High school life

A high school story about Zane and his best friend Clara as they go through sophomore year and meet new friends (or in Zane's case sisters and moms)


10. New student (Zane’s P.O.V)

Zane is leaning back in his chair his feet on the table 

Dr.alphys: hello class today we have a new student.

Spiden:who do you think it is?

Zane:I dunno,you think it’s some one we know?

A girl with blue hair dressed in a black and white hoodie with jeans walks into to the class room 



Spiden:yeah meh,she’s alright looking

Zane:Zonix what do you think 

Zonix:uh huh


Zonix: huh yeah

Spiden:I know what he’s thinking (nudges Zane)

Zane:I think I do to 


 Dr.Alphys:ok so take your seat beside Zonix 

Zonix:(oh my gosh what do i do panic panic panic ahhhHHHHHHH)


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