A thrilling story with just enough words to make you interested. By the way tell me if you got the pun at the end.


4. Stronghold

About 12 hours later

Location:  Omaha, Nebraska: Exact Location: Classified

Mission :  US Stronghold search


            “Hello, do you copy, I’m at Stronghold waiting for code over,” the commander muffled into his comm set. 

            “Yeah, we’re here code is 1735950246, Do Not Respond,” said the voice through the radio. 

            The commander punched in the code and opened the heavy iron door to lead through a long tunnel that was dimly lit with a bunch of whispers coming from down the hallway. We walked through the tunnel carefully making sure there were no traps.  We finally got in to the conference room.

            Shock spread across the officials faces as we stared blankly at them with both sides holding up pistols.  “Who are you?” yelled a man in black.  I had already prepared for this moment and yelled back, “We’re from the 1900s we used to live on Earth before you.”  He quieted down and asked for proof.  I showed him my secret service badge and he winked at me and told the others it was safe.  Tons of people came out from everywhere that I couldn’t even see huh I thought to myself they’ve developed a lot.  I yelled, “Let’s go.” Toward the commander.  He followed suit but the other people didn’t follow.  “Come on let’s go,” I yelled, “We have to get to the satellites in Colorado as quick as possible.”  The agent said, “There’s no way of stopping the asteroids.”  “We have a little surprise in store,” I told the agent.  He went toward the back and pulled out to the front of the bunker with a motorcade.  I handed him a comm set and walked back to the car. 

                   Let’s go as I revved the engine to indicate I started, Tom was beside me in the passenger seat in the front and the commander was in the back.  I dreamed of driving since I was 14 years old and now that I was well in the years gone by because I and everyone else was freeze framed on Thoran that we were stuck in the 1990s.  I burst off onto the road and we were on our way to Colorado.

                ¾ way into the drive we stopped to pull over and get gas at a Chevron the store was abandoned.  Obviously, I thought, good thing he abandoned it and went to a shelter where people can help them.  I and the other agent finished gassing up our tanks and we were off toward the satellite dishes in Colorado.

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