Forevermore (Star-Crossed) (S1)

Meet Amelia, the best friend, of Emery Whitehill. Both girls don't understand why people treat the Atrians, but they're about to find out. Will they stand on their own? Or will they fall in line with everyone else? Read and find out. I don't own Star-Crossed. I only own Amelia.


5. Dreamers Often Lie

The next day at school, Gloria had all of us meet in the auditorium for a special meeting, or at least, that's what I think it is.


“Tomorrow begins a new phase of the integration program. The Atrian seven will be taken by bus into town. Once there, you'll be free to explore Edendale.” Gloria started.


I could tell that Sophia's face lit up and I nudged both her and Roman. Sophia nudged me back and both of us shared a smile.


“Now, your curfew still stands. The bus will take you back to the Sector at 9:00pm sharp.” Gloria continued.


“So a dog with a longer leash.” Drake said.


“We haven't put you down yet.” Eric whispered to Drake.


“It's an opportunity for Atrians to experience more of human culture.” Gloria finished.


“Is it even safe for the Atrians?” Emery asked and I was thinking the same thing.


“SEU guards will be patrolling Edendale just like they do here at Marshall.” Gloria replied.


“And we can go anywhere we want?” Sophia asked.


“I'd rather go back to the Sector.” Teri said.


“Now, there's an idea.” Zoe said.


“We'll be monitoring your progress very closely over the next few months. If you break these rules, you'll lose those privileges. But if you obey by now, it can lead to greater freedoms outside the Sector for all Atrians.” Gloria told us.


I honestly can't wait for the Atrians to see what Edendale has to offer. The school bell rung and both Emery and I went to talk to Roman.


“Do you think you're ready for the main streets in Edendale?” Emery asked.


“I guess we'll find out.” Roman replied.


“Well, good luck... On your new beginning.” Emery said with a smile.


“You too.” Roman said before walking off.


Grayson came up and told Emery about his plans for them and I couldn't help but giggle. Emery tried to include me in their plans but I told her that her and Grayson should spend this time together. Grayson even tried to convince me but I told him the same thing. Both of them finally left me alone after that and I spent my night reading a good book.


“What the hell, Lukas?” I growled as Lukas grabbed my arm and pulled me to Roman.


“The signal echoed back last night, and then again this morning.” Lukas told Roman.


It finally dawned on me that Lukas wanted me involved in this and that's why he dragged me with him.


“Where's it coming from?” Roman asked.


“Upstairs, third floor.” Lukas replied.


“Here? At the school?” Roman and I asked at the same time.


“We're about to find out.” Lukas replied.


All three of us headed off to find the phone and I hope that this will help Roman figure out what he needs to figure out.


“The phone should be in here.” Lukas said as we entered a room full of stuff.


Roman started digging through stuff when he found the bag that was beeping. Roman brought the bag over to us and then pulled out a phone.


“It's got tech, juts like your dad's phone.” Lukas said while I just stared at the phone.


“This handwriting... this is my father's.” Roman said while looking at a piece of paper.


“Okay, what handwriting? It's blank.” Lukas stated.


I looked at the paper and noticed that it was blank, but I could make out a little of the writing. Now, I'm even more confused.


“Atrians can see farther into the UV spectrum than humans. Photoreceptors in our eyes pick up colors you can't, like ultraviolet. 'Escape is possible. Leave by the Dream Gate. Journey by the way of Ebbing Sun. If you are an Atrian, you will see. Don't forget your history. An Atrian will know what to do.'” Roman replied and then read the note.


“Well, that made no sense. And this is getting really weird, Roman.” Lukas said.


I couldn't help but nod my head in agreement.


“It's... it's... it's steps. I... If you could see it, the Sondiv letters line up to spell a word. Eljida.” Roman said before laughing softly.


“What's an El... Eljida?” I asked before Lukas could.


Roman didn't seem like he wanted to answer but I knew that Lukas and I weren't going to give up until he told us.


“Roman, you can trust us. We didn't tell anyone about the illegal phone, remember?” Lukas said and I hoped that, that would convince him to talk to us.


“Eljida's a place. Or... some of my people believe it is, anyway. It's a community of Atrians living deep in the bayou... free from humans.” Roman explained.


“Does it actually exist?” I asked.


“Used to think it was a fairy tale. What if it's not? What if my father meant for me to find this? What if he wanted me to go there?” Roman questioned.


“You have no idea who left this here. What if this is some kind of set-up? It could be dangerous...” Lukas replied.


“Yeah, but if this gets me closer to knowing what my father was doing then... I don't have a choice.” Roman said.


“You're not going by yourself. I don't have anything to do, so I'm going with you.” I told both boys.


“Lea, I love you, but you can't be serious.” Lukas said.


“I love you too Lukas, but I am dead serious. You said so yourself, this could be a set-up and if so, then it's better for Roman to have backup.” I said.


Roman didn't say a word and I didn't know how to receive that. I guess I'm about to find out because now I'm with everyone else, waiting for the Atrians to arrive.


“Hey, what rivers are nearby?” Roman asked Lukas.


“Uh, well, this is Louisiana. We've got rivers, like, every ten feet.” Lukas replied.


Roman gave him a look and I couldn't help but giggle, and both Lukas and Roman gave me a look.


“What, I'm sorry, are you trying to go for a swim or something?” I asked as I looked between the two boys.


“No, no, but if Eljida really is out on the bayou somewhere...” Roman replied.


“Okay. If... If your plan is to search the entire bayou before curfew's up tonight, I'm sorry, but your night's gonna be an epic fail.” Lukas said.


Roman just stared at Lukas and I could tell that he really wanted to find Eljida.


“What'd the note say again?” Lukas sighed.


“Escape is possible, leave by the Dream Gate, journey the way of the Ebbing Sun...” Roman quoted.


“Ebbing Sun.” Lukas repeated.


“Ebbingson. Th... There's an Ebbingson Road.” I finally spoke.


“Lea's right. That's pretty damn close, right?” Lukas said.


“Where is it?” Roman asked.


“It runs along the bayou, right out of town.” Lukas replied.


“Thank you.” Roman said.


“Yeah.” Lukas said.


I took off after Roman and was shocked when he didn't try to make me go back. I stood back as Roman talked to Drake and I couldn't help but smile. Roman then headed my way and I just followed him. He tried talking me out of coming with him but I told him that he wasn't going to do this alone.


“If you are an Atrian... You will see...” Roman said as we walked up to a sign and he looked over the note.


Roman and I walked through the bayou and talked the whole time. I finally learned about everything that has happened since Roman and I have met. I couldn't believe that Roman has been through hell just to protect me and Emery. Darkness fell through the bayou and I couldn't help but move closer to Roman. Roman grabbed my hand and we continued through the bayou until we came across a boat dock.


“Jesytur.” Roman spoke as we looked at a flickering sign.


As I was looking around, I came across three black circles on the ground and pointed them out to Roman.


“Summon Jesytur by lighting three fires.” Roman said.


Roman then started grabbing some wood and I followed his lead. After lighting the three fires, Roman and I hid because Roman told me that someone was following us. After waiting for what seemed like hours, a figure walked out and I couldn't believe who the figure was.


“It was you? You were the one talking to my father on the Trag phone. You left the map to Eljida for me to find, and... you were the one who's been following us out here.” Roman said.


“Why?” I asked because I didn't know if Roman could.


“I don't have to explain myself to either of you.” Gloria said.


“You do if you want his help.” I bit back.


“You wouldn't have worked so hard to lead me out here if you didn't need me to find Eljida...” Roman said.


“Your father wanted to find Eljida... so that his family could have a safe place to go if the integration program didn't work.” Gloria said.


“All my father ever thought about was how to make that program successful.” Roman said.


“We had to be in secret communication, because if anyone thought that Nox had doubts about integration, we never would've gotten that program off the ground.” Gloria said.


“No. If my father had plans for my family, he would have told us. He would have told me.” Roman said and I could tell that he was fixing to break.


“He was trying to protect you.” Gloria said.


I finally had enough so I stepped in.


“If you don't tell us the truth about Nox, then we're going to tell everyone about you. About the phone, and good luck finding Eljida on your own.” I growled.


“Roman. Amelia.” Gloria tried but Roman cut her off.


“You knew I was hunting for that phone! Why are you doing this? Why do you keep lying to me?” Roman asked and I knew right then that he was breaking.


“Because I loved your father, Roman.” Gloria replied.


“What?” Roman and I asked completely confused.


“And he loved me.” Gloria replied.


“No. You're lying, again.” Roman said.


“He thought Eljida could be an escape for us. If integration fails, I need to know that it could be a safe place for all Atrians. I couldn't find it without you.” Gloria said.


Roman pulled me closer to him as he lead us away from Gloria.


“Where are you going? You wanted the truth. You got it. Now, you're going to take me to Eljida.” Gloria demanded.


“We already did. Here it is. Right here.” I growled.


“We've been waiting here for hours. We lit the three fires; no one came. No one is ever coming. Looks like Eljida is just a myth after all. Just like my father.” Roman said before we walked off.


I could tell that what Gloria said really upset Roman, but I didn't know what to say.


“Hey.” Emery called out to the both of us.


“I was wondering where the two of you went.” Emery said as both of us walked up to her.


“I left town and took Lea with me. I needed to do some exploring on my own.” Roman said.


“I wasn't going to let him go by himself because you never know now-a-days.” I said.


“Did you find what you were looking for?” Emery asked.


“Not exactly. I guess freedom's not always what it's cracked up to be.” Roman replied.


“You want to head inside? I'm sure Luka's party's still going on and I bet Lea would love to have you there.” Emery said.


I glared at her because now this girl is trying to set me up and I don't need her help, well, maybe not right now.


“Can't. Curfew.” Roman said but I could tell by his tone that he really wanted to stay.


“Right.” Emery said before turning to walk away.


“I never did thank you for coming with me today.” Roman said as he turned to me.


“It's not a problem and I would gladly do it again.” I said with a giggle.


Roman chuckled before turning to go to his bus. I went up to both Emery and Grayson and was so happy that they were dating. These two are going to make a very cute couple and I'm so thankful that Emery gave him a chance. Today has been eventful and I wonder what will happen now.

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