Forevermore (Star-Crossed) (S1)

Meet Amelia, the best friend, of Emery Whitehill. Both girls don't understand why people treat the Atrians, but they're about to find out. Will they stand on their own? Or will they fall in line with everyone else? Read and find out. I don't own Star-Crossed. I only own Amelia.


4. And Left No Friendly Drop

As I was sleeping, I bolted up in my bed, gasping for breath. I had to shake my head because I had this urge to beat the hell out of someone. I got out of my bed and looked out my window. I have no idea on why I have this urge but maybe I'll find out soon. I went back to bed and ended up oversleeping. I rushed to school and ended up catching up with Julia.


“Hey, are you alright? Did you run all the way here?” Julia asked.


“Hey. Yes and yes. I overslept and didn't want to burden anyone.” I replied.


“I can tell that there's something else bothering you.” Julia said.


“There is. I bolted awake this morning and had this urge to beat the hell out of someone.” I said.


“That's weird. Do you think that you're linked to someone?” Julia questioned.


“I have no clue but it's scaring me.” I replied.


Julia hugged me and I was glad to have her hug. After we broke apart, Roman came through the door.


“Hey.” Julia said.


“How are, uh, you doing?” Roman asked Julia.


“Happy to be back to my normal shade of pink. Thank you very much. You know I'm eternally in your debt for saving my life, essentially twice.” Julia replied.


“Right? Okay, so both of you have kept the secret of cyper. Can I count on both of you to keep another one?” Roman asked.


“Eternal debt.” Julia replied.


I just nodded my head because I was trying not to giggle at Julia.


“All right, then.” Roman said before pulling out a phone.


“Isn't it illegal for Atrian's to have phones?” I asked.


“Yes, but it's important that I find out what's on this one.” Roman asked.


“Machines aren't my thing and I know that they're not Lea's either. But I think we know someone who can help.” Julia said while I nodded my head in agreement.


“Yeah?” Roman asked hopeful.


“Yeah.” Julia and I replied.


“Okay, uh, we'll talk.” Roman said.


All three of us looked and saw Emery looking at us. When Roman walked past us, his hand brushed mine and that made me feel better and it also made me forget about what happened earlier.


“Let's get to class before we're late.” I said before Emery could say a word.


I knew that she was upset that Roman didn't talk to her, but as long as he was talking to me or Julia, then I'm alright. While in class, we were learning about Atrian's before Zoe had to ask a certain question.


“So, does that mean an Atrian and a human could get their intergalactic freak on?” Zoe asked.


Emery, Julia, and I shared a look before looking back at Ms. Benton.


“Hypothetically, yes.” Ms. Benton replied.


“And how's their endurance? Are we talking marathon man or sprint and face plant?” Taylor asked as she turned to look at Drake.


“Blondie, you couldn't handle my endurance.” Drake replied.


I shook my head at that but I knew that Drake was flirting with Taylor and in my opinion, I think that they would make a cute couple.


“Better wear protection. Alien crabs don't just itch. They bite. Oh! I missed you, too, sweetheart.” Eric said as Drake rolled his chair back into Eric's desk.


Ms. Benton stepped in and took control and made the class scroll to flatworms. I wasn't really listening because I was more focused on my nightmare. After class, Emery and I walked up to our lockers and saw flowers hanging on them.


“Ooh, new girls are already scoring blossoms. Who are they from?” Lukas asked.


“No card.” Emery replied.


I had an idea on who they were from, but I'm not forgiving him that easily.


“Hmm. Stargazer lilies. Could be a clue. Do either of you happen to know anyone from the stars, perhaps?” Lukas asked.


Was he really thinking that Roman gave us flowers?


“Hey, Lukas. You got a second?” Julia asked.


“For you, fair lady? Thousands.” Lukas replied.


Julia glanced at me and I shook my head because I knew that Emery needed me right now. Julia understood and walked off with Lukas.


“Do you like them?” Grayson asked as he walked up.


“These are from you?” Emery asked.


I can't believe that I was right.


“Florist said they're called stargazers because their bloom faces the sky. I wanted to apologize for what happened at the commemoration with my parents.” Grayson replied.


“You can't change who your parents are.” I started.


“But you should've been honest with us.” Emery finished.


“I was afraid, if either of you knew the truth, it might scare both of you off.” Grayson said.


“We're scared of who your parents are.” Emery started.


“But we're big girls and we can handle the truth.” I finished.


Why am I in this conversation again? I'm not the one who likes Grayson.


“I can see that now. Look, I promise I'll never lie to either of you again.” Grayson said.


“I want to believe you and I know that Lea does too, but we just can't right now.” Emery said before both of us walked away.


I felt so bad for Emery so I hugged her tight to let her know that I was there. Emery hugged me back and then we continued walking.


“That's our swim team.” I said as we walked up to Sophia staring at a pic of our swim team.


“I've never been a part of something like that. A team. Even in the sector, I don't really have many friends. I was hoping to find some on the outside, but it's not that easy, is it?” Sophia questioned.


“Friendships are tough, even for humans.” Emery replied.


“Swimming is important here?” Sophia asked.


“If our team beats Collier prep tomorrow, then they go to state finals.” I replied.


“The first time our dad took us to the lagoon by our house on Atria, Roman just dove right in. He's always been fearless that way. But I needed a little nudge. So my dad taught me how to swim. It's one of the earliest memories I have. The two of us in that lagoon.” Sophia said.


“It seems like you guys are incredible swimmers, based on everything Ms. Benton was saying.” Emery said.


“But there's nowhere to swim in the sector. I haven't been in the water since we got here.” Sophia said.


Emery and I looked at each other before giving Sophia a smile. All of us went to the pool hall and I couldn't wait to see Sophia swim.


“What's Eric's record, again?” Taylor asked as Sophia finished swimming.


“4 minutes and 17 seconds.” Grayson replied.


“She broke form. Is that what we call freestyle?” Eric asked.


“Then why don't you race her? Head to head.” Emery said.


“Because I'm not getting in the pool with a disease-ridden tattie. That's why.” Eric said.


I almost went after Eric but Emery grabbed my wrist.


“Fine. If your too scared to race her, then I will.” I said as I stripped down.


I dove in and raced against Sophia. Sophia naturally kicked my ass, but we had fun and that's all that mattered. After we got out, Gloria ended up getting grilled by parents and I felt bad for her.


“I'm just concerned for my daughter. Have the Atrians even been tested- for any diseases?” a mother asked.


“Yes, of course, they have.” Gloria replied.


“Mom, you should've seen her. She broke Eric's record!” a student said.


“Like hell she did. Hey, I've got an idea. Why don't we let a dolphin on the team? Or an alligator. They're really fast swimmers, too.” Eric said.


“Come on, lots of athletes have physical advantages. Michael Phelps. He had double-jointed ankles. Are you saying you wouldn't want that on our team?” Grayson asked.


I'm really impressed right now. I'm glad that Emery and I have Grayson on our side.


“Okay. Enough.” Gloria said.


“Sophia- I encouraged her. It's my f-.” Emery started but Sophia cut her off.


“No. I wanted to do it. I want to be on the team.” Sophia said.


“And I'm afraid that's not possible. When your father and I negotiated the integration program, we both agreed that sports, at least at the start, might pose a security risk.” Gloria said.


“The meet is on school grounds. You're saying that you can't protect them at Marshall?” Emery questioned.


“Even if we did bring in additional security, okay, the board decided having Atrians participate in sports would be disruptive to the other students. They've been training for years.” Gloria replied.


“So you're leaving your best swimmer off the team? Right before a meet with Collier prep? If she took you guys to state, would that be disruptive?” I questioned.


“Stop encouraging her. I don't think this is a good idea.” Roman replied as he finally spoke.


“Well, I think it's a great idea. I mean you want to talk about unfair advantages? Collier makes state every year because they're a private school and can pull in the best athletes from the Gulf coast. I mean, they're a factory. I say this year, we fight back.” Grayson said.


Grayson is becoming my favorite person right now. I'm totally happy that he's on our side with this.


“See? What's the problem?” Emery and I asked at the same time.


“I will talk to the board. Okay? If I can reverse their decision, I'm counting on all of you to be on your best behavior. Am I making myself clear?” Gloria asked as she looked at all of us.


All of us agreed before Gloria walked off. Emery, Sophia, and I shared smiles before we all went our separate ways. Emery and I ended up going after Grayson and both of us thanked him for standing up for Sophia. I decided to let Emery talk to him and went off to find Lukas.


I finally found Lukas and Roman was with him. I found out that Roman's dad was texting with someone else, but he can't tell who it is. Roman then tells Lukas to keep the phone because it's safer with him than it was in the sector.


“Hey.” I said as I got Roman's attention.


“Why can't you and Emery ever listen?” Roman growled.


“Excuse me.” I replied.


“My sister is putting an even bigger target on herself now because you and Emery refuse to back off.” Roman said.


“Let me tell you something. If anyone dares lay a hand on Sophia, I'll beat the hell out of them. I'm not going to let anyone hurt Sophia and if that means that I have to die then so be it.” I growled.


Roman just stood there but I could tell that he was shocked by what I said. I ended up walking off and I could tell that Roman was watching me because I could feel his eyes on me. I hope that wakes him up and shows him that I actually care more than he thinks.


As I got to the school the next day, I noticed that people were acting worse than they ever have been. I watched as Roman and Sophia stepped off the bus and took notice that guards went after Roman and that left Sophia wide open.


“Are you kidding me?” I growled as I saw this guy throw water at Sophia.


I shoved people out of my way and got to Sophia. I pulled her to me and kept her close while I tried to get us out of the crowd. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get people to move and I was starting to panic, but then Roman shoved his way to us and helped us get into the school.


“Thanks, Lea.” Sophia said.


“It's not a problem Sophia. I will do anything to protect you.” I said.


Sophia hugged me and I hugged her back before her and Roman went into this room. I watched as Teri ripped apart this drone and I was quite impressed. Teri glanced at me and I just gave her a smile because I was happy that she used her aggression on something and not someone.


“Hey, Sophia.” Emery said.


“We got you a present.” I added.


“Seriously?” Sophia asked.


“We figured you needed some new racing threads if you're going to be the talk of Edendale.” Emery replied.


“It's awesome. Thank you.” Sophia said as she looked at her swimsuit.


“Oh, my God.” Sophia gasped as she opened her locker.


Emery and I looked into her locker and saw this doll that was supposed to be Sophia with a knife in it. I couldn't believe that some sick person would do this.


“What's wrong?” Roman asked as he walked up.


None of us said a word, but when Roman looked into Sophia's locker, he knew what was wrong.


“This is over.” Roman growled as he jerked the doll off the locker.


“Roman.” Emery started but Roman stopped her.


“I'm talking to my sister, not you. I know you want to honor dad but I am not gonna let you risk your life to do it. I love you, but I'm gonna drag you out of that pool if I have to.” Roman said to Emery before turning to Sophia.


“No, you won't.” Sophia said before slamming her locker and walking off.


“Sophia.” Roman said.


“Roman, let her go! You made your point.” I said as I grabbed Roman's arm.


“It's not about making a point. It's about keeping my sister safe! That's my job.” Roman said.


“No, your job is to support her.” Emery said.


“Neither of you have any idea what you're talking about.” Roman said.


“I know that you didn't want us in the sector because you thought it was too risky.” Emery started.


“I know you wanted us to leave the carnival because you thought that we were in danger.” I continued.


“But here we are.” Emery and I finished together.


“Both of you are here because I protected you.” Roman said.


“What are you talking about?” I asked confused.


“Just let me do the same for my sister.” Roman said before walking off.


As I was shutting my locker, I had this feeling that something was wrong. I took off running and found Sophia on the ground, gasping for breath.


“Sophia! Sophia!” I yelled as I ran to her.


“I'm going to go get help.” Julia said as she took off.


“Somebody call 911!” Emery yelled as she joined me.


I was freaking out because I wasn't here to help her and I didn't know what to do.


“Help me get her to the locker room.” Roman said as he joined us.


“No, you shouldn't move her.” Emery said.


“Listen, I can help her, but I can't do it here. Trust me.” Roman said.


Emery looked at me and I gave her a nod to let her know that I agreed with Roman. Roman picked up Sophia and I gave Teri a look when I passed her, and my look told her that I wanted her to kick Collier's ass. Teri nodded back and I couldn't help but smile.


“That's cyper.” Emery said when Roman pulled out cyper.


“Paramedics are on the way.” Ms. Benton said as she joined us.


“She's my sister. I've got this.” Roman said.


“No, you don't.” Ms. Benton said.


“She's an Atrian. You don't know the first thing about this. Please give us some privacy.” Roman pleaded.


“Roman, I'm not going anywhere until the paramedics arrive. All right?” Ms. Benson said.


Roman then got up and went to the other side of the room. Emery and I followed and I could tell that he was trying not to flip out.


“If you can use cyper to save her, why don't you?” Emery asked.


“I can't while she's here.” Roman replied.


Emery looked at me and I knew that we had to do something or else Sophia was going to die.


“It's anaphylaxis. She's having an allergic reaction.” I stated.


“Lea, are you sure?” Ms. Benson questioned.


“This happened to Emery enough times.” I started.


“We should know better. I can fix this. Is there epinephrine in here?” Emery finished as she dug through a bag.


“There should be.” Ms. Benson said.


I stood with Roman and I could tell that this was killing him. I reached for his hand and was surprised when he grabbed my hand. We waited for Emery to find the epinephrine and when she did, she plunged it into Sophia. Roman and I joined them and we waited for Sophia to breathe again. After a few minutes, Sophia gasped for breath and all of us were relieved. All of us then ended up in the auditorium and the way everyone sat was me, Roman, Sophia, and then Emery.


“The Marshall swim team will be suspended from competition. You'll forfeit all further matches. Your season's over.” Gloria told us.


“Are you serious?” Eric growled.


“Wait. It's not their fault. It's mine.” Sophia said.


“No. I put the integration program on the line today. I trusted you all, and you let me down. Still when Nox, one of the founding members of this program, passed away, many feared that his dream would die with him, but after today's events, I know that's not the case. True, the meet was an unqualified disaster, but for the first time in history, humans and Atrians were fighting alongside each other. You were fighting for each other and I view that as a victory. One I can build on, so there will be no further disciplinary action. You can go.” Gloria said.


“Wait. We came here to swim. After everything that's happened, can we at least have that?” Sophia asked.


“What's the point? We already forfeited the meet. There's no one here to see it.” Eric said.


“We're here.” Grayson said.


“The pool is yours. One hour.” Gloria said.


All of us went to the pool hall and I couldn't wait to see Sophia kick ass.


“Don't think I'm taking it easy on you just because you almost died.” Eric said.


“Don't think I'm taking it easy on you ever.” Sophia said.


“On your marks, get set, go!” Taylor called.


Everyone jumped in the water and all of us were cheering.


“Thank you.” Roman told both me and Emery.


Both of us gave him a smile and we went back to cheering for Sophia. Emery, Julia, and I were leaving and Julia finally told Emery everything. I just stayed quiet because Julia needed to explain this.


“I'm still confused though. Why didn't Roman shut both of us out?” Emery asked.


“He wanted to protect both of you, but Lea is too stubborn and he couldn't really help that.” Julia replied.


“I still don't understand though. Why is he trying to avoid us?” Emery asked.


“All I can tell is that he cares for both of you and he would be with Lea if he thought he could, which changes everything.” Julia replied.


I couldn't help but blush because I didn't know that Roman felt the same way I did. Julia ended up walking away and I saw why because Grayson walked up. I stepped back because I wanted Emery and Grayson to have their moment. I had to cover my mouth when Grayson kissed Emery, but I was confused on why Roman looked hurt. I headed to the bus and met up with Lukas.


“Hey. Hello, earth to Roman.” Lukas said.


I giggled as Roman finally snapped out of it and looked at us.


“So, I lost the signal. I had it, but then it started moving off fast, like someone was driving away.” Lukas said.


“Uh, towards the sector?” Roman asked.


“No, somewhere in the burbs. Sorry, Roman.” Lukas replied.


It took Roman a few seconds before he realized that I was standing next to Lukas.


“You know that I don't like Grayson like that. I have another guy that I've got my eyes on.” I told him.


Roman just chuckled but I could tell that he knew exactly who I was talking about. I winked at him before walking off with Lukas to head home. Today has been one hell of a day, and I hope that this gets better because I'm not ready to murder anyone yet. 


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