High school life

A high school story about Zane and his best friend Clara as they go through sophomore year and meet new friends (or in Zane's case sisters and moms)


11. New Student (Amethyst’s P.O.V.)

Dr.Alphys:ok so take your seat beside Zonix 

Zonix: umm... h..h... hey.

Amethyst: ..........

Zonix: soooo... you don’t talk much?

Amethyst: ........

Zane: zonix looks happy with his new girlfriend!😏

Amethyst: (in head) omg... I am sitting next to a guy on the first day!😵

Dr.Alphys: Ok class enough talk. Time to work!




I am walking around the cafeteria looking for a place to sit. Then I think... hey, I can sit with the kids from art class!

Amethyst: *waves*

Zane: sup.

Zonix:*looks up* oh.. you ummm... hi

Spiden: hey uhh.. amethyst, right?

Amethyst: *shakes head yes*.

Zane: do you even talk?

Amethyst: .........

Zonix: no guys she doesn’t talk.

Zane: welp, I guess we Made a new non talking friend.

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