High school life

A high school story about Zane and his best friend Clara as they go through sophomore year and meet new friends (or in Zane's case sisters and moms)


8. Secret admirer revealed (Kaleb POV)

Kaleb is lightly blushing around lucy, Hiding it with his hair and/Or his wolf tail 

Lucy notices what he's doing but is silent.              It's now awkward then a girl in a pink skirt sits down in front of Zane and a one wearing a green and yellow sweater sits in front of Spiden

Spiden stays silent as he eats a spider donut, Spider flavored, Kaleb is holding onto spidens sleeve


Lucy:(pulls Zane closer) your blushing 

Zane:no I'm not (covers face) 


Kaleb is still shy, By a lot 

Spiden:So... Who are you two?

Clara:I'm Clara and she is my best friend Shara 

Zane:..........wait a sec I know you from daycare 

Clara:so you do remember something 


Oh Zane:who are you tho         Just kidding Shara or ms.mistake I think I'll call you Gg 


Zane:yeah for glitch girl 

Shara:I'll call you hmmmmm  Pb 

Zane:and J 

Shara:for paint boy

Zane:so lame 

Shara:you mean Like you puns 

Zane:like your sweater same one you all ways where 

Shara:you always where that scarf

Zane: ..........


Clara:Shara really 

Shara:I forgot 


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