In Under 10 Lines

my attempt at telling stories in less than 10 lines.
for the record, i'm considering it a line when it ends in a full stop[.] or a question mark[?]


6. Back

Things went downhill.

That's what everyone says, don't they?

Well, not me.

I took hits,and stood up again, so much so that I thought Lady Misfortune had gotten bored of me.

Turns out she wasn't.

Things didn't go downhill, they went underground...and so did I.

From cloud nine, I hit rock bottom.

But tell you a secret?

Rock bottom can become the cornerstone of the foundation of your empire.

So today I walked away from Lady Misfortune with a smile,my first steps out on six inch heels and in style.

The Lady of Victory was back... after all, it was about time.



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