Grayson, you're going to see her tonight. God, attempt to be cool. Even social newbies like Emery still like a little cool with their drool.” Taylor replied before walking off.


“Uh....” Grayson said before walking off.


“I'm totally confused right now.” I told Emery.


“Don't feel bad because I am too.” Emery said.


We went home and got ready for the party. It's funny because both Emery and I decided to wear heels and I had Emery braid my hair. We went downstairs and dad made a comment about us wearing heels. Emery and I laughed because we both know that he's being funny.


“You guys will be careful, right?” dad asked us.


“Always.” Emery and I replied together.


Our dad then left to go to the Sector and Emery and I headed off to the party. Emery and I were enjoying the party, when we noticed Lukas dancing like a goof ball. Grayson then joined us and I was grateful that he got us drinks.


“Okay. I had to strong-arm a freshman to get the last of the blue punch.” Grayson said as he handed us our drinks.


“Thanks.” Emery and I said.


“Cheers.” Grayson said as he raised his cup.


“Cheers.” Emery and I said as we raised ours.


I just enjoyed watching Emery and Grayson get to know each other, but of course, someone had to ruin it, and that person just happened to be Taylor.


“Hey! You guys need to see this!” Taylor yelled.


All of us went to see what the hell she was talking about, and the sight wasn't what I thought it would be.


“Look what someone did to Brock!” Taylor yelled as we all looked at Brock.


I had an idea on who done and if I'm right, then I know why they done it.


“Who did this? Huh?! Who did this?!” Eric hollered as he looked around.


“We just want to have a little talk.” Drake said as him and some other Atrians came into view.


“All right. This ends tonight.” Eric growled as he stepped to Drake.


“For once, we agree.” Drake said before he head-butted Eric.


All of us just watched and I couldn't help but hope that Drake beat Eric's ass because he needed a good ass whooping. Before anything else could happen, Roman showed up and stopped Drake. Drake and Roman exchanged some words before Taylor yelled, “Cops!” Everybody started running around and I took notice that Roman was stuck between all these people.


“Roman. Roman!” I yelled as I ran to him.


“You okay?” I asked as I helped him up.


“Lea, come on!” Emery yelled as she grabbed my hand, while Grayson grabbed hers.


“We can't just leave him!” I yelled as I turned to look at Roman.


“Are you nuts? Come on, just leave him!” Eric yelled.


“But what about the cops?!” Emery asked.


“His problem, not ours! Come on!” Eric yelled.


Emery and I looked at each other before looking back at Roman.


“Emery, Amelia, what are you doing? Let's go!” Taylor yelled.


“Emery!” Grayson yelled as he tried to pull Emery into Eric's jeep.


“Grayson, we have to go right now.” Eric told Grayson.


“Roman, come on. We'll be faster on foot.” Emery said before all three of us took off running.


“We can't just leave them!” Grayson yelled.


“Yes, we, can, man! They are total freaks! Dude, they chose the Tattie over you. Own it. Come on! Let's go!” Eric told Grayson before they took off.


It felt like we were running for a long time before we finally came to a stop. Both Emery and I were trying to catch our breath and Roman seemed to be fine.


“Are both of you okay?” Roman asked.


“Other than having possibly just committed social suicide? Sure.” Emery replied.


“I'm peachy. Those people are not my type of people. Are you okay?” I replied.


Roman chuckled before saying, “You know, it's funny. All these years, my dad has taught me about this vaunted thing called “humanity,” something that, by definition, we could never possess. But... after spending just a few days amongst your kind... this concept of “humanity” doesn't seem so clear to me.”


“No. There are a lot of good people out there.” I said back.


“Yeah? Well, I've only met two.” Roman said.


Roman showed me that we weren't all that different. I took notice that my hand was little compared to Roman's. I also took notice that I was feeling this pull towards him, and I think he is feeling it too.


“You don't have to be afraid.” Roman said when he noticed that I was hesitant.


I looked back into Roman's eyes and it seemed that both of us were leaning in. I couldn't believe that I was fixing to have my first kiss. I also couldn't believe that Emery was going to see my first kiss as well. All of a sudden, Emery's phone started ringing and that pulled me and Roman apart.


“Sorry. It's our mom. Hey. We'll be home soon. O... okay. We're on our way.” Emery said before she hung up.


I could tell by the look on her face that it wasn't good, and I had an idea on who it was about.


“It's... Julia. We have to go.” Emery said.


I stepped away from Roman and Emery came closer to me.


“I understand.” Roman said.


“If you keep walking straight, you'll find the road to the Sector.” Emery told Roman because I actually have no idea where we are.


“Thanks. Hey. Are both of you okay?” Roman asked.


“We have to go.” Emery said as we headed to the hospital.


When we arrived at the hospital, we Julia hooked up to all these machines and that told me that Julia wasn't going to make it. Emery and I sat with Julia before both of us decided to go gather our thoughts. After we gathered our thoughts or at least calmed down enough, we headed back to Julia's room only to see her sitting up looking better.


As Emery and I were walking into the room, I looked at the floor and realized that there was cyper on the floor. I think Emery noticed it too because I saw her foot kicked it to where nobody else saw it. Emery and I sat on either side of Julia and then we hugged her tight. 



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