In Under 10 Lines

my attempt at telling stories in less than 10 lines.
for the record, i'm considering it a line when it ends in a full stop[.] or a question mark[?]


2. And it was day again

It'd been raining for days on end.

it was like the sun was crying and refused to show his face.

she could relate, but thought that he was being unreasonable now.

"hey you!" she said at her window every night "cheer up already!"

she'd done so for 3 days now to no effect.

on the 4th she said,"hey sunny!we miss you! end the night already!"

she said it with a smile but little enthusiasm.

But the 5th day, as she pulled back the curtain with a smile, there was light.

And after 4 long nights....It was day again.

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