In Under 10 Lines

my attempt at telling stories in less than 10 lines.
for the record, i'm considering it a line when it ends in a full stop[.] or a question mark[?]


3. Long Live The Queen

You had always underestimated me,like the rest of the world did.

You swaddled me in so many layers of silk that I thought I would one day drown beneath them.

Beneath Your respect.

But that changed didn't it?

It Changed the day I put an arrow in the eye of the man who cut through your Armour,the day you fell and the castle almost fell with you.

But it didn't. Because I rose.

I can see the pride in your eyes as you rise now,having set the crown on my head.

I knew you had stopped underestimating me when you turned to the crowd and yelled...


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