A thrilling story with just enough words to make you interested. By the way tell me if you got the pun at the end.


6. Sweat

                          I got out of the car and ran as quick as I could toward #3 with the commander hollering at me to hurry up and get there before it was too late.  Another meteor appeared in the atmosphere getting closer to the land, everything was calibrated on the dish and the satellite targeted the meteor.  Sweat pouring down my face and Tom’s we both handed the three chips needed to activate the military equipment.  Clark plugged it in and fired missing way off, he shot again, miss the missile wasn’t able to hit its target and the meteor exploded into land, probably causing a crater.  For some reason the two machines weren’t calibrating right and we rebooted it and waited, to see a meteor and as soon as Clark saw it he fired and nailed it.  We were sorrowful for the land one of the meteors destroyed but the mission was important, nothing could get past us now.  I contacted Thoran asking,” Is the shield to cover Earth from the meteors ready yet?”  “Almost,” a voice replied.

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