High school life

A high school story about Zane and his best friend Clara as they go through sophomore year and meet new friends (or in Zane's case sisters and moms)


4. Secret admirer

Dr.Alphys: Zane your late 

Zane:I do better next time?

Alphys:just be on time and who is that

Zane:oh this is-

Whole class: that's his little sister 

Zane:how did you guys know?      Oh wait ugh -.-


Alphys:Spiden what's the capital of New home


Zane:(whispers) umm Spiden it's asgores throne

Spiden:Asgores throne 

Alphys:good job next time get the answer your self 


   Bell rings 

???:(puts note on Zanes desk) 

Lucy:Zane look 

Zane:what oh a note do you want to read it 

Lucy:no but I will "meet me at the table in the far right of the cafeteria" 

Lucy:some one has a crush on you

Zane:how do you know I could just be a friend 

Lucy:what ever




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