In Under 10 Lines

my attempt at telling stories in less than 10 lines.
for the record, i'm considering it a line when it ends in a full stop[.] or a question mark[?]


4. A favour

My IQ would tell you that I was a genius.

My community would tell you that I was crazy.

I see a lot of things that are in plain sight but no body else notices,I process information faster than most people blink and, if I wanted, I could kill you in 3 minutes flat, without laying a hand on you.

They were scared of me and tried to make me fear myself, but you know that i'm no one's fool, don't you darling?

And one day i ended up playing a dangerous game with the devil himself.

One day I ended up selling my soul to him.

Yesterday he came back with my soul and stood in my doorway, wreathed in shadow.

He held out the vial that held my soul and said 

" I need a favor" 

And then I grinned up at him and said as I shut the door,

No returns".....


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