In Under 10 Lines

my attempt at telling stories in less than 10 lines.
for the record, i'm considering it a line when it ends in a full stop[.] or a question mark[?]


5. The Tour Guide

"What do you mean?" I had asked the girl,dumbfounded by what she'd just said.

"I mean that this was the room." she said emphatically,looking rather dreamy.

we'd wanted to see the old Victorian villas in the area.

The girl had been sitting on the step of the one we were currently going around and had  cheerfully offered to give us a tour.

Upon entering a room she would start of with stories of what had happened in the room,almost always ending with how some member of the family residing here had died in it.

Every room in the house seemed to have seen death,and the girl herself spoke as if she'd witnessed them herself.

Then she came to a small room and announced rather proudly

"and this is where I died."

"Died...but how...what?"

"I'm not sure, but I think it was because of this", with that she lifted her hair to show a large stab wound.

One she couldn't possibly have survived.......  


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