High school life

A high school story about Zane and his best friend Clara as they go through sophomore year and meet new friends (or in Zane's case sisters and moms)


9. fowl memories (Zane P.O.V)

Zane:why so quite

Shara:you know I said something about your scarf

Zane:that was a long time ago 

Shara:but still she was- 

Zane:ok I get it

Zane is remembering what happened 

   Location:???  Year:???

Zane:come on lets go 

???:no there's injured monsters out there

Zane:but mom would want you to come so you can live 

 The girl runs to the battle field 

Zane:why don't you listen to me 

 Zane runs after her

Spiden:Zane you there 

Zane:oh yeah 

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