The horrors of the lab

Each ten years some people are picked for subjects against their will, Join jahi and spiden as they try to survive the lab...


2. Day 1 week 1 noon

Spiden made the spear and he put it on his back for safe keeping, He sees that the person with bird wings is free from the chains, Spiden looks at his necklace as his eye starts to bleed and his other eye goes into a spiral, He falls to his knees and coughs blood "Ei shetai" (Love me in Japanese)... He glitches from normal to monster back to normal... He passes out

Jahi's POV

​Jahi looks around and sees that the person in the other cell is passed out, He is concerned then he sees the lead scientist... The scientist puts something in the leos tube... It looks like lungs, He sees that it is lungs, Jahi freaks out silently. A scientist puts lunch in each cell...

Leo's POV

A scientist put lungs in Leo's cell, He looks at them and it absorbs in him and he's let out, He just lays there not being able to walk or do anything... He has no right eye and he has a tube in his other eye, The tube lets blood go into that eye as there is a blood packet in his pocket...

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