Forevermore (Star-Crossed) (S1)

Meet Amelia, the best friend, of Emery Whitehill. Both girls don't understand why people treat the Atrians, but they're about to find out. Will they stand on their own? Or will they fall in line with everyone else? Read and find out. I don't own Star-Crossed. I only own Amelia.


3. Our Toil Shall Strive to Mend


Emery, Julia, and I walked into school the next day, and both Emery and I were really excited to have Julia with us. Maybe with Julia being here will take my mind off of Roman.


“I can't believe it. I'm here. I'm finally in high school.” Julia said as she looked around.


“We wanted your first day to be special.” Emery started.


“Bedazzled locker, dancing bears on parade.” I added.


“But with Arrival Day coming, we thought it might be in bad taste.” Emery finished.


Roman then walked in and walked right past us. That hurt because I thought that we were getting somewhere.


“After the carnival, he won't even look at us.” Emery said.


“What did either of you do?” Julia asked.


“Nothing that I can think of.” Emery replied because she knew that my mind was elsewhere.


“You guys have been in school a week, and you already have boy problems? High school is phenomenal.” Julia said.


I know that she's trying to make me feel better, but Emery can tell that it's not working.


“The tenth anniversary of Arrival Day is in two days. Families of the fallen, as well as human and Atrian students who are part of this integration program, are all invited to attend the commemoration, which will be held at the base of the Atrian ship.” Gloria told us in class.


“Awesome.” I said to Lukas, Emery, and Sophia with a smile.


“Like, no one's been allowed near the ship since it crashed.” Lukas said.


“I've been on that ship. You're not missing anything.” Sophia told us.


“The eyes of the world will be on us. People want to see how this exchange of cultures is progressing. So far, the Atrian seven have attended human school and human events. The next step is to introduce humans into Atrian society. To that end, the human students in this room have been selected to spend a day in the sector tomorrow.” Gloria said.


“We've never had human guests in the sector before.” Sophia said with a grin.


I gave her one back but faltered when I glanced at Roman.


“It's the first time human students will have access to the sector. You'll be making history.” Gloria told us before the bell rang.


I stayed behind with Emery because she wanted to ask Ms. Garcia something.


“Uh, Ms. Garcia? We had an idea about the sector visit tomorrow.” Emery said.


“Yes?” Ms. Garcia asked.


“We've all heard arrival day stories from our side, the humans, but we haven't heard what it was like from the Atrians.” I replied.


“Go on.” Ms. Garcia said.


“I thought we could use our sector visit tomorrow to ask the Atrians for their arrival stories.” Emery said.


“Emery and Amelia shouldn't come to the sector. There are still a lot of Atrians that are still angry about my father getting shot. It's just... (Roman sighed and that told me something else was going on) they could be at risk.” Roman said.


“Well, we've dealt with the terrorists, and there's ample security. So unless you know of a specific threat? (Roman just looked down) Well, then I don't see no reason for concern. Emery and Amelia's project would show that both sides are eager to move on. Congratulations, Ms. Whitehill, the assignment is yours.” Ms. Garcia told us before we left the room.


I understand why Roman is concerned for our safety, but there are going to be dozen of guards, so I don't see how the Atrians would be able to hurt us.


Emery and I joined Julia at her locker and Emery told her about the camera and our idea for the video. Julia was happy about it but said something about seeing the counselor. Grayson walked up and I decided to go with Julia so Grayson and Emery could bond some more.


“So, you see what I see.” Julia laughed.


“I've been trying since we met him.” I laughed back.


Julia and I ended up going to Roman, but I wasn't expecting on what I was about to hear.


“We need to talk.” Julia said.


“This isn't a good time.” Roman said.


“What's with the 'tude? You were plenty friendly when Emery, Lea, and I snuck into the sector for cyper.” Julia said.


I could tell that she was getting pissed, but I'm not sure as to why.


“I really don't remember.” Roman said.


What the holy hell did he just say?


“Then I'll remind you. I was looking for a miracle cure for my cancer, as you do. But you said cyper was just a cooking herb. Funny thing, the next day I was completely cured. One minute I was all comatose and leukemia-y. The next, I was sitting up and eating nachos.” Julia said.


“I'm glad you're better. But what does this have to do with me?” Roman asked.


“I think this has everything to do with you. You and cyper.” Julia replied.


“You sure those nachos weren't laced with a little something extra?” Roman asked.


Is he serious right now?


“Fine. I'll just go and share my insane suspicions with my doctors. I'm sure they'll be very intrigued.” Julia replied.


She was kind of loud and that made me nervous because everyone was looking at us. All three of us went into a supply closet and that confused me.


“I knew it! You saved me using cyper, didn't you?” Julia asked.


“Whatever you think happened, you need to keep it to yourself.” Roman replied while looking between Julia and myself.


“If cyper can cure cancer, don't you want the world to know?” Julia asked.


“Okay. You're right. I did save you. I infused cyper into my bloodstream and then injected my blood into you.” Roman started to reply, but I cut him off.


“But if the world knew then every sick person would be turning the sector upside down looking for cyper and killing Atrians for their blood.” I finished for Roman and was shocked when Roman nodded his head.


“And if my people found out that I put them at risk to save a nice, but very chatty human being, there will be consequences. Bad ones for all of us. So I'm asking both of you, please, can you keep this a secret?” Roman asked.


“That might be a problem.” Julia replied before I could say a word.


“Why? What are you doing?” Roman asked as Julia started to unbutton her shirt.


“It started when I touched you at the carnival and it's been spreading ever since. If you want to keep cyper a secret, you're gonna have to fix this.” Julia replied.


Roman and I were shocked when we saw the blue veins covering Julia.


“What the hell?” I asked.


Roman and I looked at her and neither of us knew what to say. I took a glance at Roman and I could tell that he was just as freaked out as we were.


All three of us just looked at each other, but I knew that Roman would find a way to help Julia, once again. We finished the school day, and the next morning we were on our way to the sector. We were excited to see the sector, but I could tell that only a few Atrians wanted us there. When we got off the bus, we were split into groups of 2 and I got stuck with some random chick. I ended up leaving the chick with the guard and met up with Emery, Grayson, and their guard.


“Roman.” I said as Emery and I walked up to him and Julia.


“We were wondering if we could interview you and Sophia for Gloria's video. I was thinking we could shoot it in your pod?” I said.


“No, both of you need to stay in the main area where it's safer.” Roman said.


“Then would you mind introducing us to some Atrians who wouldn't mind sharing their arrival day stories?” Emery asked.


I was hoping that we could interview Roman and Sophia because I really wanted to hear their arrival day story.


“I need both of you to focus on your survival stories for once.” Roman replied before walking off.


“You can interview me if you like. I'd love to have you visit our pod. Later, when my mother's not around.” Sophia said.


“Thank you.” Emery said.


I was happy that Sophia at least wanted to talk to us, and I couldn't wait to learn more about her. As Emery, Grayson, and I were walking around, I saw Drake get escorted away and I couldn't help but feel bad for him because he's just trying to explain to us on what their drugs can do. Emery, Grayson, and I headed into Roman and Sophia's pod and I was already in love with it.


“When we were put into the sector, I'd go up on the rooftop and look at the town. I couldn't wait to explore those lights for myself and meet the people living there. It's a little hard to do from the sector, but in the meantime, I have three of those people in my pod.” Sophia said.


“Thank you again for inviting us.” I said.


“Do you mind?” Grayson asked.


“Go ahead.” Sophia replied.


Emery and I ended up in Roman's room and I saw something that I thought that I would never see again.


“What is it?” Emery asked.


“I don't know. Roman's had it forever.” Sophia replied.


“Did he say where he got it?” I asked.


“It's been so long, I don't know if he even remembers.” Sophia replied.


A door then opened and I had a feeling that I knew who it was.


“Roman!” Sophia exclaimed.


“You invited them here after I told you not to? What if mom finds out?” Roman asked.


“She won't!” Sophia replied.


“This is my fault.” I intervened.


“We asked to interview her.” Emery added.


“Where is your guard?” Roman asked.


“He's downstairs waiting.” Emery replied.


“Then that's where you should be. With your guard and his gun.” Roman said.


“Dude, you need to relax.” Grayson said.


“Was I talking to you?” Roman growled.


“It's fine. We're leaving.” I said.


I didn't want Roman attacking Grayson because I knew that this would not end well for him. Sophia hugged me before we left and I was more than glad to have a hug from her. Emery and Grayson went to film more, and I went to find Julia.


“Having fun?” Julia asked.


“A little bit.” I replied.


We talked for a few minutes before Roman walked up.


“How'd you get rid of the guards?” Roman asked.


“I talked on and on about my specialty Atrian doll collection.” Julia started.


“They couldn't get away fast enough.” I finished.


“So, do you have the cure?” Julia asked.


“No, but I do know how to get it.” Roman replied.


“Listen, I was thinking, maybe we should tell Emery what we're doing. I can tell that it's hurting Lea since she lives with her.” Julia said.


“No.” Roman scoffed.


I agreed with Julia because it's hard lying to Emery. Julia gave me a look, so I tuned out everything that was going to be said between them because I knew that Julia wanted to talk to Roman. I only tuned back in when Julia said something about Roman caring about me.


“I thought you might say that. It's just you've been kind of a jerk, and both of them are really hurting right now.” Julia said.


“Seems like both of them are doing just fine.” Roman said.


“You obviously care about both of them, well, one more than the other. You betrayed your people to save a human, and you did it for them, or just one of them.” Julia said.


What the hell is Julia doing? What is she getting at?


“After what their dad did, there's a lot of Atrians who would rather see them dead than see them with me.” Roman said.


Now the pieces are starting to fit together.


“Why can't you tell them that? Lea is right there, so tell her.” Julia said.


“I tried to tell both of them at the carnival. Didn't stop either of them from coming to the sector today.” Roman said.


“Both of them are stubborn like that. Lea is worse than Emery.” Julia said.


“I'm right here you know.” I said as I inserted myself into the conversation.


I saw Roman take a breath before looking between me and Julia.


“The closer she is to me, the more danger... the more danger she is in. I'm doing everything I can to change that. But until then, if being a jerk's the only way to keep her safe, then that's what I'm gonna have to be.” Roman said.


I didn't know what to say after that, but now all the pieces fit together. I gave Roman a smile to let him know that I'm not mad at him.


Roman gave me a small back before saying, “Come on.”


Julia and I followed Roman to this greenhouse, and I just wanted to smell the flowers.


“Where are we?” Julia and I asked.


“The grow house of the Iwabas, the mystic tribe. We're looking for a plant with red twigs. It's called vyre. The faster we find it, the faster we can get out of here.” Roman replied.


Julia and I were looking at all the plants before Julia came across one that spooked her. Roman covered her mouth before making us hide and talking to this woman.


“Roman. What are you doing here?” this beautiful woman asked.


“Well, the door was open, and I...I just had to look. I've always been fascinated by the plants of the Iwabas.” Roman replied.


“Our plants are the most varied and interesting of all the tribes. This one, for example, Bylek. When plunged into your spinal cord, it paralyzes your sensory and motor nerves, causing your pain receptors to fire. It will feel like you're being skinned alive.” the beautiful woman said.


Before Julia and I knew it, Roman was grabbed and Julia had to hold me back from going to help him.


“Now, why don't you tell me what you're really doing here? Last chance, Roman.” the woman said as Roman struggled.


“I told you the truth.” Roman said.


“Wrong answer.” the woman said before moving closer to Roman.


“Mom?” Teri asked as she walked up.


“Teri. I was just about to tell your mother that we had a date here.” Roman gasped.


“Is this true?” Teri's mom asked.


“Yes.” Teri replied.


“Why didn't you say so before?” Teri's mom asked.


“Well, with all due respect, you were going to torture me for just being in the grow house. I didn't know what you'd do to me if I said I was gonna meet your daughter.”Roman replied.


“Don't let me find you here again. It's fine.” Teri's mom said as the other Atrians let Roman go.


Roman came over to Julia and I and led us out of the grow house. I was so happy to be out of there, but we didn't get the plant we needed and that sucks.


“You ok?” I asked Roman.


“I'm fine Lea.” Roman replied.


“I'm just making sure.” I giggled.


Roman chuckled and I was happy to hear that sound. Julia and I got back on the bus and everyone headed home. I just stared out my window because I knew that this day was going to be hard on everyone. When Emery, Julia, and I arrived at the place for arrival day, we basically went our separate ways. Emery went to talk to Grayson, Julia stood off to the side waiting on Roman, and I sat on the bleachers. Other people joined me and I laughed when they started mumbling about the Atrians.


“What up Soph?” I asked as Sophia sat behind me.


Sophia laughed and hugged me. I hugged her back and couldn't help but laugh with her. Sophia was fixing to respond when Gloria started talking. I also took notice that Roman had joined us and that Sophia had moved so he was sitting behind me.


Gloria then turned it over to our video and nobody was expecting what was going to happen. As Sophia was giving her story, some asshole took over and claimed to be a red hawk. I tensed up because I'm still haunted by what happened at the carnival. I ended up reaching for both Roman and Sophia, and both of them grabbed my hand. I was shocked that Roman did it, but I'm glad that he did. Gloria went to try to take the video down, and I felt Roman let go. I took notice that Roman was on the stage and I hope that he can turn this around.


“My name is Roman. I'm the son of Nox, the late leader of the Atrians. I'm here to say that what you just saw; there is some truth to that. Instead of helping or learning from each other, we go to great lengths to hide the truth.” Roman started.


I can tell that this is hard for him, but I can also tell that he's trying to keep his dad's dream alive.


“The video was supposed to be of Atrians telling their arrival day stories. I'd like to share mine. That Red Hawk said that humans don't want us here. Well, I know that's not true. Because on arrival day, I met two human girls who saved my life.” Roman continued.


I locked eyes with Roman and I knew that Emery did too.


“I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for them. But if I met them today, we couldn't walk down the street together without causing harm to one or all three of us. That's the reality of our world. The integration program isn't perfect, but it has shown me that there are more humans out there like those girls than there are Red Hawks. And that gives me hope, hope that someday, we will be able to come together.” Roman finished.


I couldn't help but wipe my eyes because his speech was beautiful. Emery turned to me and I gave her a smile. After Roman's speech, everything seemed to continue like it was supposed to, and at the end, I went with Emery to help her find Grayson.


“I can't believe that we had to sit and listen through Gloria prattle on about integration.” Emery and I heard Mrs. Montrose say.


“It was worth it to see the look on her face when our video came on.” Mr. Montrose said.


Emery and I looked at each other in complete shock.


“And you're sure they can't trace it back to us or Grayson?” Mrs. Montrose asked.


“I handled it. Stop worrying,” Mr. Montrose said.


Emery and I turned to leave and Grayson popped up.


“Emery. Lea.” Grayson said.


“Don't touch me!” Emery growled.


“Emery, let me explain.” Grayson pleaded.


“Explain what?” I asked.


“Your father isn't the grand patriarch for the Red Hawks, that he didn't use the footage we shot for that horrible video!” Emery demanded.


“I can't tell you that.” Grayson said.


“Oh, my God. You used me so you could shoot in the sector.” Emery gasped.


“No! My parents are who they are, okay, but I am not a Red Hawk.” Grayson said.


“I don't believe you.” Emery said.


“It's true. They must've stolen the video from me last night.” Grayson said.


“The things your father said, how could you live under the same roof?” I asked.


“Emery, Lea, I understand how you feel. I live with it every day. I just pretend to get along with the Red Hawks, but they're my parents.” Grayson replied.


“We can't be around you right now.” Emery said before we walked off.


Emery and I saw Julia hug Roman and I was the only one who knew why. Roman glanced our way and I gave him a weak smile. After today, I just want to go home, curl up, and just hide away for a little while. I can't believe that Grayson betrayed us, but for some reason, I believe him. I need to sleep on this before I voice my opinion to anyone.


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Amelia's outfit to the Sector:

Amelia's outfit to Arrival Day:



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