A thrilling story with just enough words to make you interested. By the way tell me if you got the pun at the end.


5. Clark

               “Woo!” The commander growled in a low voice which was like hearing a cow trying to talk and make me deaf, just kidding, sort of.  We were only a few miles away from the plan we had in mind to work, if this didn’t work it was the end of Earth.  The commander opened the door and went toward the agent to tell him that he was going to need to take one of the cars and that he needed to go to the military base for the plan to work.  The agent was sketchy about the entire thing but nonetheless agreed, I mean what else could he do so the car in the back of the motorcade was taken and the three-people sitting in that car shifted to “our car”.  The commander set off to the military base after he took a left and raced toward the base.  I started toward the satellites and the plan was coming together.

                I had no idea when the meteors would strike but apparently soon because I had just had to get out of the way of one because I was driving up the Rocky Mountains, which probably is a good target for meteors since it’s so high up.  “Hello, I’m here rendezvous with me at the third satellite dish, I have it all ready,” muffed Commander Clark through the intercom.  “Copy, over,” I said back through the intercom.  I was electrified, but as soon as it started it ended as two meteors came in at blazing speed and it was gone in a matter of seconds.  The agent named Timber said through the intercom,” The size of the meteor could destroy all of Japan.”  “I know,” I said back, tension growing inside of me as I stepped on the throttle and went as fast as I could, knowing I couldn’t let the whole world down.

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